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  1. Good luck to Newcastle, at least now they've got the money to buy out Warnocks contract to save them from relegation! I imagine 90%+ fans of any club would have been happy for a similar take over at their club, even after the Human Rights record was brought up. One benefit long term for us could be that, if/When Newcastle invest in their academy we might be able to loan a few of their up and coming youngsters to help prop us up in whatever league we're floundering in at the time haha!
  2. Aye, better to remember that bit than where he loses possession and the no bibs score! 😂
  3. Looks like he's in the passing sections too wearing a white bib with his back to the camera!
  4. All hopes rest on the away kit then!! 😁
  5. I think it looks better in the pictures where the bridge looks more toned down than on the hung up picture. We definitely should have had a picture with someone wearing it.
  6. I think that's the worst kit we've ever come out with.
  7. Not sure I like those black lines. Is that white under the arm too?
  8. Personally I'm enjoying this season much more than under Woodgate, warts and all!
  9. Would happily have taken a point from these opening two games plus we've sounded alright in the matches, hopefully we can start picking up a few wins now these two are out of the way!
  10. Well, it's another body in I suppose. Can't say I'm excited for it as he seems like another one who had potential but it hasn't come to anything. Can't see him scoring more than Brit or Fletcher and I don't really see him coming on and changing a game. €3million seems like a big chunk of money to spend on this transfer.
  11. Pages 10 and 11 of this thread were so hopefully and then it just fell off a cliff!
  12. I don't have a problem with this, so far Warnock and Marvin have talked about us getting promoted!
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