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  1. Personally I'm enjoying this season much more than under Woodgate, warts and all!
  2. Would happily have taken a point from these opening two games plus we've sounded alright in the matches, hopefully we can start picking up a few wins now these two are out of the way!
  3. Well, it's another body in I suppose. Can't say I'm excited for it as he seems like another one who had potential but it hasn't come to anything. Can't see him scoring more than Brit or Fletcher and I don't really see him coming on and changing a game. €3million seems like a big chunk of money to spend on this transfer.
  4. Pages 10 and 11 of this thread were so hopefully and then it just fell off a cliff!
  5. I don't have a problem with this, so far Warnock and Marvin have talked about us getting promoted!
  6. We signed 3 of these from English clubs so I wouldn't really count that as using the foreign market.
  7. Personally I would be amazed if anyone paid £10million for Spence.
  8. Sounds like a fantastic replacement for Ayala, let's give him a 4 year deal and 25k a week and he could also be a replacement for Gestede, 2 replacements for the price of 1! 😁
  9. How many targets have we missed out on now? 😂 Stunning work from the club as usual!
  10. Just another exciting few days in the life of a Boro fan! I wonder what number target we are onto now? Maybe Warnocks deadline approach has backfired? As for those who want to leave I don't think there's anyone in the squad who is irreplaceable, especially after last season, so I'm not fussed on seeing them leave, they are all under contract so we'd get something for them at the very least.
  11. Probably in the minority but I'm not fussed about Friend going really, he was probably a good body to have in the dressing room but he's been done for a few years now. Looking forward to a solid player being brought in to that position now.
  12. 10k followers, one of them being Gary Neville so might have some knowledge to it. Doesn't really say anything none of us couldn't guess though.
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