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  1. It’s strong refereeing, he warned him not to be a *** and he did it again. I can understand why it was two yellows, but it’s still very harsh.
  2. That’s a red for an argie cb. Seems harsh tbf
  3. He is playing well tbf. Was a Sudanese refugee, one of those feel good stories.
  4. And it’s the most useless player on the pitch scoring.
  5. They’ve already released the starting 11 I think. Payero’s next was in it
  6. No idea. I’m in Australia, we get every game live.
  7. I’m watching the kiwi’s now. Lots of bad passing so far.
  8. Argues v aus about an hour away for anyone that is wanting to watch payero
  9. An Australian player has just been caught saying Rudy gestede is the worst striker to have ever played for Melbourne victory. High praise indeed. https://www.facebook.com/322690241159996/posts/3949607531801564/?vh=e&extid=0 see if that works as a link. Probably not.
  10. That’s the televised game in Australia.....
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