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  1. Yeah, wing off, chuck tav in the middle. After that we can bring on watmore or Roberts, cause friend isn’t pushing up really. They haven’t really had many chances. One really good bit of play has gotten them in front. Still in this
  2. He is second choice, ahead of Matty Ryan for some reason. Bloody love Ryan at boro if he was available, good shot stopper, commands his area and is great with his feet.
  3. I’m getting ‘no fixtures to display’..... edit to say I’ve just noticed it confirms ‘uk only’. I’m in aus, so I’m out.
  4. Hewie

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Is it everyone that has to use that? The old way of buying games appears to have gone....
  5. I don’t mind, there’s big things expected of brynn. the waste of 1 mill is the worst part, when we don’t have cash to waste readily available.
  6. Early 30’s? He only got a contract after the season started, been good for them though
  7. Akpom has been alright, but nothing outstanding. A striker in form would’ve expected at least one from the chances he was getting there. tav is showing why he has to start every game possible. Add that finishing touch to his game and he would be picked up by a prem team straight away. mcnair hasn’t had a great game. Spent a lot of time slipping at the worst possible times.
  8. Happy to see Browne get a gig. He has impressed every time off of the bench
  9. They, like a few a league clubs, are struggling financially. Won today mind you, unexpected.
  10. Butterfield dragged shortly after half time. Wasn’t utter garbage. Gestede came on about 60 minutes in, can’t remember him touching the ball
  11. Neither Rudy gestede nor Ryan shotton on starting for victory today. Jacob Butterfield is though. scott mcdonald starting for Brisbane roar.
  12. Rudy gestede, yet to play a game in Australia and already making claims about how good he is going to be.... I can’t wait for victory fans to turn on him in about 10 days time. bit harsh, but it’s Melbourne
  13. That’s the game I reckon. Did well to hold the 1-0 in the end
  14. That is possibly the worst refereeing decision I have ever seen
  15. That’s the lineup I would’ve gone for today. just depends on if dijksteel is fit or not...
  16. Stoke out played us. We have done it to other teams this year, they’ve done it to us today.
  17. Bettinelli 100% should’ve gotten off his line there
  18. Watmore for either winger and Brit on for me. I wouldn’t object to tav moving central and sav coming off either
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