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  1. Just now, J.T. said:

    It’s not this game. It’s every game. The game plan is to hoof the ball as far down the pitch at possible and hope for the best. It’s horrible to watch. We are horrible to watch. Is it really that stupid to want to enjoy watching Boro? Because I can’t remember enjoying watching a Boro game for a long time. 

    For about 5-6 years now it has been the same dismal stuff week in week out.

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  2. 1 minute ago, RiversideRed said:

    No point believing anything from The Gazette or Northern Echo. They're very amateurish when it comes to journalism. 

    Majority of their information is just recycled of Twitter and other journalists which anyone can actually do.

    There probably slightly more credible than Teamtalk.

    The standard at the Gazette in particular is genuinely shocking. They NEVER break news. They're basically just a blog at this point (and one that is consistently up the club's ar*e out of fear of being banned again).

    You can hear it in the press conferences, some of the questions they ask Warnock are just so dead. No analysis, no tactical insight, no actual information from the club. Proper dead rag.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Riverside94 said:

    I don’t really get all the Britt hate apart from him being on massive wages which isn’t his fault. I do think we are a better team when he plays, just an opinion don’t shoot me! 

    He's not a bad player, he's just not suited at all to playing A) Up front on his own B) Up front to a team that plays direct football towards him C) Up front without any real consistent supply into the penalty spot (Where he is at his best).

    Basically another player we've gone "yep good goal record" without seeing if they'll suit our style. He will score goals wherever he goes next.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Blanco said:

    So we spend the whole season moaning about how crap our strikers are.... then we replace them with a player that we have not yet seen playing for Boro..... so we moan about him replacing our ineffective strike force 🤷‍♂️ Some supposed fans just love a good moan

    Our strike force is ineffective because we keep pumping horrible long balls for them to try and bring down, hold off 4 defenders, turn, and find someone else to bring into play. They are on an absolute hiding to nothing. Now we're asking a winger to try and do the same job.

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  5. Just now, Whoppy said:

    I don’t think that’s fair, Watmore is a miss in that front 3 and I don’t rate Spence but Johnson is half decent at getting the ball in the box and why not try something different? I bet Bolasie was going all out to impress in training. 

    Mate you can't just whack a winger up front on his own because he's ran about in training. And who is Johnson meant to aim his crosses at? Bolasie? Who has never played centre forward and is now being asked to get on the end of balls ahead of the top of the table's defence, at home?

    It is absolutely shocking mate. I'd love to have pie on my face in a few hours time but this game ends Norwich 3-0 Middlesbrough.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Whoppy said:

    That isn't a boro trait at all though! I don't think we have had that in us since having Hasselbaink, Viduka and Yakubu in attack. 

    It should be, though. This modern day football obsession with keeping things tight and narrow and strangling games is absolute dog. I'm not saying to the extreme of Bielsaball i.e 'literally having no defensive structure at all', but there's got to be something more to the beautiful game than what we see week in week out.

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  7. Imagine playing long-range percentage passes to a team that has Patrick Roberts up top in a front 3. He's 5'6.

    Well, surely the striker is tall, good in the air, can help bring them down? No. Assombalonga is 5'10. Watmore is 5'9.

    What is the actual thinking? Neil says he reads the forums some times. Here you go Neil. Don't answer the TRIPE questions you get off the Gazette next conference. Genuinely answer this. Why are you playing long ball to that front 3?

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  8. If Warnock sticks around next season I'm tuning myself out. There's only so many seasons of this I can take. Monk, Pulis, Woodgate, Warnock... all the same sh***. Our insistence on employing British managers with 0 tactical nous is killing the love of the game for me.

    Warnock is a brilliant man-manager who can squeeze decent performances out of otherwise average players, but his tactical set-up is prehistoric. Truly prehistoric. He plays a percentage game - kick enough balls into the channels and one will drop for us. Man-mark them across the pitch. Basic football that will get you a decent finish in this league (or a promotion, with a good enough squad) but (as his record proves) takes you absolutely nowhere once you come up against a bit of quality in the Prem or upper end of the Championship.

    But then, do I trust Gibson to make the right call? No. Would he go abroad to find a manager from Germany or Spain or Italy who can bring their ideas to the table, or will he go for another guy who has a Teesside accent and can do a nice PowerPoint Presentation?

    Exasperating. Truly an amateur ran football club across the board. Cba.

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  9. Is it just a Boro fan thing to spend hours and hours every transfer window discussing the merits of signing old players, or do other clubs fans do it too? Genuinely curious.

    Is it just because people have heard of those players? Do people not watch any other football?

    The whole wide world of footballers available and we're still on Jordan Jones...?

  10. There's a certain irony in Karanka turning back up to the Riverside and playing a prime-Karanka game of football. We used to do this to teams. Choke the game, give them no chances, control the midfield, score a decently worked goal.

    The halcyon days of Middlesbrough FC having a game-plan. Hate football, me.

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  11. Just now, AnglianRed said:

    Why have a midfield if you're not going to use it?

    Maybe NW thinks of them as a second line of defenders?

    I think it's more likely that NW is a limited manager who plays limited football with limited footballers and gets half-decent results in a league full of limited teams.




    But don't let anyone hear you passing that one on. He gives funny press conferences, don't you know?!

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  12. The problem is not the front 3 (although Wing is terrible), it's that whenever we get the ball the FIRST thought in their minds is to look up and see if they can launch it into the channel for Akpom. That is literally the game plan. The most basic, blunt, brute-force football possible. And it's grim.

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  13. 13 hours ago, wilsoncgp said:

    I honestly thought Wing played alright against Brentford. Some of his passing was superb during the game.

    He had no control over the midfield or tempo of the game at all. Shirked 50/50s, weak in the tackle, slow to track back. He might have the odd good pass in him but he is NOT a central midfielder fit for the modern game.

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