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  1. 4 hours ago, Hicktonpen10 said:

    Thank you that was exactly my point.  No criticism of Payero intended whatsoever but cannot agree with shifting Tav to accommodate him.

    I'd happily see Tav dropped to be honest. Think he's easily the weak link in the midfield at the minute. Runs about a lot, sure, has good energy, but in terms of actually contributing to attacking moves he's so far behind Crooks. Payero a better player and will show it when he gets his chance imo.

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  2. I'd drop Tav, personally. Needs to learn to earn his place.

    His decision making has been really poor for weeks now. Constantly cutting into his left and shooting as if he's prime Robben, but not sure a single one has gone on target so far.

    He's clearly very talented but you can see why Wilder said some people are playing for themselves. Tav doesn't play within the system - he just picks the ball up where he fancies, and tries to run/have a crack.

    We are desperate for Payero to come back and pull the strings in midfield in this side.

    Also, to even think about questioning Wilder after 2 matches is beyond ludicrous. He didn't win any of his first 4 for Sheffield United and then walked the league with 100+ points. He's not been brought in to immediately get us promoted. He's been brought in to provide a long term vision for the club, that has been desperately needed for years. Any Boro fan demanding that he walk in and we suddenly win all our matches needs binning out the ground.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Rioch's Braves said:

    I was happy with the appointment of Wilder but it will be a tough ask for him to get us into the play offs with this current squad. When Wilder brings some of his own players in it will give us more of an idea on what style of football he'll be looking to play.  While I think we'll miss out on  the play offs, I'd be happy with a strong finish to the season, then build the squad in the summer for a next season promotion push.

    With regard to the squad it doesn't help the manager when he has 2 CB's Fry and Hall that seem to spend a hell of a lot of time on the treatment table over a season, we might as well have Nathan Wood back.

    We're nowhere near ready for promotion anyway. It would be a nice payday, but competitively, we'd get utterly twonked week in week out in the Prem with this squad, even with a summer of additions.

    I'm happy to give Wilder the rest of the season + judge him properly next season when he's had a couple windows to put together a better squad and get his point across.

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  4. Just now, Brunners said:

    Honestly for 80% of that game I was thoroughly enjoying what I was seeing. We were excellent.

    Yet again, we're done by not being able to finish off chances and not scoring the killer 2nd and 3rd goals and we definitely had the chances to do so. 

    Again what has undone us is two moments of school boy defending, but that's been a problem all season, so Wilder has a hell of a job to fix that.

    The back 5 is honestly League Two standard, throwing the keeper in there too. Bamba and Peltier should be nowhere near the side (if they weren't Warnock's mates, they wouldn't be). Bola and Jones as wing backs is always going to leave us a bit exposed, even though I did think Jones had a great game. Paddy is a midfielder for me and always will be. 

    Wilder will have a class team this time next year. Just write the season off, because he's not a miracle worker, and unless we get some proper footballers in January I can't see him improving some of the utter tripe in this side. They're unfit, constantly injured, and lack composure. Patience is the name of the game here.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Smogzilla said:

    Agreed. Hopefully this statement is a signal of his intent. 


    Wilder's attitude compared to Warnock is honestly night and day. Warnock couldn't wait to play us down, to take any pressure off himself having to succeed. Any excuse for mediocrity was lapped up ASAP.

    None of that from Wilder. He's here to win. Feels like a man with a plan. I'm so happy I don't have to sit through another limp-****** interview from Warnock. Up The Wilder.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Brunners said:

    Press seem to believe he has a recall clause.

    Also lets not forget he was one of our better players during a lot of the Woodgate year too, it was only toward the end of that and into NW that he lost all confidence.

