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  1. 2 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    Nope. He’s a young lad who could be a good attacking right back if he’s ever given the chance. He isn’t a wing back or a winger, he doesn’t have the skill for the latter and he gets isolated with the former. Play him at right back and let him get settled there with an attacking player in front of him and you’ll see the best of him. That’s when his pace can be most useful and I think he will be better coming into the attack from deeper positions and getting a head of steam up rather than getting the ball further forward and having to use skill that he doesn’t really have. 

    Mate, if pace made a footballer, I'd have hit the Prem.

    He's quick and that is IT. He does not have the footballing intelligence to play the most demanding role in modern football (attacking full back).

    We're currently playing a back 5 made up of a RB, RB, CB, CM, and CAM. There are 2 LBs on the bench. It's an absolute joke that players like Spence are shoe-horned into this team all the time.

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  2. I hate to be a downer but I really don't think we were impressive at all yesterday. We won the game from a set piece and some very suspect goalkeeping but, yet again, did not create chances consistently at all, against a very poor Barnsley side.

    We still default to hammering the ball up field almost every time. Bettinelli in particular was very guilty of this. Every time he got the ball he basically kicked it back to their keeper.

    The wing-backs didn't get involved enough, and for the first 45 especially we had zero width whatsoever. This 3-5-2 just doesn't work for us. I find it very, very difficult to watch.

    Buzzing to get Roberts back but think he's utterly wasted playing behind the strikers, with no space to run into, and the ball soaring over his head every time.

    Think we are going to be comfortably 16-13th ish come end of the season.

  3. I think anyone suggesting we play a system with 3 central defenders is vastly over-rating our availability at wing back. That system demands a perfect balance or you end up all over the place. It's not easy to play. Our wing-backs do not have the technique or intelligence for it, and putting players like McNair or Howson out there is a total waste.

    We should sign a LB as a priority. We don't have a good one. It could really transform the team.


    At the moment I'd go with something like this. It's not ideal. Coulson isn't solid defensively, and Akpom is definitely not a natural number 10. There's some argument to be made that Akpom goes wide and Tavernier comes in the middle. But I think that's our best bet of organising our defence/midfield.

    McNair is our most creative central midfielder and he should be played there. Morsy can hold and break up play. Dijksteel has come on leaps and bounds and is our best RB option by some distance. Coulson can get forward and overlap Tavernier.

    Unfortunately I fully expect us to carry on playing Johnson and Spence as wing-backs and for us to pump it up to the top 2 in hopes of a lucky bounce. Alas.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, TheJew said:

    Still needing width, creativity and a little pace.

    And repeat.

    You'll be repeating this every year until we hire a competent Director of Football. Any footballing man should be able to take 1 look at this squad and see the holes in it.

    Unfortunately we keep hiring people like Monk, Pulis, Woodgate, and Warnock. Up and down between "young, attacking football" and "experience, pump it into the channels". Except we've ended up pumping it into the channels with all of them anyway. Mental, this club. Absolutely absurd.

  5. Johnson and Spence aren't good enough to play the system. Spence should be nowhere near the first team, was thrown in way too soon and too raw out of desperation because Woodgate's plan boiled down to throw darts at the board until it went well.

    3-5-2 RELIES on the wing-backs. They are VITAL. The single most important position in the system. They provide the width, which ours don't, and hence why we never break teams down. How often do our players get to the by-line and pull the ball back into a dangerous area? Statistically, most goals are scored inside the 6 yard box. How often do we get the ball there in a match?

    It's not rocket science. It has been the same for years. At the moment, we are a hit-and-hope side, and it is 90% because we have no effective wing play.

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  6. Just now, wilsoncgp said:

    Also not gonna lie, if this is him 'giving Coulson a chance', he can get in the *** sea.

    He's playing the lad on the wrong side! Coulson's stuck in that middle ground of not being played consistently at either LB or LW, and now he's being made to play RWB when he's left footed!

    It's absolutely *** barmy. The wing backs are the ONLY width in this formation and he has him cutting inside!

  7. 10 minutes ago, Mfcdanny said:

    A massive disservice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s on 40k a week.

    So it’s ludicrous to have an opinion on a 16 million pound player that’s on 40k a week. Someone that’s been brought in to score goals but hasn’t got over 20 a season since he’s arrived and also never scored over 20 in the championship. And don’t say he doesn’t get chances. There was a video on Twitter half way through last season were he missed a shed load of sitters. A lot of the time he can’t control a 6 yard pass never mind a long punt. That is the problem I have with him. I agree we don’t help at times but he doesn’t either.  

    How exactly is he meant to score 20 goals a season in a team like ours? Is he being fed crosses from our exciting, pacey wingers? Do we create loads of overlaps with our pacey wing backs who can get to the byline for a pull back? If not that, is it our creative midfielders threading immense through balls for him to latch onto?

    We have none of that. We are dire. We have been for years. Mis-managed, defensive, turgid, slow and predictable in the attack. I genuinely don't think there's a striker outside of the top, top players who would have gotten 20 goals a season for us in the last few years.

    Fact is, it isn't just him. We do it to every striker we buy. We broke Jelle Vossen, we broke Jordan Rhodes, Stuani banged 20-odd goals in La Liga after leaving us.

    Direct your anger at the tool who owns the club, not the players who are picking up the pieces.


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  8. I think it's ludicrous to criticise Britt about his time here to be honest.

    Not once have we played to his strengths - for the last 4 years we have consistently reverted to hit-and-hope hoofball regardless of the manager we've had (even saw it against Shrewsbury, to my IMMENSE frustration) and it just isn't his game.

    My abiding memory of watching Britt Assombalonga play for Middlesbrough is watching our defence by-pass the midfield, ping a long ball towards him, and seeing the taller centre back win the header and turnover possession.

    The man has been done an absolute disservice.

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  9. 1 minute ago, davros5000 said:

    Isn't it all linked to Gibson not wanting to do business with player's agents? No wonder players are going elsewhere because if the agent isn't getting a slice of the pie, why would they encourage their player to join the Boro?

    To be honest, if not paying millions of £ - that we don't have - to the agents of bang average Championship plodders is the way things are going to be, I don't mind it too much at all. 

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