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  1. Personally going to be pouring out a nice glass of red this weekend in celebration that I will never watch Djed Spence kill the momentum in another attack with his trademark run it out wide, try and do a step over, slow the ball down, get doubled up, fall over and lose it.

    Horrific player who should have been nowhere near our team from the start and we are a much, much better side without him.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, ManBearPig said:

    I’ll miss Morsy for his ability to break play up and was one of those players who you need to *** house occasionally.  He’s not flashy, forward thinking or a catalyst for attacks, but sometimes you just need to have players like that in the championship. 

    Sad to see him leave, but I’d have let him go if it means we get JLS in. A bit of quality and composure on the ball is needed and from what I’ve seen JLS is better than Morsy so it makes sense. 

    Im interested to see how Warnock will now utilise this squad. Surely Howson’s days as a regular starter are looking slim? 

    You say he was good at breaking up play but his last action in a Boro shirt was getting sent off.

    He always tried too hard to be a bully. The master of the cynical foul was Adam Clayton - knew how to stop counters and attacks without going too far. Morsy just kicked everyone and left his foot in constantly.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Smogzilla said:

    It's been quite a departure from Micheal Smith et al only a couple of months ago.

    I'm quietly confident that we agreed the Scott deal mid-way through the transfer window and he's taken 1 look at Warnock's planned window and said "yeah no ta lads".

    Warnock at first was getting exactly what he wanted - Lumley, Ikpeazu, Crooks et al.

    Then all of a sudden we've gone in for all these random Europeans and South Americans and he has hardly seemed delighted by it.

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  4. Just now, El Guapo said:

    I realise we have this long term plan being put in place (Scott DoF) route and it is a positive for me. However surely that has a bigger chance of getting off to a flier next season if we are promoted this season…? So why do we not give NW the players he trusts and wants on relatively cheap one and 2 year deals and let him do what he does I.e. get clubs promoted? If we get promoted then players we don’t want will likely have suitors to move them on to by dint of the fact they have just been successful with us by being promoted. We will also be in the Prem possibly attracting a better class of manager / head coach applicant and certainly with more chance of attracting lads we want for the longer term project. 

    I don’t see why we seem to want cross the two paths right now and hamper our chances of NW doing his promotion thing. 

    are ye with me?

    We are not good enough to get promoted and there is no point whatsoever in "planning to get promoted" this year, or even the next.

    It took Brentford how many years? They had to replace their front-line about 4 times and went through 2-3 managers before Frank finally did it.

    Even if we did get promoted, bringing in a new manager for their first year in the prem with a whole new squad sounds like an implosion waiting to happen.

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  5. 1 minute ago, wilsoncgp said:

    I think it's the right way to do it but Warnock needs to bite the bullet and accept that this is a season of transition rather than his gung-ho last go at a final promotion in his career crap.

    In my eyes, signing players that Scott presumably would like to have in in the long-term is a good thing to start doing ASAP. But the manager right now needs to accept his role in all this and appreciate that likely means he's not gonna get to do exactly what he wants.

    This is about the club, not him. He can sod off if he sees this any other way.

    You and me both know Warnock isn't interested in leaving the club any better than he found it. He's not a Boro man, he's got no loyalty to any club other than Sheffield United, he's here "to do Steve a favour" and "show him what he can do" and have his final hurrah. He definitely thinks we need him more than he needs us, has had that vibe about him since the start.

  6. Just now, SzilardNemethsCurtains said:

    Who said we could? You are absolutely mad if you dont think Bolasie wasnt our main target out wide

    Surely Bolasie on an expensive 1 year deal whilst Warnock is here is better than trying to sign cheap European guys on half the wages?

    Our transfer window started exactly how I expected. Freebies and cheap relegated players. Ikpeazu, Crooks, Lumley, Peltier. I thought it'd carry on in the same vein.

    Then it was Payero, now we're being linked with random guys all over Europe. It's like we've just totally changed track halfway through the window.

    I'd just love to know what's gone on, really. Did we decide to pull next year's plans forward? When was Scott decided? Was he originally meant to sign after Warnock was gone? Definitely has the feeling that something somewhere has changed/gone wrong.

  7. 6 minutes ago, wilsoncgp said:

    What happened to the smoke and mirrors that Warnock does for positivity?

    It's pretty clear to me what he meant when he said it's 'nowt to do with me'. He's made this statement on this player because it's not someone he wants. He's made it clear he wants players with Championship experience and Van Bergen doesn't have it, he doesn't want players like him, so how can you possibly read that any other way.

    He's made clear that position and you think that comment is about the intricacies of transfers, in that Warnock doesn't get involved with money. What other deal has he said that on? With Uche? Crooks? I think you'll struggle to find another example because that's absolute rubbish, in my opinion.

    It's very clear not everybody at the club is singing from the same song-sheet. It's such a weird, weird position to be in, as well.

    What's the point in signing players like Payero now, and going for people like van Bergen, when Warnock is so clearly stuck in his 1980s attitude towards football?

    Why not just go ahead and sign Bolasie and Hoilett whilst we could? 

  8. 11 minutes ago, newyddion said:

    from almost being relegated to a top 10 finish? not for you?

    the first 4 games are massively different to the last 4 games!! new players, settled teams, some players resigned to relegation, looking for a new club, fighting for survival, their futures etc.

    do you even go to the games?

    Alright mate, you're right. We've played much better so far. Keeping the ball well, attacking through well drilled rotational patterns, movement, and a nice injection of creativity. We've defended very well, too, keeping some good clean sheets and not giving away silly goals.

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