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  1. Think unfortunately if he doesn't tow the party line, he doesn't get the sort of access he desperately needs to keep the rag going.
  2. Craig Johns on Twitter saying he 100% hasn't walked/isn't being sacked. I don't rate the Gazette as a source of information at all, but I feel like he would have kept quiet if he wasn't sure. Seems like we're stuck with NW.
  3. Didn't we go almost a calendar year with something like 5 wins under Mowbray at some point? We were dreadful by the time he was sacked.
  4. Too much recruitment. Tore up the promotion winning side and lost all the togetherness and team spirit that usually helps propel newly promoted teams on to half-decent seasons. Replacing key players like Adomah, Nugent, Nsue, Leadbitter, Dimi, Ayala (although enforced through injury) was way too much all at once. Especially when some of the signings (Valdes) clearly were just in it for the pay.
  5. Spot on this post. He still needs to go. The only positive difference yesterday was we didn't keep up the bewildering man-marking system for 90 minutes, and even then we still got pulled all over the place a couple of times (If Ndiaye squares that ball instead of banging the post, it's a different game). Watmore scoring a literal 1/100 effort and McNair managing to keep a scuffed hopeful hit on target does not a successful football team make.
  6. Up the blades for me tonight. Big defeat, boos across the Riverside, and get this clown out of the club so we can move forwards.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't think the crowd will turn even if we do lose. There's a significant amount of our fanbase that really chime with Warnock and think he's still the right man. The forum-going, twitter-using section of our fanbase isn't really representative of it as a whole I don't think.
  8. Are we the only fanbase in England that immediately sets its sights on an ex-manager, or an ex-player who has never managed, to take over every time? Or is that a thing everyone does? Get somebody with absolutely no connection to the club, area, or Steve Gibson. I don't want his mate who's "coming to do him a favour" or someone who has a nice thick Teesside accent. I want someone determined to succeed in their own right.
  9. Because they're essentially a blog now that has to completely tow the club's line to get access to press conferences. Ever since that nasty business where they had the journos banned, they've had almost no exclusive information or anything of consequence to say. Unfortunately, it seems like they had to adapt in order to survive.
  10. Scott wasn't the Director of Football at Norwich, he was Head of Recruitment. His job was to identify good players at low prices who would improve the team. He did that successfully. He might agree with Farke's style of play, but he didn't appoint Farke, and who is to say that he would be satisfied with keeping things as they are? There's a reason he has wanted to set out on his own career as a Director of Football. Presumably he has ideas and things he wants to push that he just couldn't as Norwich, as he wasn't in charge.
  11. They hadn't kept a clean sheet yet + had no fit CBs for this game.
  12. In fairness, the worse it goes, the closer we are to being rid of this washed up has-been, so by all means go ahead and bang another 4 Reading.
  13. There are continents sliding apart from each other at a quicker pace than we move the ball in attack.
  14. Painful this. What an advert for Championship football.
  15. If I had to choose, I'd like a German coach from the 2. Bundesliga or something. Otherwise, of those available locally, I think Roy Keane would be a fun punt. Big name, elite mentality, wouldn't let anyone get away with half-hearted performances. Depends if he has the tactical mind to back it up.
  16. We brought in Warnock to save us from inevitable relegation under Woodgate. He was a short-term fire-fighting option, and he was kept on because we had no money to spend during Covid and a safe pair of hands was necessary to steer us away from being relegation candidates. Anyone who thinks Warnock was brought in to mastermind some sort of promotion effort with this group of players is way wide of the mark, in my opinion. He's a caretaker until Scott brings in the next long term plan.
  17. Music to my ears that Scott is able to pull rank on a manager who will be gone at the end of the season (if not sooner).
  18. Personally going to be pouring out a nice glass of red this weekend in celebration that I will never watch Djed Spence kill the momentum in another attack with his trademark run it out wide, try and do a step over, slow the ball down, get doubled up, fall over and lose it. Horrific player who should have been nowhere near our team from the start and we are a much, much better side without him. Cheers!
  19. Something like this must be our strongest team now? Just need a LB/CB cover like Bryan in on a free. All we need is for them to stop playing low percentage balls into the channels and play through that midfield pairing and we might start to look like a team. Lots of ifs and maybes, but cause for optimism.
  20. You say he was good at breaking up play but his last action in a Boro shirt was getting sent off. He always tried too hard to be a bully. The master of the cynical foul was Adam Clayton - knew how to stop counters and attacks without going too far. Morsy just kicked everyone and left his foot in constantly.
  21. IN: Sporar and Siliki OUT: Wood, Walker, (probably) Morsy
  22. Digard was definitely a better player than Cattermole, he was just injured all the time. Went on to have a half-decent career in France.
  23. Defensive midfield players who run about, kick people, and give away stupid fouls all the time are dime a dozen. He's not quick, athletic, creative, or a goal threat. Good to get rid for some cash and replace him with more technical quality.
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