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  1. I still think it depends on what follows and I'm not confident that what follows is a signing to cover losing Fry. Maybe less prevalent now going into this summer but selling Fry can't just be to pay off big wages, I'd rather sell a high earner for less, it needs to replace him and more. Bringing in money in general is not on its own a great move. Fry has significant potential, he could play for us for years and despite a substandard season, most of us acknowledge that. So selling him means we immediately lose a player we want in our first team. The act of selling him for a good price doesn't mean we'll replace him adequately. Take a couple of players who are performing pretty well; Spence and Coulson. If someone came in with £10m+ offers for them, you'd probably accept them. But would you be confident that we'd spend that money well? Would Coulson and/or Spence be adequately replaced whilst giving us a bit extra to spend elsewhere? The best case would be we could promote from within to replace them. So £20m in the bank and we now have Bola and Dijksteel as our full backs. Would anyone be happy with that? I suspect not right now and yet Bola and Dijksteel are also players we've signed this season to improve our full back slots, so even with money to spend would we just sign another Bola and Dijksteel? I realise this is a bit idealist. You can't just keep good players because you're not confident you can replace them and have money to spare, building up a pot to improve the rest of the squad. But judging our recruitment team for what it is and has accomplished does make me hesitant to just say "£15m is a good deal for Fry".
  2. I thought this too. Why would he bother staying? He's got a record so far of moving on after winning things for a couple of years and now he won't be able to win the Champions League for another 2 years unless he manages it this year. Before this, I wondered if maybe they won it this season, he would leave anyway. This all but confirms it for me. Maybe Italy next for him, would be interesting to see someone like one of the Milan teams take him on, particularly AC Milan who have some ground to make up.
  3. I'm asking again about this on Twitter as they've not put anything out about it this time and the roadblock on Windward Way is a bit more... pronounced...
  4. It was a buy-out clause that was met, there was essentially no negotiation involved in the deal once they agreed to pay that, they just paid the price we were contractually obliged to accept and that was that.
  5. Season Ticket time: https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/breaking-new-ground-202021-season-cards-now-on-sale Price listing: https://www.mfc.co.uk/tickets/season-cards/season-card-prices-and-benefits
  6. Or they're pushing that story in the hope Burnley realise they'll have to lower their asking price/up their wage contribution. We might have a limit we won't go beyond but I'm willing to bet that we're gonna try using the whole situation to our advantage.
  7. I don't think many if any people don't like it, some people don't respect it for sure but I don't think people care enough about stats or players not to like the narrative stats form on their own. I do respect the stats for what they are but I also respect what my own eyes tell me otherwise I wouldn't bother judging players at all and I think it takes a balance of both to judge a player. I don't think you're wrong to pull up stats to support your arguments either, I think you do right to do that and it certainly affects my opinion seeing those stats, just as I hope those so incredibly fearful of relegation read through the stuff I posted in the Relegation Battle thread and perhaps eases their mind. It still doesn't tell me enough overall in a couple of paragraphs to override my personal view on his season but I can do nothing but respect factual information as that's what it is and I suspect that will remain true for what I've said elsewhere too. It's also worth saying that I don't think Fry is a crap player and that's another distinction I'd make between what I've said and others have. I don't think he's had a good season but there's a difference there. I think some have gone too far in saying we should just get rid for example; I think if anything you don't sell a player as young as Fry with as much potential as he has after a bad season playing, in some manner, out of position in a side that isn't collectively defending well.
  8. I certainly don't think I've given Fry any more criticism than he's earned from what I've watched of him this year. I don't think he's had a good season. Neither does Fry himself going by his own comments. Do I think there's a better man in the squad to play where he is? Probably not, that comes down to the problem the squad has more than himself and his strengths. But that doesn't stop him standing out like a bit of a sore thumb at times as not being comfortable with playing there, just as it wouldn't for anyone else playing there. I don't think people don't like that, I think people are forming their own opinions based on their own information. Sometimes I do think it goes a bit too far and some of the stuff said about Fry on here is dog ***. But he's not had a good season just because you can define him as statistically the best defender. At least you and Woodgate can agree on something, though, eh?
  9. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/celebrate-boros-team-of-the-decade-at-the-riverside
  10. He pulled up at Wigan and had to go off against Brum along with Roberts. Wonder if those 2 are linked. I'd rather us play McNair at the back than force Fry to play through injury, especially as McNair seems to have forgotten how to play midfield right now anyway.
