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  1. The bubble was always going to burst, i'd rather lose to Fulham who are hunting down the top 2 than say Barnsley. We have 4 games against teams in the bottom half now so hopefully a better performance against them. We just need to switch on for the first 10 minutes!!
  2. Clayton is playing? Genuinely haven't seen him this half 😅
  3. He had a good knock down in the box after Tavs cross but no one was there for him to finish it
  4. Personally I think Gestede has done well winning things in the air
  5. You'd like to think they set a precedent with Birmingham
  6. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/january/efl-statement-derby-county-charged-with-excess-losses Surely a points deduction?
  7. https://www.efl.com/news/2020/january/efl-statement-derby-county-charged-with-excess-losses Surely a points deduction? Realised I posted this in the wrong thread and can't figure out how to delete this post 😂
  8. I loved the none existent legend that was To Madeira
  9. I think Woodgate got the team selection wrong this game and whatever game plan we had went out the window very early and we didn't adapt quick enough, Mejias was obviously at fault for the 1st and Howson and McNair for the 2nd. Poor errors cost us but we were much better second half. I do think though that Woodgate made good substitutions; Saville had a great impact, Tav was attacking and full of running and Gestede caused problems, I think he got a flick on for the goal? Nmecha looked good and could have scored, Djed was definitely man of the match for me. I think the game passed Liddle by without him being able to have any impact but the lad does need to go out and play regularly so who knows. Pretty much as expected in the end really, not disappointed to have lost and hopefully we can keep our league form going against Fulham!
  10. He's done a very nice reverse bay park to get perfectly in a bay within a bay.
  11. I'm having flash backs to when people used to think Steele was better than Butland.
  12. Hopefully Randolph gets his chance this time as he is far better than a championship keeper. Keep Pears till the end of the season and then see if there's any decent freebies floating about.
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