    In fairness, I could have looked like our best player under NW at times. We were dreadful. It's easy to get caught up in the idea that whoever isn't currently here is the answer to our problems, and I know Forest fans like him, but it's worth remembering the dross they've been through as well, so by comparison he probably does look alright.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Foxtrot Oscar Colin said:

    He won't go with wingbacks at first but he may do in January. I completely disagree about spence he's been one of the best wingbacks in the league playing under a competent manager but I know there's fans at our club who have it in their heads he's *** and that's that now no matter what he does.

    I'm happy to accept Spence might be improving at Forest, but I haven't seen him play, so I can only go on what I know of when he was here, when he looked like a raffle ticket winner. Even if he is getting better, pretty sure the loan contract is until the end of the season, and you can't usually cancel them unless it is mutual.

  8. Why would he go with wing backs when we don't have any in the squad? The full backs in our team have been all over the place since the end of the Friend/Nsue days. We either have good defensive but shocking offensive players (Dijksteel) or good offensive but poor defensive players (Bola) or just poor at both ends of the pitch players (Spence).

    Unless he decides to convert some of our wingers into wing backs, he won't be playing them. Fully expect some form of 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 for our first game.

  9. I'm incredibly excited that Warnock is gone and we have appointed a proven manager who can hopefully bring some long-term success to the club.

    Warnock's behaviour post-sacking just highlights everything about the man, as @wilsoncgphas just said. Classless, blameless, says what he wants and always assumes he's right. He was given an entire new squad over the course of 3 transfer windows. He got given all his pacey attacking wide-men last season and did nothing with them. He got given his big battering ram striker, a Champions League central midfielder to pair with a Copa Libertadores central midfielder, who he never really got tunes out of. He got given all of his mates as signings to fill his squad out in Peltier, Bamba etc. He even got given his little non-league vanity footballer project in Olusanya.

    He has absolutely no leg to stand on. Of course he's trying to change to narrative from "I signed over 15 players and never got the team above mid table" to "they just didn't give me the 3 I needed for promotion". Giving him another window would have been a disaster.

    Wilder & Alan Knill will bring a clear system and positive football. Give them time. Be patient. It won't happen this season, but next season we might start to see a Boro team that finally goes out and tries to win football matches. Onwards and upwards.

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  10. 1 minute ago, SouthernSmoggie said:

    Hmm not excited about Wilder tbh. Took him a long time to build an (admittedly good) side at Sheff Utd.

    Are we going to be that patient? How long will it take to get the players he needs for that style of play?

    Didn't he take Sheffield straight up after League One? Or was it 2 years? Either way, he had to do a complete rebuild job of that club in League One and was pretty much untouchable there until it all went kaput, as it so often does at every club these days.

  11. 6 hours ago, LinoJo3 said:

    Would anyone take Neil till the end of the season? He does like to play football and has in the past set up some good teams. He’d be gone long before he’s had chance to lose the plot.

    What manager who ISN'T about to approach retirement would agree to join a club for half a season? Really nothing in it for him or us, may as well stick with Warnock.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Hendrie_7 said:

    If the stuff about the bullying of younger players is true though (and I'm not saying it definitely is true) what damage is it doing to them and the morale of the squad?

    Yeah I won't lie mate I'm mostly trying to cheer myself up and look on the bright side, can't really stand him and will personally be partying late into the night once he's gone.

  13. In fairness, and I say this as someone who would literally go out right now and buy myself a 4 pack if Warnock was sacked in the next hour, I can see the logic in not getting rid of him.

    We might have a long-term plan for after he's gone that we can't put into place right now. For all we know, they all want him gone, but the replacement isn't ready to come here yet. There's no point pulling the trigger if it's just going to be giving Leo caretaker charge for ages or something.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Hendrie_7 said:

    It just comes across as being his opinion rather than anything he knows or has heard. 

    I dunno, the fact he's backing it up with an article about how Warnock might be able to save the season suggests he's pretty certain.

  15. Just now, Brunners said:

    He's NWs number one supporter right now too so I think if anyone would have known, it's him. Craig seems nice enough but his defending of NW is getting a bit tiring IMO.

