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  1. "We'll probably be reminded that Leicester were in league 1 a few years before winning the Premier league title" Having said that Duvel, there's also Wolves, Southampton, Bournemouth, Sheffield United and Norwich who've all come from League One and then through the Championship in fairly quick succession. I realise it can work the other way too, and you get stuck in League One. I've wondered for a while now whether a drop in to League One would allow us to properly implement the change in playing style. Thus being beneficial in the long run. Just to be clear, I'm not advocati
  2. I agree with what BoroMart has said on this thread. I think that for £15M and £30k/week, it's fair to say that Britt has been a flop. Having said that, I guess you could argue that we were mugs for paying that much. I couldn't disagree. If we do get rid in January I reckon we'll do well to get £10M.
  3. Yeah, my Luton mate said that both players had been a key part in their promotion push. When I suggested that they should maybe have stayed at Luton and had Championship game time, he reckoned that both could possibly make the step up to PL level this season. I'd be surprised if that's the case, but he seemed to massively rate them. (He also said that very few Luton fans begrudge them moving on to PL clubs). If they are that good, then it will certainly be a big miss for Luton Town. I'm going to be in the home end with my mate, so I certainly don't want LTFC to be scoring too much!!
  4. I guess Clayton has had his shooting/scoring ironed out of his game during his time at Boro. I'd love to see him get on the score sheet again this season though! As Wilson says, would be harsh to drop him, given his pre-season. I was chatting to a mate who is a Luton fan. He was talking about being 3-0 down after 14 minutes against Norwich last week. He reckons they are dodgy at the back, and seems pretty sure they will concede. Hopefully we can manage to concede less than they do..... but 2-2 I reckon!
  5. I'd decided to delete that myself, but was already sorted - thanks. Good to see the mods are still super sharp on here! :-) Will wouldn't have minded though. He posted something almost identical about me on FMTTM a few months back - so I'm sure he would have been OK with it.
  6. GET IN England. Great game. Nice to comeback and get a deserved win. Train journey home was pretty rubbish though!
  7. Yeah, sickener. Norwich are going to get a winner aren't they. (Another goal for Rhodes. Seems to be doing well this season).
  8. It was actually beautiful. It was a driven cross from Braithwaite that the keeper sort of slowed down with a parry, Hugill adjusted his body perfectly took it down on his chest and crushed the half volley into the roof of the net. Thanks for that. Was stuck at a train station, with no info. Thx Erimus too.
  9. LOL - Or could we make them look bad? Every game we win/do well in we're lucky.... according to some!
  10. GET IN. COME ON BORO! What was Hugill's second goal like?
  11. Can't say I blame Wilson. This forum seems to have become SO negative, and anti-Pulis. We're 4th in the league, and only two points off the top!! (I guess I don't find our current football as negative as some in the past - but we've discussed that before). Hopefully we'll win 2-0 on Saturday, and put in a good team performance. However, if we lose, we'll still only be 5 points off the top at worst. (Be careful what you wish for though. Loads of Ipswich fans wanted shot of Mick McCarthy, but Ipswich don't seem to be doing so well having got rid of him)!
  12. Yes I am not a Britt lover the guy for me is very lazy and is a yard off others because he is not thinking ahead and also if you watch his play he hardly tries to get in front of defenders to win that ball on cross's. Hugill is an irritating player who tends to fall over easy when touched and does not win to many balls in the air,but his good point is that he can run with the ball and hold it up for the midfielders to run on to when they are not defending that is. His shooting for a forward is atrocious. For the best of the poor trio of experienced forwards that we have : Gestede is th
  13. Do we go on to win? Billy is in India, so they are ahead of us time-wise. No spoilers Billy.
  14. Even George Friend alluded to this sort of thing the other day, when he said "there is a strange atmosphere around the club". I personally feel so confused about all of it. We are near the top of the league, but in my opinion, we are playing absolutely dire football and i find it hard to enjoy the games, but we are near the top of the league. So i should be happy, but i'm not. That quote by Friend just suggests that the players know something is off and maybe Pulis is actually losing the dressing room which is something I alluded to during the game. It just didn't look like a t
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