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  1. An Australian player has just been caught saying Rudy gestede is the worst striker to have ever played for Melbourne victory. High praise indeed. https://www.facebook.com/322690241159996/posts/3949607531801564/?vh=e&extid=0 see if that works as a link. Probably not.
  2. That’s the televised game in Australia.....
  3. I’d have taken 0-0 before kick off, but I’m disappointed in the end....
  4. Fisher looks great tbf. Looks a good buy
  5. If tav is done that’s us struggling for a few weeks
  6. What’s the situation with dijksteel?
  7. Rudy gestede injured after 9 minutes in what I think is his first start for Melbourne victory. Looks like a hammy
  8. Yeah, wing off, chuck tav in the middle. After that we can bring on watmore or Roberts, cause friend isn’t pushing up really. They haven’t really had many chances. One really good bit of play has gotten them in front. Still in this
  9. He is second choice, ahead of Matty Ryan for some reason. Bloody love Ryan at boro if he was available, good shot stopper, commands his area and is great with his feet.
  10. I’m getting ‘no fixtures to display’..... edit to say I’ve just noticed it confirms ‘uk only’. I’m in aus, so I’m out.
  11. Is it everyone that has to use that? The old way of buying games appears to have gone....
  12. I don’t mind, there’s big things expected of brynn. the waste of 1 mill is the worst part, when we don’t have cash to waste readily available.
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