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  1. keep getting sent to a YouTube survey
  2. Bruce: "common sense has prevailed" Absolutely with thomas - but out 2 second string centre mids on and kuck fick out of lansbury in the same of "common sense" A precedent has been set
  3. Karanka played him all wrong as did agnew. Sitting tight on back the full back is where he should be with a tomlin-esque player knocking through balls for him to run onto or over the top for him to run onto.
  4. Don't worry too much about wages. Incoming wages will replace the outgoing wages. I'm assuming it's £30m on top of any income from sales too. Not a bad position to be in when you've got some very sought after assets
  5. Wouldn't touch pulis after the ruling in his claim against palace
  6. Imagine the egg on the gazettes face if AK Came back?
  7. CF but can olay on either wing. Another stuani ?
  8. GwenStuani

    Next Season

    What odds can you get on boro winning the league and not being promoted pal?
  9. I'm not exactly sure what Ortas job actually was. Does anybody really know? And the Gazette thing on Leo, I wouldn't take the gazette as confirmation on ANYTHING.
  10. Have I missed something? Did Gibson at any point say that recruitement wasn't his fault?
  11. Why would Karanka call Leo to tell him off after leaving the club? Is Leo his submissive?
  12. Would be be happy with jokanovic, Stam, Wagner or AK . Not so much carvahal or monk
  13. The GBH on Clayton appears to have quickly been forgotten. 1 offside goal. 1 incorrect penalty 1 missed sending off V Forshaw avoiding a second yellow? It's an absolute fecking disgrace. Still raging about the media pûssy footing around calling him a cheater.
  14. Getting points wasn't enough. We needed to get the points in the right games. Had we beaten hull we'd have been 1pt behind with a game in hand. Fine margins.
  15. As Agnew will likely play 4-3-3 is like to see Guzan Fabio Gibbo Chambers Friend Clayton Forshaw De roon Bamford left Downing right Negredo. I wouldn't be be overly unhappy if traore starts instead of downing. Edit: or what diggerlad said, whatever...
  16. I can see how it comes across like. I like many want success, but success is so much sweeter when the man in charge celebrates it for the glory not just the money. He had tears when we were promoted against Brighton. Does that look like a man wanting to sell up?
  17. Weird how things come across. I don't even think I've said a bad word about him other than a hypothetical situation where Gibson intentionally runs the club poorly so he can make a profit from the sale. Which I believe people should be unhapp if this happened. In that case im hypothetically critical of him
  18. Whoa whoa whoa. I don't want him gone. Not in the slightest.
  19. All I am saying is it might cost one million a month to prop up the Boro. But in real terms he isn't losing 12 million a year overall. Perhaps he he has already claimed back some of the debt Boro owes to Gibson o Neill as a result of this season in the Premier League? Listen we all know Gibbo loves the Boro. But he is also a businessman and a good one at that. There's no way that overall from his time as Boro chairman, he is going to come out of the club at a loss when he eventually does sell. I would love to see what we could do under Gibbo under good management and a big championship budget.
  20. And he bought us for scraps in the 80's anyway
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