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  1. As soon as we revert to "balls into the channels" we look absolutely shocking. We've done it a few times for some reason under Wilder and it always coincides with our worst performances (Blackburn first half strikes me as another where we looked as bad as this). Not 1 bit of play has progressed through the midfield yet. Not strung more than 3 passes together.
  2. Complacent and it's a really really bad midfield 3. Game is always won and lost there and without McGree/Crooks we are seriously limited.
  3. The only shots we seem to rely on Lumley saving are ones straight at him. Randolph used to literally win us points by saving certain goals every other match. I can't remember Lumley making even a half-decent save, genuinely. It's shocking to me that there's so much debate on this forum about whether he's good enough or not. He's one of many Warnock/Woodgate hangovers who will need to be shifted before this team can play as well as Wilder wants them to.
  4. You say that but him coming on when everyone else is tired is honestly when he's at his best. Nowhere near as effective from the start unfortunately.
  5. I'm a huge Wilder fan but he's been so one note with this 3 at the back system. We are getting tortured down the flanks here and should have swapped to a back 4 at half time because we can't cope with Rashford and Sancho.
  6. Think it's just the technical ability of our players being shown up, really. When Wilder came in nobody really knew what to expect from us, but now it's quite clear that our ONLY threat comes down the right. Shut the long ball to Crooks down (he hasn't won a single one all night) and we don't really have much else. He just hasn't got the squad to play how he wants. It'll come.
  7. Why wouldn't he? He came out and slammed the whole team for their attitude after Blackburn. He's been incredibly upfront with everything so far and in fact his last press conference was focused on how he would not spin things and would always be honest with his opinions to the fans. I think if there was a significant issue with JLS Wilder would have, at least, hinted at it. The reality is he just isn't as good we hoped he was, isn't as fit as he should be, and hasn't worked out as a signing.
  8. He's literally said in his press conferences over and over that his decision with JLS wasn't personal and that he had no issue with his attitude.
  9. I think realistically Wilder did not come in to win promotion this year. Obviously, he's always said that's his ambition, and rightly so. But our "plan" will not be "get promoted now". January is a difficult window to do business in and we are not in a position to splash cash willy-nilly. We identified a problem up top and fixed it, and moved on McGree because we could afford it. Summer is the big one. Wilder's always said "2-3 windows" which means by next January he wants to have the team in place. I'd expect significant out-goings in summer to the tune of Spence, possibly one of Fry/Tav
  10. If we can make a combined 30-35m for them 2 then that is very good business and clears us for a big financial push next season. Go for it I say.
  11. He's coaching a team of players who's past 4 managers are Garry Monk, Tony Pulis, Jonathan Woodgate and Neil Warnock. Not one of those 4 has done any technical work with them. I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here, either, it's obvious from the way that they receive the ball, the way they struggle to carry the ball, the weight of the passes. The only valid criticism of Wilder so far is his substitutions (apart from the last game, where he finally got them spot on) and maybe sticking with Connolly who has had a rough start. Otherwise, he is genuinely the biggest breath of fresh air since Ka
  12. We haven't been able to handle the way Coventry have kept the ball and pressed us, so we've ended up going long all the time. Backs to the walls this team reverts to its Warnock-esque ways unfortunately. We just need more technical quality throughout the side to be able to keep the ball better.
  13. I'd love to be proven wrong but I'm 90% certain Wilder goes into games with his subs pretty much planned out. He's not one for changing it mid-game it would seem. I'd expect both strikers to be swapped and then Coburn on for Howson or Dijksteel at some point after.
  14. Other than Jones, we don't have anybody who is very comfortable at receiving the ball and turning. Like, on a basic level, the first touch across our team is so poor. Nobody can drop a shoulder and carry the ball. Some of them are really not suited to Wilder's style of play at all.
  15. This front 2 need pulling immediately. Desperate for a striker who can drop in and link up play here.
  16. The fact this is the 5th(fifth!!!) manager in a row to consider Jonny Howson undroppable because he's a "good pro" who has a northern accent by the way. 🤯
  17. Really poor across the board that. Your game-plan can't be the end every match with 5 strikers up top, or hope Jones puts one on Crooks's head. That midfield needs seriously freshening up. Payero would be so, so good at keeping the ball and I don't get why he doesn't get a chance.
  18. He's shocking. No first touch, no composure, doesn't pick a pass. I'd drive him to Leeds.
  19. We need a technically capable CM to play the deep lying role so we can progress up the pitch. This whole performance is falling apart because Howson is playing that role without being remotely in the game. There are times when he is standing with a Blackburn player between him and the CB with the ball and not moving to create the angle. It's shockingly bad midfield play.
  20. I'm actually raging at that midfield trio. How can not 1 of them seriously be dropping in, picking it up, creating an angle? They're all just staring at the CBs waiting for them to bang it long. Tav/Howson need sending home at half time. Dire.
  21. Jonny Howson the slowest midfielder in world football. Takes that long to do anything he actually goes back in time. 6m Argentine U21 international on the bench so this clown can sit in the hole doing naff all.
  22. I'll go out on a limb here and say Spence will not go on to be world class. I would bite their hand off for 10m.
  23. It would be quite funny if after all this time the whole thing was a secret ploy between Ashley and Gibson for Ashley to get a new football club at a cut price and Gibson to get a nice cash windfall.
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