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  1. Just now, newyddion said:

    Yes.. but he didn’t. Then he improved on that!

    Before the start of the season folks would have snapped your hands off for a 10th place finish.

    All of a sudden people are Sam tarting to thing we were better than than that.. I wonder who was responsible for them think that?


    Snap your hand off for 10th? Not me, I'm afraid.

    I accept we are going through a transition, but I'm not going to sit here and celebrate finishing 10th in this league.

    In the first 4 games, we have played no different - no different - to the end of last season. You can blindly shout FOUR GAMES as much as you want mate, but you can't just will success into existence.

    We'll see where we are at the end of the season, and that will settle this debate. If we finish in the play-offs under Warnock I'll eat my hat.

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  2. Just now, newyddion said:

    ‘Even if I was seeing signs of improvement I'd be satisfied’

    that right there

    relegation fodder - 17th - 10th - 4 games in with an improving squad

    The only way he could have not improved on the Woodgate season was if he literally got us relegated.

    At the end of the day, neither of us have a crystal ball. We will either finish in the play offs, or we won't. If we do, I'll admit he did well. If we don't, I'll be very glad to see the back of him.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

    Warnock has signed 20 senior players since he joined us 14 months ago. 

    Let that sink in. And people are still talking about how injuries have been the problem. 

    We'll finish 12th this year and he'll still bring up Branthwaite kicking Fry in the head.

    He's never been the same since! Would've gone up there and then, are you with me?


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  4. Just now, notjade said:

    Tav played 4 games after the new year and Fry was out from April

    Didn't we bring in 3 brand new wingers in the new year who could have taken Tav's place?

    Maybe he should've signed a back up CB in that time, instead of leaving us with only 2 in the squad?

    Weird how the manager is in charge of building his team and then bemoans the... lack of depth in his team. 

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  5. Just now, notjade said:

    Yeah I remember him taking a team that was almost relegated to pushing for the playoffs with the same squad, before a couple of bad injuries ended our season. Do you not remember that?


    We finished 10th, 13 points off the play offs.

    Again; if you're happy with that mate, all power to you. But that is not a play-off push. By that logic Tony Mowbray was class as well, because we were second in December once.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, notjade said:

    I'm actually not a huge fan of Warnock's in the grand scheme of things but to say people will back him 100% is absolutely mental, just because we refuse to have a breakdown after 4 games and the window not even being shut yet.

    Honestly there's some right melts on here, its embarrassing. Let's see how the rest of the window goes, see how Warnock is performing and if he's *** we'll sack him and get someone else as we always do

    How is it that everyone has managed to airbrush last season from their brains?

    Was he not our manager then? Am I tripping?

    It's like I said in a few threads before the season started; if you're genuinely happy paying your money to watch what Warnock serves up, all power to you. I'm happy for you, I wish I was.

    Even if I was seeing signs of improvement I'd be satisfied. But I don't. We are no better than we were at the start of last season. If your manager isn't improving you, what is the point?

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  7. 8 minutes ago, RiversideRed said:

    He's a striker that doesn't score goals. That's pretty bad tbh.

    Didn't score goals in Greece and hasn't really scored goals anywhere he's been.

    Bottom end Champ is probably his level, maybe top end League 1.

    We have not had a striker score goals for us since Bamford.

    Have they ALL been bad players?

    Or have we just had 3 managers in a row who didn't have a scooby doo how to set up a team to attack teams and score goals?

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

    On Akpom's arrival, the Boro boss said: "I'm delighted to finally have got him.

    "He's been my number one choice. I've wanted him for a long time. I'd like to give a big thanks to Neil Bausor for getting it done."


    Where in that does it sound like he wasn't properly scouted? He only came out with that rubbish when he flopped. Come on man, don't just believe the man blindly whatever he says, he's clearly always got an agenda. 

    There's a significant portion of Boro fans who will 100% back Warnock no matter what because he does entertaining press conferences and he's "old school". If ever there was a manager to chime with our fanbase, it's unfortunately Warnock.

    The idea of wanting better than *** hoofball, shouting at the ref for 90 minutes, endless excuses for poor performances (remember the Stoke changies?), not throwing players under the bus, or being open minded enough to look for players who aren't journeymen Championship plodders - that's just kneejerk! How dare you question Mr Warnock?

