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  1. 4 minutes ago, BoroSmoggie said:

    You don’t think Warnock can get us promotion? I do. And for me that’s taking the club forwards. Don’t give a crap how we do it or what brand of football we play. I bet all the Cardiff fans are outraged that they signed McCarthy the dinosaur. Getting promotion should be the main aim of both the club and the fans. We can worry about changing style or whatever you want to call it when we have £180million in the bank. Just focus on getting out of this league for now, it doesn’t matter how.  

    Maybe you're right mate! I hope so. I'm basing my views on the performance of recently promoted teams (and teams in other countries around Europe!) and how they play. There's a lot of football clubs, at the moment, who are battling it out with the traditional big boys (RB Leipzig in Germany, Atalanta in Serie A, Leicester in the UK) through great long-term planning and style, and I'd love for Boro to be a success story for once!

  2. 1 minute ago, Blanco said:

    But is my thoughts on what I think is happening not a long term goal?

    Which is all you are asking for?

    I mean, aiming for League 2 would be a long term goal as well, doesn't mean it's the one I want.

    Happy to agree to disagree that you think our current style and coaching team can take the team forwards, and I don't! Football is a game of opinions.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    I think it has been well documented on here that I am enjoying watching the matches at the minute and I don’t think a future appointment in the same style would change that. Time to cut to the chase... you just want fannying about football don’t you? 🤷‍♂️

    Not at all mate! I've said it before on here I want us to play an aggressive, counter-pressing style a-la Klopp, Nagelsmann, Rangnick etc.

    Quick transitions and high tempo attacking play are the way to dominate the modern game! Possession is a meaningless stat, but that doesn't mean you ping it into the channels every time without thought, which is what we do.

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  4. 1 minute ago, TeaCider24 said:

    They didn't try at all.

    They accepted relegation the second they were promoted last time around, their manager virtually said that outright.

    They didn't spend millions and millions trying to stay up, no. They kept the finances healthy and the squad intact. Long-term planning and foresight so that they can bounce back at the first time of asking, with a better squad, and more money to spend.

    That's, again, all I'm asking for. A long-term goal.

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  5. Just now, TeaCider24 said:

    They'll probably get relegated again too, so they'll still be failures by your definition.

    I've never said I demand SUCCESS, I've said I demand COMPETITION.

    Norwich are trying to compete in the Premier League. They've stuck with the manager, the style, the squad. If we did that, and got relegated, I'd be happy. We tried.

    We aren't trying.

  6. Just now, TeaCider24 said:

    They went down with 21 points last season.

    Obviously they're failures.

    And they're going to be having another crack at it next season whilst we, err, pray for a good target-man to come in.

    Yeah, our way is definitely better.

  7. 1 minute ago, TeaCider24 said:

    I just don't agree that it's a reasonable position to take that it's bad to get promoted if we don't have a plan in place for European football.

    Especially not in the modern game where managers rarely last longer than 2-3 years.

    Norwich had a long term plan, they're storming the league with decent football.

    Are they *** getting in to Europe.

    They're closer to it than we are! Unbelievably well-run club that is in an amazing financial position, with great young players coming through their team (and making them a lot of money!) and a progressive coach who plays front-foot football. God, I'm jealous.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Neverbefore said:

    Putting aside my obvious misgivings around Warnock as a person, what if we lose 8 or 9 of our last 12 games and end up in the bottom quarter?

    Why is the decision being made so soon? Warnock showed at Cardiff that he struggles to turn his side around once he's on a really bad run and had to walk from that role admitting he . I know people would say it's better to know and be able to prepare early for the summer but do we really want stuck with a manager who has us in freefall?

    Hypothetical of course but it highlights why we really should have waited. By all means, if we're intent on keeping him tell him that if we finish top 10 or top half at the end of the season he's got another year, any less than that and it will be reviewed. Feels like Gibson is bending over backwards for him, just like he did pulis.

    That's the thing - he hasn't even been successful.

    We haven't even flirted with the play-offs. We've winked at her across the bar and been smacked by her boyfriend every time we've tried to walk over.

    I will die on the hill that if we had another manager who wasn't as charismatic as Warnock, the whole fanbase would want rid by now. He's doing no better than Monk did.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    I think that it is a long term plan because I’m convinced that Blackwell and Jepson will take over when Warnock retires. If I’m right it is a long term plan whether people like it or not. It is far better than lurching from one kind of manager to a different kind every time we hit a bad patch as has been pointed out on here by several posters. It provides a long term plan with an identity of how we play. It won’t provide what I call “fannying about football” but it would provide everything else that people have been crying out for since Karanka left.

    I just don't understand what success you think a combination of Blackwell & Jepson would bring to the club. Do you seriously see it taking us forward? Are you enjoying watching the matches at the minute? All power to you if you are mate, but for me, if Boro appointed them two after Warnock left, I'd be absolutely distraught. Would be a horrible step sideways.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    I would like to think that we would have learned a harsh lesson from the last time we were promoted. If we were to go up, add no more than 4 players to the squad, not 15 like we did, that completely undermined the squad cohesion. If we can’t compete up there, take it on the chin, drop back down and add 1-2 players and replace any that leave. Returning back up is easier with a joined up squad pulling together not with a mosh mash of mercenaries who don’t give a damn and run at the first sign of a problem 

    Yeah, I totally agree. So let's say it's Warnock that takes us up.

    We stick with him throughout the Prem season, we go down, we keep the squad together. Is it Warnock that's going to then carry on in the Champ, like Dyche or Farke have done? At 75? He's going to sign on for MINIMUM another 3 seasons for us to build on this hypothetical success?

