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  1. Crooks about 10 minutes behind the pace for the last 2 months. I'd bring a striker on for him at this point.
  2. Absolutely nothing to do with either of them that we keep taking 50 years to move the ball in the final third of the pitch. Too easy to blame strikers. No Boro striker has had consistent service since Bamford in '15.
  3. We are 1 good striker and a fit McGree/Payero away from absolutely *** this league at times. With Bola and Jones out wide, Crooks replaced with McGree, and a striker who can link up play, we will finish top 2 no doubts whatsoever.
  4. There is no excuse for playing a 35 year old centre half and a spent 33 year old defensive full back as your ONLY attacking width in a 3-5-2. No excuse. We were dire for the whole first half because of it. The rest of your point I agree with. We were better when they came on and we didn't deserve to lose. That's why it hurts - over 90 minutes with Bola & Tav out wide, we win that game. Play your best team every game.
  5. All on Wilder that. Wasted the first half with those 2 utter lumps out wide. As soon as he made the subs we dominated the game. If we start with that team, we win. Painful how many chances we missed. Hurts that one.
  6. It's the 2 wing backs not being very good in a system that relies entirely on them for width.
  7. The Football Gods are having an absolute field-day with posts like this...
  8. Maybe QPR took the banana for us? Let's hope so!
  9. I honestly feel better about those 3 games than the Peterborough one. This is a massive Typical Boro banana peel waiting to happen.
  10. Smokedsalmon


    It's the difference in how teams approach playing us at home vs away. Away from home teams know we are fragile under the press + positive atmosphere. They start quickly and get into our faces and, whilst Millwall didn't yesterday, often score an early goal or 2 which puts us under the cosh right from the off. Whilst at home, with our positive atmosphere, teams usually sit off more. We tend to get a grip on the ball and "get into our rhythm" a lot quicker which lets us have more time to dictate play. We are far, far better on the ball than off the ball. We don't have a very effec
  11. I don't think Wilder tells them to play like this, he said last time against Sheffield "you'd think we were a long-ball team". Can you imagine being confident playing it out the back with Joe Lumley behind you in goal? Don't blame them at times.
  12. Whenever a team presses us high, we cannot play through it, and we end up going long to our strikers and immediately losing it. Cut and paste from our last 4-5 away games.
  13. Every time QPR wanted to relieve the pressure, they did. He beat Fry in the air every time. Every time. But I guess it doesn't count if he doesn't score? You can't just say "you've decided to be wrong" as some form of argument. Let's leave this one there. 👍
  14. Carroll was excellent for Reading against us and was the key reason we barely had a sniff for 65 minutes, he held the ball up brilliantly and scored for them. Dykes tortured us at times and, again, won every ball played to him.
  15. It has a lot to do with the lack of balance in our wide areas. So many of our goals lately have come from Jones playing a low cross in from the right to be tapped in. That's a high goal-scoring opportunity area, but he's the only one able to create them. Nothing comes down the left because Taylor is a defensive full back who is past it, not a wing back, so we are incredibly easy to shut down offensively. It is really not easy to score goals against a defensive team. The way we play, passing it across the edge of the box and looking for the perfect pass, is easy to defend against.
  16. Not sure how you can look at this back 5 and think it's ready for a promotion push. There's 1/3 CBs who is an actual CB, and 2 wing backs who are a winger and a defensive full back. We have no aerial presence outside of Crooks, McNair/Dijksteel are awful in the air and Fry, for his size, is not strong enough to match up to big Championship strikers/CBs who frequently give us an absolute hiding (Ostigard, Dykes, to name 2 off the top of my head in recent weeks.) You can look at "one of the best in the Championship" as much as you want but the fact is the worst attack in the league put
  17. Bit of a stretch to say he looks good going forwards, either. Dijksteel, Lumley, Taylor - most important 3 players that need replacing in summer. After that, Howson should be let go, and we need a better CDM to replace him. I'm not even going to comment on the strikers because it's Boro, we could have a front 3 of Henry, Shearer and van Nistelrooy and still somehow fluff every chance.
  18. You have to wonder where that fight and desire was first half. Too often lately we've been starting to games like ***.
  19. He has been excellent lately. I wish he would get the LWB shirt permanently because Taylor honestly may as well not be there.
  20. He has scored 2 goals for us and I think I'm right in saying both were with his feet.
  21. There's so many of them mate. Lumley, Dijksteel, Taylor, JLS, the strikers, the bench... We have a handful of very good players to build around but this is a squad assembled by Pulis, Woodgate & Warnock, not by Wilder, and the fact he's done as well as he has with them is soooo much credit to him.
  22. The squad is nowhere NEAR ready for a promotion push. Imagine this lot in the Prem - look at teams like Brentford & Norwich, who regularly walk this league, and still getting pumped week in week out. It's a big rebuild job needed in Summer and patience is vital until then. Imagine going to a play-off final with Lumley in goal.
  23. The unfortunate reality is that Fry isn't (that) good. He's a decent Championship defender but he's nowhere near the Prem, or even really knocking on the door of top 6. McNair is a good footballer but not really a CB. Should be playing in the midfield and getting forwards. Dijksteel the worst of the 3 and unfortunately not good enough.
  24. All 3 are pretty bad. There's a reason we score so few, and nothing sticks upfront. Sporar the best by a country mile but unfortunately isolated very, very often in games like this.
  25. He's absolutely not a striker and absolutely not good enough for us, but he has a fantastic work rate which is keeping him in the team.
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