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  1. Just now, Changing Times said:

    No he didn't mate, seriously, you've obviously made your mind up today but no Dykes didn't torture us at times, that's just not true.  Carroll had a better game for Reading than WBA but hardly bossed it, if you think he is the reason we didn't have a sniff for 65 mins then we're clearly not even close to being on the same page as to what we were watching that day.

    Every time QPR wanted to relieve the pressure, they did. He beat Fry in the air every time. Every time. But I guess it doesn't count if he doesn't score?

    You can't just say "you've decided to be wrong" as some form of argument. Let's leave this one there. 👍

  2. Just now, Changing Times said:

    Yeah, cos we had a bad day today, and the worst attack in the league put three past us.  If I'm not mistaken, the best attack in the league managed one against us, the second best managed zero.  Presumably that counts for something or are we saying that today alone defines this group?

    I could have sworn that we played against Andy Carroll twice recently and I don't remember him dominating the game against Fry?  In fact, he hardly got a look in during midweek.  I also don't remember Dykes doing much of anything down at QPR, when we were comfortably the better side?  Our problem from a defensive point of view in that game was the two lads playing off him, Chair and Willock, and the fact that we allowed them lots of space in front of our own area on occasion.  Fry dealt with Dykes comfortably from what I remember.


    Carroll was excellent for Reading against us and was the key reason we barely had a sniff for 65 minutes, he held the ball up brilliantly and scored for them.

    Dykes tortured us at times and, again, won every ball played to him.

  3. Just now, AnglianRed said:

    That is one of our consistent problems. Too often our players have to try and force their way past, or shoot through defenders, meaning their shots are snatched, or take deflections.

    We fail to create many good shooting opportunities, where our forwards aren't having to do 2 or 3 other things before they take their shots.

    It would take top class strikers to make something of many of the chances we create...and sadly ours are far from that.


    It has a lot to do with the lack of balance in our wide areas. So many of our goals lately have come from Jones playing a low cross in from the right to be tapped in. That's a high goal-scoring opportunity area, but he's the only one able to create them.

    Nothing comes down the left because Taylor is a defensive full back who is past it, not a wing back, so we are incredibly easy to shut down offensively.

    It is really not easy to score goals against a defensive team. The way we play, passing it across the edge of the box and looking for the perfect pass, is easy to defend against.

    Getting balls wide and then into the box at pace, as we see with Jones, and saw when Tavernier when into LWB against West Brom, is horrible to defend against.

    Basically the team is unbalanced as *** and we are desperately in need of sorting it out.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Changing Times said:

    The defence isn't dodgy, it's one of the best in the Championship, although clearly far from perfect.  They had a bad day today though.  It's bizarre that so many people can't seem to differentiate between being bad in one game, and being bad overall.  And every time we have a bad result half of the squad becomes worse than useless again, and players who a game or two ago were fantastic, suddenly aren't even good enough for this level.  Fry apparently isn't even a top 6 Championship defender now.  Absolutely barmy.

    Not sure how you can look at this back 5 and think it's ready for a promotion push. There's 1/3 CBs who is an actual CB, and 2 wing backs who are a winger and a defensive full back.

    We have no aerial presence outside of Crooks, McNair/Dijksteel are awful in the air and Fry, for his size, is not strong enough to match up to big Championship strikers/CBs who frequently give us an absolute hiding (Ostigard, Dykes, to name 2 off the top of my head in recent weeks.)

    You can look at "one of the best in the Championship" as much as you want but the fact is the worst attack in the league put 3 past us today.

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  5. Just now, Aphex_Boro said:

    Dijksteel was woeful in the 2nd half, not sure what's wrong with him. Looks good going forward but is without doubt the weak link in the defensive 3.


    Bit of a stretch to say he looks good going forwards, either.

    Dijksteel, Lumley, Taylor - most important 3 players that need replacing in summer.

    After that, Howson should be let go, and we need a better CDM to replace him.

    I'm not even going to comment on the strikers because it's Boro, we could have a front 3 of Henry, Shearer and van Nistelrooy and still somehow fluff every chance.

  6. Just now, wilsoncgp said:

    The stark contrast in some individual performances today means it's quite easy to pick a MOTM already. This is when he scores an own goal but Tav is far and away the only player who comes out with significant credit.

    He has been excellent lately. I wish he would get the LWB shirt permanently because Taylor honestly may as well not be there.

  7. Just now, Aphex_Boro said:

    If it wasn't for the keeper we are only 1 down and in with a shout of a comeback 

    Its just not good enough 

    There's so many of them mate.

    Lumley, Dijksteel, Taylor, JLS, the strikers, the bench...

