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  1. What leads you to believe that anything has really changed there?
  2. I don't think they would either. I don't get any sense of Woodgate's job being on a knife edge. He's safe as houses.
  3. We don't have a Director of Football/Sporting Director. Even a two-bit director would be keeping an eye on things like that. We don't even have Adrian Bevington any more. 😂
  4. Teams below us will absolutely have to show more if we are to end up back in a proper relegation dogfight. But the reality of it is that we are definitely closer to that than we are to anything significantly positive and 7 points isn't an insurmountable challenge for those teams to beat. Or, at least Wigan anyway. That's 12 points to Barnsley and 13 points to Luton. As it is right now, we are not in the midst of a real relegation battle. We aren't even the closest competitors that teams in the bottom 3 will be aiming to climb atop of. But it would be wrong to suggest that we aren't capable of dropping into it too. There's nothing to overturn right now, we are where we are and every win we can muster in the final slog of the season will make us look safer and safer. Even just picking up points here and there has been enough to keep us significantly above ground. We're 7 points from the top half of the table too and we can definitely get there with wins but we need to perform better to do that. Luton and Barnsley as they are right now aren't 6-pointers in my opinion. Those 2 look pretty far-gone at this moment in time. But outside the idea of a relegation battle, should we be winning them? Absolutely, no doubt about it, we should be getting 6 points from those games as we should have got 3 points last night.
  5. I honestly think the idea of sacking Woodgate would cause an even bigger problem than having him in charge. It's built upon the hope that somebody better for us would come in (or every so often, it's not built upon the idea of what lies beyond at all). Everyone knows who hires the manager, everyone knows that they hired Woodgate to begin with, and Pulis, Monk and Agnew before that. The idea that getting rid of the manager is going to have any positive effect at all on this team is based on nothing but hope.
  6. I mean Woodgate got the job despite being whatever he is, what could possibly lead you to believe we'll hire someone significantly more capable than he is? Because that's surely what we need to have this squad performing at the level it should be this season. I imagine the most talented manager we have any hope of hiring right now is Aitor Karanka, make of that what you will.
  7. I wouldn't be delighted if he was sacked at all. Where do we go from here if we were to be sacking Woodgate tomorrow? I know some don't like or care for him being in charge but I just don't see what positive is in sacking the manager right now. Like, I could see the mental drain Pulis had on fans last season that really drove home why people wanted him gone. And you could feel the relief when it was finally confirmed. Yet regardless of the criticism that Woodgate has faced throughout this season, this does not feel like a point at which sacking the manager bears any positivity at all. I wouldn't see it as a potential for anything great to happen, I wouldn't see any light round the corner, we wouldn't be out pulling in a significantly better coach than him and honestly I can see things going even further backwards were we to make a change now. He hasn't lost the dressing room by any account I've heard, they're all pulling in the same direction and it's not quite coming together as a unit. I'd rather that and the rookie in charge getting more time to work on his team than sack him off, upset the apple cart and potentially see us dropping even further down as a result.
  8. Bloody awful game, 4 awful goals, awful referee, awful pitch in the balance of awful a draw is the right result. But what a horrific 2 points dropped. We didn't deserve to win the game and it was by some extreme stroke of luck (twice) that we led it at all. Karma is a bitch though and Moukoudi must know it. How we haven't beat these is a bit of a travesty.
  9. I'd be surprised if we ended this with 11 men tbh.
  10. Tell you what; this ref is as bad as I've seen. Seen some shocking performances from refs in the league this season but this is awful. We're benefitting from it right now but I would not put it beyond this fella ruining it for us too.
  11. Britt has offered nothing because those behind him are doing nothing. He's playing on the last man and the ball never comes to him. Every time Britt comes deep tonight is a failure of our team collectively. Expecting him to do more tonight so far is slightly akin to what Pulis would expect.
  12. I don't think he stands out from any of the midfielders at all so far. Saville is the only one who's looked okay at times but then he is at the base of the diamond. He's beating the press once or twice and the players in front of him are never moving or playing as a unit. McNair has been a headless chicken and giving Hugill a run for his money as far as falling over is concerned, Wing can't decide how he wants to play and Morrison has far too often come deep to get involved. Fletch sometimes is coming deep to get more involved but he's not been at the races. Wigan have not played well. They've given us the ball to play, we've kept possession and done nothing with it. There's a whole bloody pitch to run around in and out midfielders don't seem to see the space around them.
  13. It's not just the strikers losing the ball though. I'd argue the problem is that the midfielders are really not working well as a unit with the forwards. Britt isn't involved at all as he's stood on the last man ready to run beyond but Fletcher and the rest of the midfield are either too simple or too outlandish. Nobody seems to understand what kind of pass to expect.
  14. Considering the amount of the ball they're happy to give us, it's bloody shocking that we haven't created more to be honest.
  15. We look so bloody blasé in the stuff I've managed to see of tonight.
  16. McNair goes down. Ref does nowt. Complains to the ref. Ref blows whistle. Hmmm.
  17. How easy did we make that for Moore and Jacobs. Morsy does well but the defending was pathetically lax when the ball launched into the air on the left.
  18. Is anyone using the Boro site to watch it and having issues with the stream? Not working for me.
  19. My understanding is O'Neill is a target-man like striker but I could be wrong.
  20. I'm kind of surprised O'Neill never went back out on loan to be honest. He was doing well with Darlo by all accounts, manager never wanted to lose him and whilst I understood us bringing him back at the time, I'm surprised we either didn't want him to go back out or there were no suitors.
  21. It's a shame as Roberts actually looked like he was starting to give us some kind of threat out wide, albeit from cutting inside more often than not. Though as per Traore, there's always the worry when you have a one-sided wide threat that the opponent just shifts their entire defence to one side and you don't have the quality on the other side to punish it. I don't mind the idea of a diamond or something akin to that so long as we have someone capable of covering the wings when the full-backs get forward. As soon as Fry and Moukoudi are out defending in the full-back spots, we're in trouble. With the 3 at the back, we at least had the covering centre-back in McNair sweeping up anything in behind but we don't have that with a 4.
  22. I completely forgot about Tav when doing my team earlier too. Maybe him for Nmecha but this could be Nmecha's time to put a good performance in, too.
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