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  1. 3.4% of the population are black. IIRC , at the time we had Powell, Ince, Hughton, Ramsey and I've probably missed one or two. There is a distinct lack of black officials however, but that's probably not sought after tbf.
  2. OT but does anyone think "Director of Football" is a dumb made up position. It's like me saying I'm The captain of Cuddles in my house...
  3. I remember a couple of years back when black ex pros were criticising the lack of black managers in the EPL & EFL and this got a lot of media attention. At the same time though, based on proportional representation of black people in the UK they were actually over represented. On the flip side, if it's a black chairman/owner do white applicants qualify for the Rooney rule? I'm all for equality but equality should be applied equally, otherwise it's not equality at all...
  4. Just been kicked in the gut with DZ update. FML. It may come good, likelihood, is it won't.
  5. Unbelievable how people can say "yes we should have had 2 penalties and yes Leeds should have a red card" and follow it up with BUT as if they're minor events in a game of football. There's no buts about it, the correct decisions are made and we would be sitting pretty at the top of the league. PST, spoiler alert, we won't be playing title challengers away ever week. Shhhhhh, keep that on the DL. And don't get me effing started on the mysterious case of Shottons scrunchie. could of cost us the game if he got hair in his eye.
  6. It just sounds right my way haha. But yes. Faris Haroun. did a job didn't he...
  7. Haris Faroun. Christ. what's he doing now?
  8. Remember how Traore improved under Pulis? Enter la Parra...
  9. The establishment is shutting this down!!
  10. Wallace, Saville, Bolasie, Bryan, Gruic. Can't put Besic, Targett on that list yet. But there's bound to be others I have missed EDIT: Waghorn, Martina
  11. Conspiracy Alert. Is it plausible Gibbo and Pulis at in a room and discussed the need to reduce Transfer fees and Wage bills. They have agreed Pulis will publicly act as though he wants transfers whilst making the recruitment team the scapegoats. Granted, the recruitment team can't be blamed for Bolasie, CAN THEY!!??
  12. Only good news if we keep MB in my opinion. Can't take losing him after the start he has had
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