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  1. Remember - he's judged for everything he doesn't do, scoring the goal to give us our first win won't cut the mustard with the critics he has.
  2. I've been in the south stand a few times, there's a group of older blokes near the front who moan from start to finish, they were doing it the promotion season - even whined about Red Faction not singing good songs - you've heard nothing like it
  3. There's a video, Dominic Matteo on playing under Pulis - basically saying the players at West Brom forgot how to play their natural way, he blamed Pulus for them going down.
  4. But we weren't a premiership team were we?
  5. It's been about 10 years since we were a prem team to be fair
  6. Yes, it's original, got a lot of twists in it - well worth a look
  7. My Mrs fell asleep half way through the 2nd episode (through tiredness not boredom) and I'm not brave enough to carry on watching without her. We've also been watching "The rook" - have you seen it?
  8. I think he was innocent if I had to make that call - I think his "quirky" personality made it easier to assume his guilt. I know one thing, I'd hate to think that we had their judicial system and I'm not exactly blown away by the one we have.
  9. I've just posted about the boys then scrolled back to see what you are all recommending, I love it.
  10. Is anyone watching "The Boys"? There's an anti super hero thing going on, good actors - it's a Seth Rogan project, dark funny and violent at times - I've watched 2 episodes and I'm hooked.
  11. Bloody hell mate, I'm knackered and that is a lot to take in. So, for me, where I sit and the people around me - that's how I find the Riverside - I'm buzzing that you get a more wholesome experience. I'm "banging on about the Crewe game in the Crewe thread - I thought that was the point of the thread. You seem to have taken this as me defending Gibson, I'm not, far from it - I was just pointing out that I can actually see why he could be fed up with certain fans. As for his daughter - are you really picking me up on grammar, you genuinely thought I meant every fan? So either you're a lot dumber than I thought (which I know you're not) or just being a bit of a knob. That's all I've got - I'm whacked.
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