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  1. I find it a bit bizarre that people are looking at those pictures and coming to the conclusion that it must be because Wilder has told them all to be massively out of position. Yes, we do sometimes press high (and I stress sometimes because it is really only under certain triggers), but football is about balance, rotation, and movement. A press in modern football is not just "everybody run at the ball whenever they see it". If Howson is the one pressing high, somebody should drop into his position to cover him. My criticism of this goal is aimed at Crooks and McGree as well as Howson. You
  2. I'd rather see us go to 4 at the back to be honest than shoe-horn Howson in.
  3. Not a chance. No manager plays with a midfield 3 and tells all of them to play box to box. Howson is the deepest of the 3 whenever we are in possession, always. He is the #6 being tasked with the "Oli Norwood role" of being the metronome in centre midfield that stays deeper, breaks up play, and distributes the ball forwards. He's just *** at doing it.
  4. Nah, he's a "good pro" and a Yorkshire lad so will continue to be immune to criticism, somehow. He is shocking at that #6 role.
  5. I know that strikers have been the biggest topic of discussion this summer but, for me, the midfield has always been the biggest problem. This one image sums up why. This is about 8 seconds before Chris Willock scores. We have 3 midfielders on the pitch, by the way. Look at that massive hole in the middle of the park. That is where Jonny Howson should be, closing down Willock and preventing the goal. So where is he? This is when Willock picks up possession. Howson is in an advanced wide area, jogging behind him, completely out of the game. Neither McGree nor Crooks h
  6. Coming back from the match yesterday, I think it showed us all what we already knew; we are still 5-6 players away from being a top team and that we are incredibly inconsistent. For me though, perhaps controversially, I really don't think we are well suited to this 3-5-2 system at all. The back 3 should be the strongest part of the team on paper but I don't think it suits Fry or McNair. McNair is a midfielder for me, and Fry is not mobile enough to play as a wide centre back. I haven't seen enough of Lenihan to judge yet but I get the feeling he would feel more comfortable in a 2 as
  7. There is no such thing in this league as "guaranteed goals", and we know this from spending over 20m on Assombalonga and Rhodes, two players who were labelled as "guaranteed goals" and ended up stinking our gaff out for years on big money. As a football team we have rarely been set up to get the best out of our strikers. It has been hit and hope football for years. Asking players to just run the channels and get on the end of low % chances and create something for themselves. I genuinely believe no striker in world football would have broken 20 goals in any of our previous 6 seasons of fo
  8. We do not have local journalists. Journalism involves finding things out, publishing new information, bringing insight and analysis. We do not get that. We have bloggers, not journalists.
  9. If he is injured and has been training alone all week then he may not have started anyway.
  10. Agreed. Footballers do not turn up and train with clubs a week in advance of even a fee being agreed. It just doesn't happen. Digger's info needed to be followed up on the day with an announcement, or else it was always going to be duff info.
  11. There will be a signing on fee. And agent fees. And every club going was probably competing for them. Would not have been "free transfers" at all, really.
  12. Wallace + Swift will collectively be on at least 40-50k a week which we absolutely cannot afford.
  13. We look absolutely knackered in midfield and there's nobody to come in. Biggest issue in the squad at this point.
  14. Ryan Giles might be my new favourite LB since Queudrue (sorry Friend) and he's played 45 minutes.
  15. God, I'd forgotten he existed. Any need to ruin my day like that?
  16. I'd rather gamble 2.5m on him than 15m on Gyokeres. Our big signings never work out!
  17. Maybe in terms of something like "we are interested in X player", then sure, I can see it. If someone has been asked to do a profile on someone, they might be able to share that. But when people pop up with "we have bid this, but they want this, we agreed this, but they want this, this fee is being discussed" all the kind of details that you would literally need to be in the negotiating room to be privy to, that's when I start to get a bit skeptical.
  18. I think it's fair to say in terms of ITK information, it's a lot more likely for people to hear accurate things about players going rather than coming. I forget who it was a couple of nights ago who said Tav had cleared his locker out because he knew someone at Rockcliffe. That turned out to be true, and it's pretty feasible. He could know the cleaner, a physio, even the receptionist, and they would know that just by walking by. In terms of incomings, however; unless you know somebody directly involved (a family member, a scout, an analyst, or whoever is involved in the paperwork sid
  19. I don't think it would be fair to say Tavernier doesn't play an advanced role for us. The point is also more that it's really easy to get this sort of goal/assist output in this league, because George Saville was utter *** *** and he managed it, so it's no massive loss.
  20. Provided Akpom goes, this is about what we're working with at the moment. One more striker (Hoppe), a left-sided CB, and a CM and we're about sorted. I don't think we will come top 2, but play-offs you would think is almost a certainty with that team. I don't think it's the PANIC STATIONS position some people are making it out to be.
  21. He is far, far better at passing than Tav, more composure on the ball, and better off the ball movement. Tavernier is good for his work rate and athleticism. In terms of technical ability, composure, he is replaceable. 5g 5a last year. George Saville got 6g 4a in his last season for us, just for comparison, and I don't think anyone would suggest we are missing him.
  22. George Saville was hitting those kind of numbers for us, and I'm a better footballer than him. No bother at all.
  23. I'm not too concerned about this at all. 12.5m for a player with 2 years left is good value. He's going to the Premier League. Championship clubs sell to the Premier League - it's what happens. I know it seems a big loss to us in the context that (we have no midfield, and most of them are ***) but the strengths Tav possesses - athleticism, work rate, pace - are easier to replace than his weaknesses - lack of composure, poor passing, inconsistent finishing. He scored 5 goals and got 5 assists last year. Can we replace that for 12.5m? Easily. He's not even the best Tavernier
  24. It'll be 12m + a bit of addons, which is about what he's worth. Let's hope it gets reinvested into the 5-6 players we need.
  25. For me, Forss fills the "Billy Sharp Role" in our attack. Instinctive finisher who does his best work in the penalty area. Now we just need the "David McGoldrick Role" who can drop deeper, hold up play, and bring Forss in. Hopefully Muniz is good at this, but I will be honest I have no idea what sort of player he is. I'd like to see us go for some big beefy German target man from the 2. Bundesliga or something. I play in that league on FM way too much and there's loads on offer there who are good at that role.
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