    Think unfortunately if he doesn't tow the party line, he doesn't get the sort of access he desperately needs to keep the rag going.

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  16. 1 minute ago, estonpidge said:

    The only manager who I felt had raw deal here was Mogga, no money, no recruitment dept and as soon as we balanced the books even slightly he was gone.


    Didn't we go almost a calendar year with something like 5 wins under Mowbray at some point? We were dreadful by the time he was sacked.

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  17. Just now, TheHolgate said:

    And horrendous recruitment. 

    Too much recruitment. Tore up the promotion winning side and lost all the togetherness and team spirit that usually helps propel newly promoted teams on to half-decent seasons.

    Replacing key players like Adomah, Nugent, Nsue, Leadbitter, Dimi, Ayala (although enforced through injury) was way too much all at once. Especially when some of the signings (Valdes) clearly were just in it for the pay.

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  18. 18 minutes ago, Changing Times said:

    Slightly surprised at how chipper people seem to be after last night.  Not in terms of the result obviously, but the game was much like any other we've had since Warnock has been here.  You'd think after reading some of the comments post match that we'd played much better or differently when really it was largely the same, and against a mediocre opponent.

    We created nothing at all really.  We scored from two good strikes but did nothing else throughout the game.  If you can hit those types of finishes every game then great but that's unlikely to happen so we're still stuck with the same issue of creating good chances.  The players worked hard to be fair, they looked like a team with their backs against the wall who knew they needed a big performance.  Well, that's great but it needs to happen every week.  The team that played last night is the bulk of the team that lost at Coventry for example.

    Last night just reminded me of a game like Millwall at home last season, where we got off to a fast start and got into the lead early on.  It's what the Blackpool game this season could have been if we'd managed to score from 25 yards and go 2-0 up before half time as we did last night.  Our pressing was the same as always, in fact after the second goal it dropped off I thought, same as it does in every match as it goes on.  The two goals combined with how bad they are as an attacking side gave us what we needed to hold on to.  Just a word on Sheff Utd, they're actually a worse attacking side than we are.  Their shooting last night was abysmal, some wild shots from distance.  Looking at their record this season they've scored 13 goals in 10 games, but six of those were in one game against Peterborough so that leaves 7 in 9.  They've only managed to beat Peterborough, Hull and Derby this season, and the Derby game was a last minute winner after Derby had played with 10 men for over half an hour. 

    Last night was a game that should have been viewed as a nailed on three points for any half decent team.  The positive for us is that we actually got it done this time rather than blowing another opportunity.  However the game itself was largely the same game we've seen for over a year now - pressing, lots of direct passing, not creating much, not really stopping an opposition from moving the ball on us etc.  We just got into a more comfortable lead last night against a team who didn't have much to offer against us really.  When the stars align we can get results, it's just that we can't get them aligned often enough.  We've got a run of 6 games now against teams below us where we should be viewed as favourites.  In fact we've basically got only one really difficult game between now and the middle of December, and that's against West Brom.  The only other team we play ahead of us during that time is Huddersfield and they look hit and miss at the moment.  That's about as good a run of games as you could hope for, and is a great opportunity to get into the top 6 before Xmas.

    Spot on this post.

    He still needs to go. The only positive difference yesterday was we didn't keep up the bewildering man-marking system for 90 minutes, and even then we still got pulled all over the place a couple of times (If Ndiaye squares that ball instead of banging the post, it's a different game).

    Watmore scoring a literal 1/100 effort and McNair managing to keep a scuffed hopeful hit on target does not a successful football team make.

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  19. 5 hours ago, Erimus 63 said:

    Win or lose, the crowds reaction will probably be the most interesting feature of  Warnock's debacle. So it's got a draw written all over it.


    Unfortunately, I don't think the crowd will turn even if we do lose. There's a significant amount of our fanbase that really chime with Warnock and think he's still the right man. The forum-going, twitter-using section of our fanbase isn't really representative of it as a whole I don't think.

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