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  1. http://www.usagoals.me/c/football/1929465/1/crystal-palace-vs-middlesbrough-live-stream/
  2. I hope Karanka goes full Trump on that skysports Keith! You... you are fake news! Drives me insane how he's twisted his words, especially with the last interview. Karanka said I don't care if Leicester make another bid, Gaston is staying 100% which has been reported as is Gaston leaving ? I don't care. and then every tom *** and Harry has ran with it. The same thing happened with the Karanka turning on the fans press conference! He was trying to say when we chant attack attack attack we just played long ball for 10min and didn't create a chance, when all last season we got late goals playing our system. Yes I think sometimes his mood doesn't help and he can be diva ish but the past few weeks have been blown out of proportion. A lot of it comes down to a language barrier and aitor struggling to get his point across when his amotions are high. I for one am glad Steve Gibson is chairman and can clearly see through all of it tbh.
  3. The bloke who's backed us out his own pocket for years and saved us from liquidation?
  4. Bet Gibson and Karanka would have a few giggles reading this forum today
  5. Before the transfer window opened everyone was pretty happy. We've replaced Nugent and potentially Rhodes with players that Karanka might play so we are 2 players better off! Some proper overreactions going on
  6. Karanka is showing he cares and that's only a good thing
  7. If Rhodes goes for £9mil+ and with Nugent gone he's not really spent anything
  8. People seem to be holding the fact we couldn't sign players that we wouldn't have even attracted with out Karanka in the first place against him
  9. I know they have been the bane of our transfer window but he's been linked with las palmas :D
  10. I'm pretty sure he'll stay, unless Leicester panic and put in a really stupid offer. My problem with it is I don't think Gaston has the right temperament to buckle down and play his best until the summer. Time heals all wounds? maybe he'll remember where he was a year ago? or maybe he'll think if he doesn't perform he wont get a decent move in the summer
  11. Couldn't agree more! Guestede, fabio, bamford are all fringe signings Fabio is class should be 1st choice at RB by a mile aye id argue fabio has been better than friend and chambers so far. Probably my favourite player at the moment. Fabio has been doing Ok, he played well yesterday against a league 2 side! But my point is that we have to be looking higher than championship players if we want to compete in this league I can't remember Fabio having a bad game when he's played.
  12. Couldn't agree more! Guestede, fabio, bamford are all fringe signings Fabio is class should be 1st choice at RB by a mile
  13. If we were suddenly linked with Tomas del cairney we'd make him sound like messi in about 20 posts time! If Karanka and Gibson think a player is what they need I'm happy
  14. Don't think you can blame Jese for choosing Las Palmas tbh what's going to look better come the end of the season a mid table finish in LA Liga with his home town club or bottom 5 or 6 finish in the prem with a team he has no connection.
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