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  1. Agree betamaxman. You would think we were playing against a set of traffic cones the way some people go on. We were up against the most in form team in the league. Even sky are saying that we were the better team overall but don't let that cloud the judgment of the supposed experts on here I was about to make that point too Blanco. Darren Bent on Sky now saying that Boro were the better side overall in the end.
  2. Haters are gonna hate on here. It wasn't quite as much of a robbery as people are making out. After the first 20 minutes we actually weren't that bad. In fact I enjoyed the match, some good action mixed in with some rubbish, but it was tense. I agree with Friend (interview) that we were on top in the second half. It was a hard fought game.... crunching tackles. Gritty performance by Boro. TOP OF THE LEAGUE - GET IN.
  3. Well that's an optimistic view. Even since the change in formation, Randolph has had to make 3-4 more saves, Carson has had to make a big fat 0. Yes (true re: saves), but the saves he made generally came from good shots from outside the box. I wouldn't say they were good chances (if you see what I mean). The trouble is we've not really put anything on target.... although I'd say that we actually got in to better positions. EDIT: Actually, Wilson probably had the best chance of the game, when he completely missed his volley, when free on the six yard line.
  4. Not a bad half overall. Started poorly in the first ten minutes, and Derby were all over us. Pretty unlucky with the o.g. After the formation change we've looked as likely to score as Derby have.... in fact we've probably had the better chances, but just haven't got shots away on target.
  5. he's been struck by the goalscoring curse all of our goal scorers get. LOL - yeah, sadly it's true!
  6. Have some on here who used to follow the general consensus of 'see how they play before you judge'. On here now, the manager has picked a team that played exactly the way we have played when we've been at our best this season, including just a week ago and the pelters come out before kick off. I'm starting to feel the same too. This forum has become more negative than any football Pulis has ever played. So many on here are sitting and waiting to throw the manager of a team sat right in the positions we should be aiming for under a bus. It's almost as bad as BoroFanTV at the moment. Don
  7. Derby seem to be coming in to good form. Having said that, reading the reports it sounded like their 4-1 win over WBA was one of those freak games where "if it could go wrong it did go wrong" for WBA. Fingers crossed that playing a better side brings something more from our players. We should really be sitting on 28 points right now. I don't think we'll pass that on Saturday though. I think it might be a draw.
  8. We could buy a new forward line, but they still wouldn't score. Sure we got mugged off paying £15M for Britt. Likewise £7M for Fletcher. Probably £10M for Rhodes. But Britt and Rhodes did score elsewhere.... just not so much for us. Even Flint seems to have lost his scoring form. He scored 37 goals in 209 games for Bristol City; 9 goals last season. He needs to bang a couple/few in in the next few games to get himself back on that sort of ratio!! **Incidentally, I think we'd be lucky to get £7M if we tried to sell Britt now.
  9. Norwich came from behind against Villa last night. Two goals from Jordan Rhodes. We could do with someone like him, who can finish the few chances we have......
  10. I'm not certain, but I think Saville got injured whilst away on international duty. (I was watching highlights of N.I game, and he definitely picked up a knock).
  11. Strange this, he’s widely been rated as one of our better players this season by most. Think there’s a reason he’s played pretty much every minute of this season. That’s my opinion anyway. Funny how people see the game differently! As for Clayton, he’s definitely an important player in our team and not the problem at all. However, for every person that uses him as a scapegoat, there’s one that overrates him to the nth degree on every game (Brunners ;) ) Personally I think he’s somewhere in the middle. Clayton is quite often described as 'the best in the league' or 'one of the best in
  12. In generally happy with how we play, but I'm not happy with the result tonight, no. Braithwaite should have scored AT LEAST one. Delivery in to the box needed to be better. Two points dropped tonight.
  13. Sadly... when someone posted earlier that they hoped we wouldn't be saying "Typical Boro".... It's Typical Boro. (So annoying not to hold on to top spot at home to Rotherham).
  14. Goals as they go in shown on Sky Sports if nothing availabe OK. Thx DS.
  15. Not sure anyone has suggested otherwise. Nobody could possibly argue that we’re not good at holding a lead. Indeed. The funny thing is... (I don't know about anyone else, but) when we're in front, I always feel convinced that we're going to let it slip. I feel like we have a habit of letting teams back in, or of us conceding late goals. That FACT suggests that I have no basis for feeling that way!
  16. Maybe we're not COMPLETE sh t after all?
  17. I second that But if SU wins, they are ;) Points-wise.... but I've got a mate who's a Norwich fan, and he's pretty convinced that quite a few of their wins have been very lucky. He really doesn't seem to think they're any good. (Having said that.... that sounds just like most of this forum about us)!!
  18. Agree Blanco. The negativity is a bit tedious.... but I guess no one makes me read it :-)
  19. It really is crazy how differently people view football! I thought karankas football was far more entertaining to watch than pulis as we always had 2, 3, 4 players who could make something happen whereas with pulis we know how were going to get our goals 90% of the time. We also had the discussion a few weeks ago about direct vs patient play and I think it really depends on what you prefer to watch as to who's management style you prefer. There's no doubt they are both conservative. But even watching us versus forest, I really liked how they played and saw shades of 15/16 us in them and it
  20. I can see your point regarding Klopp and the money at his disposal but it hasn't stopped the likes of Eddie Howe and Nuno Santos playing entertaining football while in the Championship, so proofs in the pudding, both teams played good entertaining football and both went up doing it. Yeh its a results business but getting the result with a bit of style never hurt anyone. Add Brendan Rodgers' Swansea to that list too. I think Watford did to a certain extent too.... and I'd say Fulham as well (and maybe Brighton more than us)? I actually think that playing that way tends to stand you
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