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  1. He and luongo are somewhat interchangeable in the national team. Wouldn’t be the worst signing and would be very interested in coming over.
  2. Should’ve been 4 as well. Meite missed a completely open header with a completely open goal.
  3. Watmores passes are all half a yard off. You can tell he hasn’t played for a while.
  4. Derby look like we did last year. Big gaps and lost in the midfield
  5. I’ll be paying the cash for this. I should’ve just bought the bloody season pass.... either way, I can’t see whatmore and roberts both starting, but I’m all for this being a Roberts game. I reckon we will be pressing high up the pitch, so having him on the ball in the final third would be perfect. Aside from that, both saville and McNair were visibly struggling towards the end of the last game, I reckon there might be some rested legs....
  6. Im looking forward to seeing folarin
  7. McNair looks like cramp, which is a worry 2 minutes into the second half. warnock talking to folarin?
  8. This isn’t a roberts game tbf. We’ve done well for the most part. Tav has been a touch disappointing , but I wouldn’t be dragging him at this stage. To me we are short a quality winger for this formation still. Let’s see what whatmore has at about 60-70 minutes and that’s about it
  9. Tav and sav going to be very important today.....
  10. I don’t think we can rest McNair.... there isn’t another player that can do quite what he does. It’s why Warnock was so *** that he wasn’t given a break during the internationals.
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