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  1. The maximum I've seen him valued at is 15m. Our shopping list is; First-choice GK LWB LCB CB CM ST ST At an absolute minimum, we need all those positions filled with first team players, and we would still have very little depth afterwards. Is 15m enough for that? I'm not so sure.
  2. It's just a question of necessity for me. We haven't got enough money to build the squad we need. If we sold 1-2 players we could buy 4-5 players who are better than what we have, and more importantly, that we desperately need. Normally that would be a bit silly to say, but our squad is literally that unbalanced.
  3. If they're both on 2 years then excellent news as I think it's more likely to be McNair who goes, then.
  4. Based on Wilder's interview I can see one/two of Tav/Fry/McNair/Jones being sold along with Spence. Spence will go for 12-15m and I think Tav/Fry would be 7-10m based on the final year of their contract. Jones we might get another 15m for. Maybe 5m for McNair. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's nobody in this squad that I would mind going that much because they have all had a loser's mentality for years. Some of them have been coached by a collective of Monk, Pulis, Woodgate, Warnock. Four managers who drilled the fear of losing in to them, the pump it long at first s
  5. "slow, ponderous and pedestrian" literally describes Middlesbrough FC since the year we were in the Prem.
  6. Lots of the blame. He has not budged at all from his Sheffield system despite not having the players to do it. Ridiculous.
  7. I don't think you could say 1 of our 4 strikers has had a genuinely good 90 minutes for months now. And it isn't their fault. They're all the same player (try to play on the shoulder and run in behind) and our midfielders are instructed to play the ball long to them where they all lose it because none of them are target men, and the one target man we had in the squad we binned off because he didn't "suit how we play". 🤡
  8. If he keeps playing this horrific system week in week out despite no improvement I might not even be bothered.
  9. It's a team that's way too used to losing. You can't coach it out of a whole squad.
  10. The thing that concerns me with Wilder is that his Sheffield United team hit a massive brick wall and by all accounts he just kept smacking his head against it until it broke him. He's gone away and had a few months away from football to look at what went wrong, what he could do differently, how he could apply a different style of football to his next team and... just done exactly the same thing. He's coming across like a massive one-trick pony right now - which I guess is one of the issues in having a manager who's assistant seems to be the brains behind the operation.
  11. Spot on. Our low-tempo, tepid, overly-cautious midfield play is what kills our ability to score goals, not our strikers. When was the last time we scored a counter-attack? Be interested to see that. Feels like it takes us an age to progress the ball up the pitch.
  12. Does Watmore's 1 shot and couple of runs that led to nothing elevate him so far above Connolly?
  13. Connolly gets it worse because of the reputation he's come with off the pitch, I reckon. He looks like a "lad" with his Love Island girlfriend and history of a bad attitude. Balogun doesn't bring that, and Sporar has a catchy song, so neither get pelters as much as him.
  14. I'd love to see the statistics on the play around & towards him. Not being a Connolly-apologist at all, but seriously, how many passes were made into him that weren't long balls from Daniels?
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