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  1. Big Big changes are needed next season,, But i cant see much changing. And thats the part that worry's me.
  2. For context over the last 3 seasons sheff Utd spent about 17 million on transfers, in this time they also lost Brooks, Adams and Calvert lewin Since relegation Norwich have spent about 18 million, and also lost Maddison and Murphy Yet Pulis somehow has fans convinced we can’t compete with a squad that he inherited which was worth about 40 million then he was able to spend another 20 million on his players. I agree that it’s tough loosing your best players but Norwich and Sheffield have lost better players than we did. Spent less replacing them and have been promoted whilst we sit 7th be
  3. For me the thing that im dreading is, for how long have we been saying the squad needs this player and that player and we have never really added to it with any real quality. And now im guessing the pot in almost empty and apart from one or two we need a major rebuild. And we dont have a manager that can sort this.
  4. Sorry but we should have maximum points from this game and Saturdays game ,,,, WTF is going on.
  5. The thing is we,ve seen his lack of plan B for ages. As a boro fan the thing that hurts is we are in the PL so lets give it a go ,, yes there are going to be teams that will beat us BUT there are alot of teams we should beat at home. If we get relegated but we gave it all we had then ok we wernt good enough. But what will stick in most boro fans throats is if we got relegated and never gave it a good go. I think the team we have IF played right could finish in a good mid table position. But like i said we have seen this for too long now and unless he changes his game then we will drop out of t
  6. We should beat Birmingham especially what's at stake ,,, but my guts are in knots and I hope that it's not us that wobbles and ends up in the play offs .
  7. was at the game last night and it was absolute rubbish ,, I don't know what others think but god we NEED a good clear out ,,, we need to rebuild this team and fast .
  8. Agree ,,, also Danny Graham wasn't the answer,,, did nothing at Sunderland or Hull ,,, if he had he wouldn't be here . And lets be honest we've been down this road before new manager and a summer rebuild ( that's doesn't happen ) and how long has the issue of lack of goals been going on . Hope im wrong and SG gives him the money to rebuild BUT like I said cant see it .
  9. wow that press conference was very ODD ,,,,,,
  10. Agreed, you'd have to be on another planet to give Venus the job! :D Agree ,, BUT would anybody be surprised if he was or next manager ,,,,
  11. fermtech

    Stop the rot

    Well said that man ,,,
  12. so far this season ive seen nothing to say that things are going to be different ,,, and we all need to remember that the only reason we didn't drop into the relegation fight the last two seasons is that we had two good starts ,,, so my bum is going already about this season .
  13. Nonperforming Manager or TEAM?? Personally I just dont think it is right that players can get away with what they do. Regardless of how they feel about the boss they still should apply themselves 100% in every game and take some pride in the club that pays their salary. well said that man ,,, they got a manager with balls and didn't like it ,,, the tail really does wag the dog in football
  14. Be careful thats an act of treason to some on this site :)
  15. why is it ridiculous ? im not on about a team like we had under robson just a team that compete for promotion ALL season and not till xmas. We spent 20 mill on strachans team. So now have a wage bill twice whats required by the fair play If we try again spend another 20 mill and fail to go up what happens then do we try again the season after. Not that its possible now anyway with fair play. The only way we can spend more on players is if we get bigger crowds to fund it. So its catch 22. Worse football lower crowds have less to spend so lower crowds AGAIN im not on about spend
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