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  1. this is amazing support guys thank you so much!!! this will go far. Cant wait to get the next ideas in place :)
  2. Thanks everyone for all your efforts and support so far!
  3. Beckyboro


    Hi Guys I cant find this on here so I'm posting! Everyone sign the petition! SOS! https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/109039
  4. Thanks for all the support guys! It will go along way! Just a remind too, we have a derby game tonight Vs Norton. Its a 7.30PM KO at Thornaby FC, its only £2 for adults and £1 for kids! All the funds go back into the club to support our kids teams. It will be a great game of football and hopefully we will get another 3 points to remain top of the league!! Please if you can come down and support do so. We would love to see you guys down supporting us on the side lines. I will be around all game to chat and catch up with anyone that comes down as im out injured. So please come say hello. I may even be on the gate so i might be the first face you see :)
  5. No im not in the sky one but think you have just managed to persuade me to have a look into joining it also :)
  6. No way, maybe this year ill try win it! :) Yeh all the lads at work pointed out my rank today! Pretty good going for just doing it for fun!! Maybe i should take up a managerial career :)
  7. first time ive ever played my wildcard and its come off!! Safe to say im happy to be topping all my leagues this week :)
  8. There will be a video instead... Blackpool videoed the game so this should be up on youtube sometime this week.
  9. Thanks for all the donations guys! We proudly sported our new OneBoro away shirt yesterday away to Blackpool and came back with a 3-0 win! Hopefully the first of many in this kit :)
  10. Thanks for everyones contributions so far! Its really appreciated by everyone involved in MFC Ladies!
  11. Think I supported the Boro as soon as I was born. My dad is an massive Boro fan and has been a season ticket holder since the ayresome park days, as well as my older brother, so as soon as i could walk they had me in a Boro kit kicking a ball..... and the rest is history!
  12. im deffos in for an *** kicking this week, emergency wildcard played!
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