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  1. Maybe we rang him and asked for a ball-park figure, Bausor slammed the phone down when he heard how much he'd cost and got straight onto the Gazette to say we'd been 'in talks' with him,
  2. Was gonna say, take that number, divide by 3 then 52, across 10 staff you're looking at an average salary of ~£16k. Take Jokanovic's 'higher than Pulis' salary away and it's around ~£9k per other member of staff. 1-3 of those will be on bigger wages than some, spread out across them I don't think that's inconceivable at all.
  3. There's only one thing that can truly put it to bed, mate and it's positive performances and results. Nobody who witnessed the Luton game is going to forget it in a hurry.
  4. I actually seem to recall the big difference in mood was when Pulis left, that's why most fans complained they wouldn't renew until the summer. Of course there was a positivity in mood when Woodgate, Bausor and Gibson actually come out to tell a tale of a glorious future. But again, do you think post that press conference that there was a significantly higher number of season tickets sold compared to a usual summer uptake? Do you think that brought back the fans more than Pulis leaving did, considering how many even just on here said they told the club they wouldn't renew whilst Pulis was in charge? As far as I can tell, for the large majority, it was nothing more than that. And for those it was, like yourself, a significant number just didn't come back. I've never said it's a problem having distrust, you aren't on your own and I imagine you have plenty of season ticket holders on your side right now, I've made it pretty clear I'm not happy with them either but it's not the determining factor of whether I turn up. I'll say it again, I think the majority of people want to read positivity out of any situation in terms of our club because if it ultimately is positive, it means the club is moving forward and that's what we all want to see. An overwhelming majority of us don't actually know what football clubs do behind the scenes but in the air of uncertainty, some fans will give the club a greater benefit of the doubt than others and give credence to positive ideas over negative ones. It's not the only things in our lives that people find comfort in reading what they want to read and hearing what they want to hear either. A lot of the discourse over something as huge as Brexit has had the same effect; those that want it to go well are incredibly willing to listen to the positivity and this patriotism can be just as easily applied to football and the club you follow. That's not swaying anyone's beliefs, it's reinforcing them.
  5. I really think you're over-egging the contribution of the 'PR campaign'. It's a message that a lot of fans just want to hear because ultimately, a lot of people don't like the idea of not turning up to the Riverside on match-day. I honestly couldn't give a cack what the club puts out, I don't care whether they big it up or say bugger all, it's just not something that crosses my mind when I think about whether I make the investment again this year. But positivity is welcomed and celebrated by those that are ultimately going to turn up anyway and that's very different to having it sway you into going.
  6. To both recruit and bring through younger players, give them a platform to play at this level and either make a better team through them or sell them on and replace at a profit, utilising the academy when the players are good enough. The same could be said of Woodgate, he's a young manager being given a platform to develop his career, I've no doubt that's what Gibson tells himself anyway when the reality is he probably wouldn't have hired anyone of the similar level of experience had they no connection to the club, rightly or wrongly. On the plus side, Woodgate knows his role directly affects his hometown club, his successes and failures are tied to the club he cares about so you expect a greater level of focus and determination to get it right. On the negative side, he is still an inexperienced manager with an inexperienced/average staff and no level of determination is going to make that an overnight success. I suspect that the 'current long term vision' is to make a more sustainable effort to be promoted. To try and operate better financially as a club. However, I sincerely wonder how quickly that will go out the window if we were to make a bit of money through player sales and were financially capable of hiring a really good, experienced manager and signing players on bigger contracts again without tipping over FFP. I don't think Gibson has lost interest and I don't think he ever will. You can be as motivated and determined as you want and still fail and make mistakes. I also don't think Woodgate is 'the man to take the club forward' but I think that we need to dismiss the idea that there is just one man who needs to be the right fit to move the club in the right direction. There's a collective of failure operating our club, Woodgate is just one man and one factor in that.
  7. True but they didn't have individually good performances either and certainly not better than Spence. I can't quite understand why Saville and Wing would get that benefit of the doubt when Spence wouldn't.
  8. No it isn't. If it was, we wouldn't have bought the 3 lads we did this summer, nor the keeper we bought this January. We'd have Brynn in with the first team squad on match-days rather than Stojanovic. We'd have kept Reading rather than signed Bola. We'd be playing Wood rather than loaning and talking to the press about signing Moukoudi 'if the price is right'.
  9. Who the *** does the ratings at the Gazette? One of the worst performances by any Middlesbrough team at the Riverside and the lowest individual score was a 4? How much worse can individuals play? And they've somehow managed to drag Spence into that bracket too. If anyone can explain to me how Spence comes out of that game being rated just as bad as Howson, Friend, McNair and Nmecha, I'd love to hear it. By no means did he have a good game but Saville and Wing got a 5 (despite us having absolutely no control over midfield) and Spence is on a 4 alongside some horrid senior players.