    We have a handful of very good players to build around but this is a squad assembled by Pulis, Woodgate & Warnock, not by Wilder, and the fact he's done as well as he has with them is soooo much credit to him.

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  8. Just now, GrimsbyBoro said:

    We defend well when teams play in front of us or lump balls forward but when you get players running at us they pass our defenders with ease. 

    The unfortunate reality is that Fry isn't (that) good. He's a decent Championship defender but he's nowhere near the Prem, or even really knocking on the door of top 6.

    McNair is a good footballer but not really a CB. Should be playing in the midfield and getting forwards.

    Dijksteel the worst of the 3 and unfortunately not good enough.

  9. As soon as we revert to "balls into the channels" we look absolutely shocking. We've done it a few times for some reason under Wilder and it always coincides with our worst performances (Blackburn first half strikes me as another where we looked as bad as this).

    Not 1 bit of play has progressed through the midfield yet. Not strung more than 3 passes together.

  10. 34 minutes ago, TeaCider24 said:

    It's one of those ones where I think a better goalkeeper could have saved them, rather than should have saved them.

    The only shots we seem to rely on Lumley saving are ones straight at him. Randolph used to literally win us points by saving certain goals every other match. I can't remember Lumley making even a half-decent save, genuinely. It's shocking to me that there's so much debate on this forum about whether he's good enough or not. He's one of many Warnock/Woodgate hangovers who will need to be shifted before this team can play as well as Wilder wants them to.

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  11. Just now, Brunners said:

    I have no problem losing. But the manner in which we're losing is where I'm disappointed. We can play better than this.

    The past 3 or 4 games our inability to pass quickly and accurately has just completely disappeared and we are resorting back to kick the ball long to our quick pacey strikers.

    Play football. You're already losing. At least put on a show second half.

    Think it's just the technical ability of our players being shown up, really. When Wilder came in nobody really knew what to expect from us, but now it's quite clear that our ONLY threat comes down the right. Shut the long ball to Crooks down (he hasn't won a single one all night) and we don't really have much else.

    He just hasn't got the squad to play how he wants. It'll come.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, BoroJake said:

    To be fair wilder is hardly going to say he has a poor attitude. We could be stuck with him and want to offload him. The reports said the option to buy was almost and obligation to buy. Who knows what the terms are

    Why wouldn't he? He came out and slammed the whole team for their attitude after Blackburn. He's been incredibly upfront with everything so far and in fact his last press conference was focused on how he would not spin things and would always be honest with his opinions to the fans.

    I think if there was a significant issue with JLS Wilder would have, at least, hinted at it. The reality is he just isn't as good we hoped he was, isn't as fit as he should be, and hasn't worked out as a signing.

  13. 2 hours ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

    JLS arrived overweight and had a poor attitude towards his health and fitness in general which is why Warnock barely played him.

    He threw his toys out of the pram and Wilder isn't happy with his attitude either. Never say never but I think he's pretty much finished and we'll try to move him on.

    He's literally said in his press conferences over and over that his decision with JLS wasn't personal and that he had no issue with his attitude.

  14. 7 minutes ago, GrimsbyBoro said:

    So what’s everyone’s overall opinion on Boro’s transfer window.

    Two strikers in on loan, a CM and a couple of lads for the under 23’s.

    I think we have kicked a couple of issues into the long grass and once again look to have a big summer rebuild on our hands. 

    as for deadline day I just don’t think we got enough or the right ones out) we haven’t weakened the squad really so it’s go as we are.

    I suspect it won’t be quite enough 

    I think realistically Wilder did not come in to win promotion this year. Obviously, he's always said that's his ambition, and rightly so. But our "plan" will not be "get promoted now". January is a difficult window to do business in and we are not in a position to splash cash willy-nilly. We identified a problem up top and fixed it, and moved on McGree because we could afford it.

    Summer is the big one. Wilder's always said "2-3 windows" which means by next January he wants to have the team in place. I'd expect significant out-goings in summer to the tune of Spence, possibly one of Fry/Tav, lots of released players (Howson, Bamba, Peltier) and a lot of incomings.

    I don't think we have a squad capable of achieving top 2 right now. I don't think we would win the play offs this year. I think we will go up next year either 1st or 2nd.

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  15. He's coaching a team of players who's past 4 managers are Garry Monk, Tony Pulis, Jonathan Woodgate and Neil Warnock. Not one of those 4 has done any technical work with them. I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here, either, it's obvious from the way that they receive the ball, the way they struggle to carry the ball, the weight of the passes.

    The only valid criticism of Wilder so far is his substitutions (apart from the last game, where he finally got them spot on) and maybe sticking with Connolly who has had a rough start. Otherwise, he is genuinely the biggest breath of fresh air since Karanka (the last manager we had who did any actual coaching).

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