  11. Interesting input from Jon Walters: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/burnley-middlesbrough-ben-gibson-news-17740954
  12. I don't think he's been levels above anyone else but he absolutely has improved his performances a lot from the entirety of whenever I've watched him previous to about December. I've never thought much less of a player than I have Saville going to that point but credit where it's due, he's grown into it this season and I'm actually quite happy to have him around now. It's great when players like that prove you wrong.
  13. Blackburn got relegated with 51 points the season we were in the Prem. 4 of the last 5 seasons, 42 points has been enough. Comparing both 16/17, 18/19 and this season after ~32 games, the bottom 5 looks like this. 16/17 (Blackburn, Wigan, and Rotherham relegated) 18/19 (Rotherham, Bolton, Ipswich relegated) 19/20 The fact Blackburn managed to claw 21 points from their final 14 games, averaging 1.5 points per game, and still got relegated is quite something. But it does show how difficult it is to drag yourself out of the bottom 3 at this point in the season that 14 out of 15 teams in the bottom 3 after ~32 games have gone down in the last 5 seasons, Rotherham 15/16 the only team to avoid it after getting 23 points from their final 14 games to add to the 29 they already had, nearly doubling their points tally. EDIT - It's also worth adding that Rotherham only pulled down MK Dons into the relegation places, the team who was sat just one position outside the relegation places at 32 games played. It will take something recently unprecedented to drag us down into the bottom 3.
  14. And when you look at the goals, whilst he's hit both shots relatively well, the deflection off the wall for the first and the keeper's movement for the second would seem to be the biggest contribution in him scoring both goals.
  15. Lewis Wing forces his way into the Team of the Week with WhoScored because of his two goals undoubtedly. Probably shows reason to be cautious of the stats now and again. 😅
  16. I don't bet that often now and I learnt to pretty much never bet on games involving us. 😅
  17. I know that people still hate Dyche and Burnley after 4 years or way beyond but I think Dyche will have had to do something thoroughly unprofessional for it to be his fault. When it comes to breaking contract and having reasonable justification to be aggrieved, it certainly looks like Gibson is in the wrong. Obviously we don't know everything that's happened but I've not even heard a slither of a rumour that Dyche has done something in particular to Gibson other than not play him and unless that's in his contract to be played, his frustrations would almost certainly have to be directed elsewhere.
  18. Based on what I saw yesterday, I think Fry is more switched on and his decision making is probably better but Moukoudi is otherwise a better defender. That foray into midfield didn't go all too well just before his own goal and the tackle, good lord, he's lucky that the ref adjudged Fry to be close enough to cover or it'd have been an early bath.
  19. As far as bets on daft things go, you could have had plenty of laughs on the 5000/1 on Leicester at the time too. But that's the risk, those are the odds and if you're to win off it, someone has to beat the odds. There's a reason we were 33/1 and why he'd have won a wonderful £1.7k back from it if it had come off. Because it wasn't impossible to happen, just improbable.
  20. Who definitely thought we were finishing in the play-offs?
  21. I don't know why any of this would come down to Woodgate. We literally had a person employed to be in charge of European recruitment and never replaced him.
  22. I'd put Howson in midfield, I didn't think he did a particularly good job at right-back last night. McNair was pretty useless most the game so I'd absolutely drop him. Pears Spence Moukoudi Fry Coulson Saville Howson Wing Morrison Nmecha Fletcher
  23. The way that reads is more for someone in England to take him, not specifically us.
  24. I think the fact we've brought in temporary outfield players only this January says a great deal about the longevity of the financial commitment we are willing to give for the foreseeable future. We didn't even seem to be operating in the market for a permanent buy outside of Stojanovic, who replaced the only permanent departure. I think on some level the club is looking forward to a summer where they have more wiggle room in their budgets and can start putting a more permanent plan in place and I think Woodgate remains firmly a part of that plan. Put it this way too, even if there is a manager out there who is better placed to take this team forward the way the club wants us to go... it's not like we'd have a sodding clue about them. Gibson can barely look beyond his own front yard for any significant appointments. There is little doubt in my mind that were the next managerial appointment to come sooner rather than later, that would not be a good appointment and there's just as much, if not a greater chance, that the person who would end up in charge is worse for our club as a whole than Woodgate is.
  25. What leads you to believe that anything has really changed there?
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