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  1. We need 2 new fullbacks, Besic and a new winger as well as keeping hold of Traore, not to mention a striker to challenge Assombalonga for his place, not Gestede. Get rid of Gestede.
  2. I will give you 8 where is the 9th May as well include Downing too
  3. It took 12 minutes into the first game on the first day of the season to concede a goal with 9 defensive players on the pitch. Good old Boro.
  4. Sounds like they came closer to winning it at the end than us. 1-1 is still a very very poor result, I can't overstate that enough.
  5. So yep I think it's definitely safe to say now that our defence is 100% better under Pulis than it was under Monk.
  6. conceding 1 against Barnsley in a game we were 3-0 up in isn't exactly the end of the world, and Brentford are a great attacking team so conceding 1 to them in a game they've dominated is hardly the end of the world either. I was very nervous against Barnsley I almost thought we were gonna throw it away when they hit the post at 3-1. At 3-2 it could’ve made for a nail biting final few minutes. Alas we won 3-1 but in that second half we were no where near as good as we were in the first.
  7. Under Monk in the Championship we conceded 22 in 23 games. Under Pulis we’ve conceded 14 in 14 so far. Ok maybe you could forgive those that were in the first couple of games under Pulis but it’s not exactly getting better lately, conceding 3 against Sunderland, against Barnsley and again against Brentford today.
  8. Our defence has been worse under Pulis than under Monk it has to be said
  9. Since when is pushing someone the chest a sending off? Idk what the law says but it seems to happen every week in the Premier League and the ref normally doesn’t even hand cards out he just has a word with both players. Sounds like a case of the ref evening it up...
  10. We had two thirds possession and 8 shots on target to their 2. Should have been far more comfortable than it was.
  11. Does anyone ever look at that Burnley squad and just think they look like a bunch of very well organised but average players? There isn't one player who really stands out to me who I'd love in our squad. Strange considering they're in the Premier League and we're not. Credit to them to be honest, I was hoping they'd get a late equaliser.
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