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  1. Well you have Mejias Blackman Tiendalli Nando Damia Nsue Wildshut Omerou Veljkovic Vossen Foreshaw Kike Husband Who all had little to no impact other than taking up a shirt number. I think there's a chance for forshaw and husband to become first teamers but based on last season they did nothing for boro. Clayton, Bamford, Kalas and Tomlin have proved to be successful and if i am being generous he technically signed Ayala. Not sure where to put fredericks Mejias, the potential is there. Showed his class v mancity. Omerou, was class first season. Fell to a very impressive gibson. Very good cover. Nando, very good leftback and more than adequate replacement/cover. Very good player. Vossesn, to put him on this list is idiotic. Not a goalscorer, but impressive in his ability. Foreshaw, if given the chance would easily be first on the team sheet imo. Husband, has the potential to be a left back for a top ten PL side. Keep at all costs. Kike, bundles of natural talent. Needs a big confidence boost. The others were all predominantly signed as backup anyway so I don't see how this backs up your point about AK's signings.
  2. Heard reports Balotelli on his way to Teesside. Lost out on our number one target in Jonathas. The contingency plans have been put into action. Welcome home Mario. #FreeMarioBalotelli
  3. Balotelli. And this is the reason why I barely comment here anymore. Is this actually a serious post? Why wouldn't be? It's no less applicable than some of the other dross posted on here. And, answer the question please sir.
  4. Can't we pay the loan fee for them and venkys knock it off the Rhodes price? :D What would have happened in Blackburn won the £250k transfer fund that Derby won? :)
  5. Seriously annoyed by that article. He should have stayed at home and put in a days holiday. That input was pitiful. Why wet peoples appetites like that if you have no news? It's a NEWSpaper not a TELLPEOPLEWHATTHEYALREADYKNOWpaper. In other breaking news, Boro on the verge of signing Uruguayan striker Stuani. Anyone heard anything about this? Just a rumour or could this have legs? :dodgy:
  6. Where is this "watershed moment" article that was filed? Feels like I've been waiting for a billion hours for this. Is the editor on his break or something? :dodgy:
  7. Have to disagree with people saying balotelli will ruin the dressing room atmosphere for the following reasons. 1. Players in this division rarely get to play with world name players like Balotelli and players would welcome him with open arms and take his antics with a pinch of salt. 2. Since arriving, I've never seen man management ability like karanka displays. He'd manage the situation brilliantly. 3. Stepping down a division would mellow him out and give him a kick up the jacksy and give him the drive to get back to the top. At 20% of his wages that type of play would be an absolute steal and drive attendances even further. The lads got immense talent. Edit: still don't think we'd have a chance at getting him like.
  8. I slated Sterling for doing this kind of thing with Liverpool to City. But stuff it, I can have double standards for my beloved Boro. Run Rhodes Rum #RhodesRunner :D
  9. It certainly feels like it would be groundbreaking I'm hoping for a seismic shift in the deal, with tremors felt as far away as Pune. It is reported Gibson brought in the Earthquake in to shake things up during transfer negotiations. #Rhodes
  10. Right going to bed. When I wake up I expect to be balls deep in Plato and Rhodes confirmations. Oh and someone keep me posted on how talks with Ramos and Neymar are going. :D
  11. Thank god that bit has been rejected. Learn your lesson Boro, move on and sniff elsewhere with that kind of money.
  12. I am Pro-Stuani, NO DOUBT. :blush:
  13. Looks like Stuani confirmation is imminent? Hope so, been an incredibly slow news day that i actually got so bored i decided to finally sign up :)
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