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  1. I Was just looking at some of our old managers and stumbled on this article: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2009/mar/25/steve-gibson-gareth-southgate-middlesbrough-premier-league I feel like if you swap 'Gareth Southgate' for 'Jonathan Woodgate' it could be from today!
  2. I'm not defending the performance or Woodgate but me, you and about 99% of the board had us down to lose that game so I'd personally say yes it is a good point, obviously 3 would have been much better but I'll take a positive in this shower of S****!
  3. Absolute sucker punch result that although that's a joke of a goal to concede. But it's still a good point.
  4. It would be a very hard pill for me to swallow but if he came out and said 'looks, this is the reality we live in now' then as you said I'd appreciate the honesty. Shame he thinks we are all idiots though.
  5. What if Gibson really has just hit the reset button? We've been saying for ages he's a Millionaire in a sea of Billionaires so what if he's planning to go down, slash all costs and make the club sustainable in league 1 where he can build again, bring through youngsters to sell on and slowly but surely build a stronger team with Woodgate at the helm for the next 10 year's. What a nightmare.
  6. Is there really anything In there that surprises anyone? I think any of us could have written that.
  7. This is where the narrator of this sad tale says: 'Little did Redcar Rioja know, Gibson could, indeed, find someone worse'
  8. Even if he sacks Woodgate on Monday if we lose its too late, the damage will already have been done. 3 points from safety with difficult games left a team absolutely devoid of confidence and ideas. Gibson so have acted much earlier and chose to stop the rot, instead he is waiting till it has firmly set in before even thinking about acting. I still want him gone though! That league cup win is such a distant memory now it feels like an entirely different club.
  9. After reading Woodgates comments and hearing him on the radio I reckon he is that arrogant that even if we survived by 1 goal he would come out with the biggest 'I told you so' any of us can imagine and he'd praise it as a job well done.
  10. I suppose they weren't lying when they said this was a transitional season. I just don't think any of us thought it would be a transition to league 1...
  11. I'm genuinely dreading this game 😂
  12. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/middlesbrough-boss-woodgate-principles-selections-17812354 Near the end talks about phone ins and forums.
  13. He says misery makes forums however it's his poor team that are the cause if all the misery! It's never really a good move to slate the fans (no matter how minor the dig) and a lot of those phone ins or forum members will be at said game but he wants them onside? Maybe serve up some decent football and he won't get people wanting him out.
  14. Maybe if we all start tweeting that he's been sacked Sky will pick up on it and it will force Gibson to come out of whatever expensive rock he's hiding under and make a statement on it! (Or hopefully sack him!)
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