  10. There was one other thing I thought whilst watching the game yesterday that I wanted to mention that makes me give more credence to the idea the players individually were not up for the game yesterday, as well as whatever *** the manager served up. Would you expect that same kind of gutless performance if it was Leeds and not Luton? Do you think those players would have settled for being outrun, out-battled and shown such little heart were we playing Leeds? I genuinely don't think we would have. I seem to recall the Leeds game at home last season, was it? Where Wing scored and Leeds got a late, late equaliser? Weren't we going through a bit of a shoddy spell and suddenly we turned up and actually outplayed Leeds for significant portions of the game? I wasn't at that game but from what I remember, it was a bit of a coupon buster in itself. Because we wanted to beat Leeds. It sounds crazy but we just didn't want to beat Luton yesterday, we didn't have strong professional individuals who saw the benefit of beating them enough to turn in a performance, certainly not from the senior players.
  11. I did think that was weird looking over. Like, one of them missing would seem to be fine but why all of them? Very strange. Anyone ITK aware of why they weren't there? Maybe Gibbo had it down as a coupon buster and would rather be anywhere else than the Riverside?
  12. We weren't particularly at the races anywhere on the pitch but the changes to make us 5-2-3 and then 4-2-4 meant we were completely losing the midfield battle for the hope of some desperate direct challenge. Not to mention that Howson, who'd had a bloody awful game, got to stay on the pitch at right-back whilst Spence was dragged off despite not really doing a great deal wrong compared to his team-mates. I looked at it at half-time and felt we needed to change the shape to get anything out of the game. 5-2-3 and then 4-2-4 was not the answer. I didn't even think at the time but how McNair stayed on whilst Saville came off too... what on Earth was going on there? That must be one of the worst games McNair has played for us and he saw through the 90 minutes, utterly crazy. We had one sub left and persisted with Nmecha and Fletcher as 'wingers'. It was dire, truly dire.
  13. I had a dream I'd completely forgotten I was supposed to be at the Luton match, I woke up before I'd even managed to get to the stadium, I spent ages trying to find it and couldn't. Feels like an adventure I'd have preferred.
  14. Collectively it has to be so much better. We can't have teams like Luton coming to our own bloody soil and turning us over as convincingly as they have today just because they were willing to put up a fight. Players have to wake up and realise nothing is set in stone and the manager needs to get a grip of his players and start proving himself. If we somehow manage to go down, it will be because the collective has failed and failed in a way that no other team in this division has managed for some time.
  15. Thing is, the fact Wigan play 3 of the bottom 6 means that if they win, they only drag the other 3 down, not us. Aside from Barnsley, Stoke and maybe Charlton in 3 matches time, I don't think there's a great deal of big individual games for us. Which could be either good or bad.
  16. In the contest for Worst Player of the Match, I have it as a tie between McNair and Howson. I don't know if I've ever given anyone a 2 before but they both earned it today.
  17. Not as far as I've seen or heard. Champions League ban for 2 years and a £25m fine. The fine will almost certainly be reduced but even that is a bit of a 'sausage down an alleyway' fine for City. Could it mean City want to recoup some of the money being fined by selling some players that they aren't overly sure on perhaps?
  18. Remember when we bought Bola and Dijksteel in the summer to play in those positions? Remember when we replaced Gibson with Flint? It's fine to say we can replace them, their position in the squad is replaceable, of course it is, we could re-sign Martin Cranie to cover all those positions. But that's not effectively replacing them. Selling Fry and replacing him with any old centre-back represents a bad overall recruitment process. Our dealings for a long time have shown that we can't seem to spend money effectively. So it'll be a while before I can just look at selling any of our young players as 'a good bit of business'.
  19. Why would Man City's expulsion have changed whether Patrick Roberts stays? Like, I'm trying to understand who along the chain of connected people and clubs would say "Patrick Roberts' loan stay at Middlesbrough is dependent on City being in the Champions League"? Because the manager might leave? Because some players might leave? I'm confused.
  20. Friend mentioned that Luton dealt with the conditions better than we did, not Woody.
  21. He wasn't wrong to. Some of the individuals out there today were awful, McNair and Howson didn't have their heads on straight today and I'd be annoyed if the manager just turned round and blamed himself for it. It is his fault too, no doubt about it, but I've no idea why anyone would give a cack why he's thrown the players under the bus. They weren't up for it just as much as his tactics and substitutions were dreadful.
  22. Which reminds me. Britt heads our best chance wide. Gestede is behind him waiting to bang it in. Both strikers we brought on went for the same bloody ball and *** it.
  23. Absolutely. Not just young players, senior players. Howson in particular was sodding dreadful.
  24. None. I try to be reasonable post game but there is not a single excuse for not competing in that game. I don't think they realise the Championship doesn't have a Winter break.
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