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  9. 3 minutes ago, newyddion said:

    All what becomes too toxic? an embarrassing minority of fans kicking off because we drew away from home in our 4th game of the season.. still with players coming in!

    How is Kieran Scott hot sh*t all of a sudden?

    He’s not even started working for the club yet has he? (which would be to support the manager anyway)

    I'm not sure why you're burying your head in the sand and acting as if Warnock was not in charge for the entirety of last season.

    Are we a better team now than we we were this exact time last season? Has the football improved? Do the players seem to have developed a better understanding? Are we exploiting set pieces?

    This is not a "it's only been 4 games!" kneejerk. This is what happens when a fanbase is subjected to *** football for 5+ seasons, and is fed up with it. Warnock has had time and money to get us firing, and he isn't doing it.

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  10. Just now, Borodane said:

    It was exactly like this for 46 games last season too. Just because he has some new players nothing is going to change. It’s going to be dire football where holding on to one point will always be better than going for three points. It horrendous to watch and it won’t change. Using “it’s the start of the season” is just a poor excuse because nothing will change under him and i certainly don’t think we will be in the top-6. 

    Warnock is very, very lucky that fans are just coming back in. It's basically the honeymoon period for him, everybody's excited to be able to go again, not as many people were keeping up with the games last season (or watching them, at least).

    He's gotten away with a horrible year last year with a bit of a fresh start this season. But he's made absolutely no changes to the way we play or set-up, and I honestly think if he keeps it up much longer, he will be hounded out before the season is done.

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  11. Performances like this make you think that it really doesn't matter who we bring in, if they're deployed like this, it's an absolute waste of time. We are set up to do nothing but contain and frustrate Derby, going down for everything, giving away stupid fouls all over, praying for a lucky bounce off Uche. Bilge.

  12. 3 minutes ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

    Championship is in danger of becoming as boring as the Premier League. 

    Would anyone honestly be surprised if Norwich finish 20th then win the Championship in 22/23?

    Then Fulham or WBA will be back to win it the year after. 

    I honestly don't think Fulham will finish top 2. Marco Silva teams have a trademark mental fragility that we've already seen twice this year. They pumped Huddersfield, sure, but nearly threw it away against Millwall last time out, and the same against us. Teams that put them under pressure, especially late on, will get joy.

  13. 1 minute ago, Redcar Rioja said:

    My heart agrees with all that but my head says that without Isiah Jones we would be looking up the table at Derby.

    I can see bursts of reasons for optimism but so far I'm of the opinion that it is in spite of Warnock rather than because of him. Defensively we have started off with the same shambolic disorganised farce as he ended last season with. Clearly he hasn't learnt and while I'm happy to see things settle down and improve my head yells to me that its the same 5#it just a different season.

    It's a total "hold the ship together" season. We will finish between 15th-8th in the table, knick a few decent results, beat a few struggling teams, but we are a complete class below the top quality teams in the league.

    The only reason I'm fine with it is that it's pretty nailed on Warnock won't be here next year. Just got to grit your teeth and get through it. Pray nightly for the gegenpressing madman German coach to come in summer.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Jamie-H said:

    I'm happy with Van Bergen but I'm not going to judge him based off his Eredivisie stats or youtube highlights, Kristoffer Peterson looked like the coup of the summer for Swansea a couple of years ago based on his highlights/record but I don't even think he lasted a year before he was gone.

    Hopefully Van Bergen and Sporar add some extra quality to us, I like Djed Spence he's an honest runner but he doesn't offer much when we get near their box we need someone with a bit of technique who can commit their defenders like Willock was doing to ours on Wednesday.

    Generally speaking physicality is king in football. Pace is terrifying at any level, but in the Championship especially it is deadly. Just look how good Adama was for us, and he still can't hit a barndoor with a machine gun.

    Quick feet and a willingness to go past people is enough for a winger at this level. I think him and Jones either side of Uche will be naughty.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, FinallyRegistered said:

    I don’t disagree with man-marking a particular player and using one of the back 5 to track them, but not a full man-marking system. It’s far too easy to exploit with runners from deep. Willock had the freedom of the park and no one was closing him down. Who was his man? 

    Probably Howson.

    Yesterday was a disasterclass performance from him. A genuine 0/10.

    Directly at fault for 1 goal, out of position for the other 2, gave the ball away frequently, rarely won it back. Unfortunately he has a northern accent and is a "good pro" so Warnock will play him every week.

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