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  1. I'll go out on a limb here and say Spence will not go on to be world class. I would bite their hand off for 10m.
  2. It would be quite funny if after all this time the whole thing was a secret ploy between Ashley and Gibson for Ashley to get a new football club at a cut price and Gibson to get a nice cash windfall.
  3. Watmore on a technical level just isn't up to it, heart of a lion and will run all day and has that bit of instinctive skill in him but generally speaking I'd prefer him to be 4th choice. As for bringing on Coburn instead of Payero, he's gotten lucky there has Wilder! Wish he could do more subs than just the strikers.
  4. In fairness we've spent the last 6 years playing as if we didn't have a central midfield, so it was a valid criticism. Now our style of play relies totally on having 3 high quality CMs, and we look like we might soon have 4-5.
  5. There's a reason he got no time on loan it seems. Hasn't really kicked on at all.
  6. We've been sucked right down into playing on their level. Just pumped it long due to the awful pitch.
  7. Peltier should only ever play as a last resort backup CB, was a really poor signing intended to just bulk the squad out.
  8. I don't think this is the year for us to get promoted, so I'm not hung up on the fact we will almost definitely lose this game. Positives to take: Lots of players with a point to prove will get a chance to do it. It creates a siege mentality. Us vs the World. Mourinho won titles off the back of that. The injustice will add to their desire to win. Get them annoyed, angry, with a point to prove. Payero might actually play.
  9. I'd happily see Tav dropped to be honest. Think he's easily the weak link in the midfield at the minute. Runs about a lot, sure, has good energy, but in terms of actually contributing to attacking moves he's so far behind Crooks. Payero a better player and will show it when he gets his chance imo.
  10. I'd drop Tav, personally. Needs to learn to earn his place. His decision making has been really poor for weeks now. Constantly cutting into his left and shooting as if he's prime Robben, but not sure a single one has gone on target so far. He's clearly very talented but you can see why Wilder said some people are playing for themselves. Tav doesn't play within the system - he just picks the ball up where he fancies, and tries to run/have a crack. We are desperate for Payero to come back and pull the strings in midfield in this side. Also, to even think about questioning Wil
  11. We're nowhere near ready for promotion anyway. It would be a nice payday, but competitively, we'd get utterly twonked week in week out in the Prem with this squad, even with a summer of additions. I'm happy to give Wilder the rest of the season + judge him properly next season when he's had a couple windows to put together a better squad and get his point across.
  12. The back 5 is honestly League Two standard, throwing the keeper in there too. Bamba and Peltier should be nowhere near the side (if they weren't Warnock's mates, they wouldn't be). Bola and Jones as wing backs is always going to leave us a bit exposed, even though I did think Jones had a great game. Paddy is a midfielder for me and always will be. Wilder will have a class team this time next year. Just write the season off, because he's not a miracle worker, and unless we get some proper footballers in January I can't see him improving some of the utter tripe in this side. They're unfit,
  13. All this shows us is that the squad isn't really good enough, which we already knew. In the space of a couple weeks Wilder has us playing the best football we've seen in years. Once he has a back 5 that is made up of some actual defenders we will be absolutely fine.
  14. Wilder's attitude compared to Warnock is honestly night and day. Warnock couldn't wait to play us down, to take any pressure off himself having to succeed. Any excuse for mediocrity was lapped up ASAP. None of that from Wilder. He's here to win. Feels like a man with a plan. I'm so happy I don't have to sit through another limp-****** interview from Warnock. Up The Wilder.
  15. I'm told Grant Leadbitter was at Rockcliffe today in full training kit. Think working with youth teams. Be nice to have a character like that involved in the set up and hopefully moving into the first team training eventually.
  16. In fairness, I could have looked like our best player under NW at times. We were dreadful. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that whoever isn't currently here is the answer to our problems, and I know Forest fans like him, but it's worth remembering the dross they've been through as well, so by comparison he probably does look alright.
  17. I'm happy to accept Spence might be improving at Forest, but I haven't seen him play, so I can only go on what I know of when he was here, when he looked like a raffle ticket winner. Even if he is getting better, pretty sure the loan contract is until the end of the season, and you can't usually cancel them unless it is mutual.
  18. Why would he go with wing backs when we don't have any in the squad? The full backs in our team have been all over the place since the end of the Friend/Nsue days. We either have good defensive but shocking offensive players (Dijksteel) or good offensive but poor defensive players (Bola) or just poor at both ends of the pitch players (Spence). Unless he decides to convert some of our wingers into wing backs, he won't be playing them. Fully expect some form of 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 for our first game.
  19. I'm fully on board Wilder's Wild Ride. First time I've felt proper real hope in the club since Karanka was appointed. Feels like it could go the same way.
  20. I'm incredibly excited that Warnock is gone and we have appointed a proven manager who can hopefully bring some long-term success to the club. Warnock's behaviour post-sacking just highlights everything about the man, as @wilsoncgphas just said. Classless, blameless, says what he wants and always assumes he's right. He was given an entire new squad over the course of 3 transfer windows. He got given all his pacey attacking wide-men last season and did nothing with them. He got given his big battering ram striker, a Champions League central midfielder to pair with a Copa Libertadores centr
  21. Didn't he take Sheffield straight up after League One? Or was it 2 years? Either way, he had to do a complete rebuild job of that club in League One and was pretty much untouchable there until it all went kaput, as it so often does at every club these days.
  22. What manager who ISN'T about to approach retirement would agree to join a club for half a season? Really nothing in it for him or us, may as well stick with Warnock.
  23. Best we've played all season this, I think? Keeping the ball down and playing some nice stuff. Could've had 2-3 with better decision making.
  24. Yeah I won't lie mate I'm mostly trying to cheer myself up and look on the bright side, can't really stand him and will personally be partying late into the night once he's gone.
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