    We are relying on Warnock getting us up next year, and someone else coming in the year after to keep us up. That's not a long-term plan, that is bonkers.

  11. 6 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

    Can't believe you're even moaning about the club in a hypothetical situation where we did get promoted.

    We're in the Championship, the Europa League is irrelevant to us.

    The club should plan for promotion, that is the end goal in itself.

    That sort of short-termism is exactly why the football club is unsuccessful. Getting promoted is maybe 1/4 of the battle. The rest is having a footballing philosophy that goes BEYOND the current manager of the team, a successful recruitment department that buys CHEAP and sells HIGH (there are more ways of funding a football club than parachute payments!), and having a long term VISION for what we want to compete for.

    We do none of those things. We lurch from platitude to platitude, "smash the league" here and then "tighten the pursestrings" there, many millions of pounds spent - without thought for the future - on players that fit no rhyme nor reason in any sort of tactical system, and appointing managers with completely conflicting footballing philosophies on a cyclical basis.

    I find it barmy that this is the bare minimum people are happy to aim for.

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  12. 1 minute ago, GrimsbyBoro said:

    Earn 170,000,000 from promotion, try and stay up but accept we will probably be relegated. Help secure the finances of the club and raise the profile of a championship level club.

    We did that already a few years ago mate. We sacked the manager, completely imploded, lost all the momentum and good-will we had built up over 3 years, and then spunked all of the promotion money up the wall.

    Oh, but it's going to be different this time, yeah?

  13. 6 minutes ago, Duvel said:

    Whats the end goal with an Eddie Howe type manager? Alright it would be better football but Bournemouth just existed in the Premier league and never competed in the cups. 

    I'm not saying Warnock is the best we can do but what's the best we can achieve now as a club? Probably survive by the skin of our teeth for a few years before we get relegated again. Thats the depressing reality of football I'm afraid. 

    I don't understand the lack of ambition in Boro fans. Everyone seems to be absolutely buzzing to watch another year of hoofball because "what better could we do?" and it baffles me.

    If you aren't in a competitive sport to challenge for titles, what is the point? Literally, what is the point?

    I'm not saying I want Boro to be challenging for the Premier League, but should we be challenging for a Europa League spot? Absolutely. That is probably the zenith of achievement for a club of our size - and we've done it before, twice - so why not again?

    As a football club, we should be out-lining a path-way to the Europa League. How do we turn this team into one capable of finishing 6-7th in the Premier League? If we aren't asking that question, what is the point?



  14. Gutted by this news. Club once again shows no ambition or long term thinking. Even if Warnock DOES get us up next year, what's the end goal? He never keeps teams up. He doesn't build teams to play the modern game, and you can't stay up in the Prem anymore by playing ****house basic kick and run football (as Allardyce is finding out this season).

    Warnock's time at this club ends with us mid table in the Championship, one way or another.

  15. Just now, Duvel said:

    Blaming a lack of strikers is a deflection tactic. 

    We defended awfully last night and then opened us up several times in the first half. 

    Sometimes as a manager you get it wrong and sometimes your team plays badly. Just take it on the chin and move on. 

    He has not once accepted that we were beaten due to him getting it wrong.

    It's always the ref. Has a go at them before the game even starts! No wonder we never get a decision when he is so consistently aggressive towards them.

    Then it's the injuries - "I wish I had my full team" he says a week after signing 3 new players!

    Or it's the pitch. Or the weather. Or that the moon's didn't align.

    Man's nothing but a walking box of excuses. Treating the club like a final holiday before retirement. Get rid.

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  16. Have to say I am livid with Warnock's comments post match, and with the Gazette for not questioning them.

    "Again Warnock was left wishing he had another team's striker" - then why did we spend all summer chasing Chuba Akpom, his 'top target', and end up shelling 3m on him during a pandemic?!

    Complaining he hasn't got the tools when he went out and bought the wrong one! Yet again we sign another utter waste of space for relatively big money and then bemoan that our horrible, negative style of play doesn't bring out the best in them.

    At my wit's end, I really am. Warnock gets away with murder with both the press and our fan base, all because he's a good public speaker.

    Edit: and some people want him to be director of football when he retires! I can't think of anything worse.

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  17. Just now, Will said:

    Wide overlaps surely lead to cross, cross, cross?

    No, they allow you to create overloads in wide areas whereby you control the ball and force the opposition to react to your movement.

    It gives the wide-man the opportunity to cut inside into the space previously occupied by the full back who is now busy trying to cover your overlapping wing-back.

    It gives the wing-back the opportunity to recycle the ball in-field to exploit the space that the opposition team has been forced to vacate as they shift their entire defence across to cover the side where you are overloading.

    It's attacking football at its most basic. Pass and move. Overload. Shift and switch play. All the things we haven't done for 5 years, and the reason we have been a toothless attacking outfit for that entire time.

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  18. Warnock and his coaching staff should be nowhere near our long-term planning.

    You cannot have your footballing philosophy in the year of our lord 2021 anno domini be to kick the wee round thing into the channels and cross cross cross. It just won't get us anywhere.

    Warnock as director of football? No ta. We would constantly be bringing in "big strong strikers" and "hard working midfielders" and "centre backs who can score off a corner" rather than football players, which is the primary reason we're in the situation we are in now.

    Answer for me is easy; German coach. German style. High line, counter-press, wide overlaps and rotational movement up top. That's how football teams succeed these days. Tactical innovation, sports science, not just the age-old platitudes of "we need to work a bit harder" or "the ball just didn't drop for us".

    Unfortunately, this is all just a pipe dream for me and I am 99% confident we will hire another English journeyman after Warnock. Wouldn't trust Gibson to run my bath at this point.

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