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  1. The thing with Paterson is you really can't expect a player to come in to an entirely new team, whilst injured, and play his best with an unsettled system that clearly hasn't been worked on properly, in friendlies against non-league teams. How is he meant to play his best football when he's played just sort of "anywhere in the middle" with no natural width outside him?
  2. How hasn't he given Warnock the players he wants? Ikpeazu, Crooks, Lumley, Peltier? Bamba if he signs? He's got his target man, he's got his big versatile midfielder, he's got his experienced defenders that he's worked with before.
  3. I mean so far he's tried to sign a combative box to box midfielder (which is exactly what Warnock likes) and a strong, physical striker with strength and pace (again what he likes) who he specifically said "we are disappointed" about not getting. It's not like he's out signing 5'4 Brazilian wing backs who clearly wouldn't fit a Warnock style of play. Think this is a really reactive and inaccurate take on the situation.
  4. You have to wonder where Gibbo manages to find these stashes of 8m every few years. Reminds me of the time we went from signing Ishmael Miller on loan to spending 9m on Rhodes.
  5. I'm quite glad we didn't end up getting drawn into spending that sort of silly money. He says, knowing full well Muniz will score the winner against us first day of the season and get sold for 40m when they get promoted off the back of him netting 30 goals.
  6. Just another reminder that if he were called Ronald Smith we'd not be bothered. Being Brazilian and having a nice name doesn't make you good. Another case of us not having seen a player kick a football in the flesh and pre-judging their worth, even if positive instead of negative! We are having a decent window so far and will definitely get a few more bodies in.
  7. Can I just say it is absolutely BARMY that people have written off Lumley without seeing him play a SINGLE competitive game for the club. If he was called Jose Lumriguez everyone would be getting his face tattooed on their belly. Nuts.
  8. Why would you try and will this kind of thing into existing by putting it down in words man?
  9. Think people need to remember that whilst it's nice we're looking in South America for players, being Brazilian does not automatically make you good. If he was called Bill Smith instead of Rodrigo Muniz we would not be anywhere near as excited about him. He could still be average. If he was utterly immense, he'd not be in talks with us and Fulham. If we don't get him, it's not the end of the world, and the club hasn't failed. Just pre-emptively saying that before it happens and we enter meltdown mode.
  10. Honestly, it's not so much the result as the way we are playing. We don't look like an organised unit. There's no clear avenue to goal besides crossing it in. We look the same as we did last year. Whether that's because Warnock thinks Payero and a new left back are going to transform the team remains to be seen, but I think the things you want to look for in pre-season - evidence of discipline, coaching over the pre-season - aren't there.
  11. I'm being hyperbolic, obviously. Every team creates chances in every game.
  12. I mean, yeah, we're still pumping it into the box at every opportunity and creating the odd half-chance header from it. But we did that last year, too, and did not regularly score from it at all.
  13. We look so far away from the finished product. No pattern or rhythm to the play, STILL not creating any chances, STILL weak at the back. It's like we've had the whole of the off-season and pre-season to look at what didn't work last year... and just decided to carry on with it. Very disheartening.
  14. It's like I've already said, 5 at the back does not work unless you have outstanding wing backs. Spence and Dijksteel are not that. No threat from out wide at all with our current crop of players, bit worrying that we seem to be wedded to this system now.
  15. The big worry for me is if we rely on playing 3 at the back, your wing backs need to basically be the best players in your team. The only justification for it is if they're THAT good that they can fulfill the role of defender & attacking winger all at once. None of our current crop of full backs are capable of it, at best Coulson, who we know isn't favoured. And signing centre backs who can play full back doesn't fit the kind of player we'd need there either. I wish we'd stick to 4 at the back, where you can justify playing people like Dijksteel out wide, who are defensively very soun
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