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  1. Cheers for the info - I haven't been on much or read much so I must have missed it.
  2. It's more of a shame that the club got itself into a situation that meant Pulis was the answer.
  3. I've heard Randolp has fell out with some payers and wants to leave, do you know if there's any truth in that?
  4. I'll go one better, this is what the fans who booed Karanka and Monk out of a job deserve.
  5. Sorry I'll expand, he's the only person who I believe under the current conditions will give everything, if its not enough then the same will happen to him as others before him. He's still an unknown quantity and we will have to wait and see but I can't not get behind him knowing how difficult a job he has, so for me personally if he's giving it his all then I can't ask for more from him, now as for Gibson who is fully responsible for what's going on - he is who I have no confidence in, he is the one questions should be asked of and he is the one the fans should be turning on. Puli
  6. I'm confident that Woodgate is the right man for the job purely on the fact I believe he will give it everything he's got, which is really all we can hope for at the moment. I however, have zero confidence in anyone above him and especially Gibson.
  7. I had the link at the time so I'll have another look. He dropped a cryptic hint about a move in January and someone said it was us and just basically congratulated them.
  8. Funny because I actually remember the "we're not there to survive, we're there to have a right good go" just before season ticket sales when we were promoted and then the poor recruitment followed by the Jan window. When you look at who AK asked for and who he got it wasn't to have a good go. I think he's a liar, he's lied since the day he got on the board. He asked the impossible of two Boro legends in Southgate and Mowbray then hung them out to dry, took all the adulation threw at him while others fell. I remember when he did a two page spread in the news of the world (of
  9. I blame Gibson 100%, like I blamed him for Southgate and Mowbray except he's hamstrung Woodgate even more
  10. Remember - he's judged for everything he doesn't do, scoring the goal to give us our first win won't cut the mustard with the critics he has.
  11. I've been in the south stand a few times, there's a group of older blokes near the front who moan from start to finish, they were doing it the promotion season - even whined about Red Faction not singing good songs - you've heard nothing like it
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