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  1. And that’s a proper ball into the right area from McNair
  2. Spence needed an overlap there. Not his fault.
  3. Spence needs to do more, but we have nothing on the bench to replace him with. it’s still a midfield issue mostly for me. 3 in there that haven’t grabbed the game. I’m all for a change to that 3 and see what that throws up in the second half. dijksteel looking a real player yet again
  4. Disappointed morsy hasn’t started, but I can understand why. Bournemouth still have a very strong side.....
  5. The audio is completely buggered on mine. Actually have it muted cause it’s giving me a headache
  6. Both pears and stoj have been sick this week...... that’s why Brynn was on the bench in the cup
  7. Pears and stojanovic also said that they were ill during the week......
  8. As soon as I posted it, I googled it tbf. I work in the courts and it’s a bit hard to do that during a hearing.... one boro is relatively add free and looks ok from the members perspective
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