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  1. By ploughing money into a losing entity (the boro) the overall tax Gibson O neill pays on theirs profits is offset against boros loss. For example, bulk makes a ten million annual profit and boro as a whole loses ten million annual, as the the club and the company are the same company, over all the profits are at zero. In summary, Gibson pays less tax due to boros losses, he maintains a saleable asset at losses less to him than the boro accounts show and on top of this he expects boro to pay Back Gibson o neill anyway to the tune of £90M+. He isn't stupid he's not ploughing money in, he's not losing any king of money. It was a loan and a loan he wants back. This is his prerogative as owner. And him selling still sounds dubious. But don't spout all this he's out of pocket and sacrificed millions for the boro, because he's likely getting that back. Do you get your season ticket money back?
  2. He hasn't written them off. He's moved the debt internally. As I said the sale would pay if the £90m owed to Gibson o neill plus £7m on top. He ploughs the money in through his parent club. Hardly out of his own pocket when he's getting it all back. Do the fans get their season ticket money back?
  3. So just to be clear, people are okay with Gibson running the ship poorly in a bid to keep costs as low as he can for himself because he knew it would no longer be his club anymore so wasn't really ar-sed where we ended up so long as he walked away with his company debts paid and a tidy profit. Either it's complete rubbish or we've been conned and there's only been one winner. 20k+ fans out of pocket by £400+ each and he walks away with a £7m payout. To be clear this means over 30 year reign he has made a profit from the fans. If true I will know longer accept the keeping the club afloat argument. Always the fans and always will be. The club, no all clubs no matter the sport is nothing without them
  4. Think that's just the level of our team. If we open up a bit we can't keep teams out. And if we don't commit bodies forward we can't score. We no doubt have a bottom-4 squad. We have scored the same amount, we have conceded far more and Agnew wins half the amount of points karanka did. UTB
  5. Under Agnew our fate is sealed
  6. Okay you win a 0% win rate is more comforting...
  7. It's more comforting having a manager who has a win rate of like 15% in the premier league than one that has a 0% win rate. Especially when agnews games included Swansea, Hull and Burnley. We got 6 points from those under Aitor. And it would have been 7 I'd not for a keeper blunder Agnew got 1. For all AKs misgivings I'd rather have him for our run in. He generally did well in the games that matter, play off season aside.
  8. No gonna lose sleep over that. We need to beat Sunderland anyway. Doesn't change anything.
  9. Two games in hand . If we had AK in charge I'd feel optimistic right now (waiting for pelters) . Great results so far
  10. It's difficult to believe in Agnew without any kind of evidence he can get us to defend and score in the same game. I want to I just can't ... yet
  11. Would love it if he came back (keegan) In all serious I'd love it so much but we'd look a bit daft
  12. Was the performance more similar to Everton at home or West Ham at home?
  13. Still seen no evidence that we even needed a change. We were replicating first half season results blow for blow. We would have stayed up if the trend continued. Gibbo, fans and media got panicky and lost their cool when it was far too soon with April coming up.
  14. It became pretty clear that we intended to play a specific way and when gestede went off it changed everything. It's difficult to play against city with 11 men. Never mine when they have 12. ;)
  15. EPL would just threaten to break off relegation/promotion if the EFL didn't do what they wanted. The premier league always get their own way, just look at the elite player performance programme (I think that's it, could be production instead of performance), wasn't in the interest of football league clubs but they all voted for it under the potential threat of unofficial sanctions from the PL. That threat has less weight without the financial clout of the tv rights deal. How does the EPL make those types of decisions. The league tier system is surely managed by the FA. Do they have the ability to reject promotion and relegation? The 72 would have to agree? I don't know how it works
  16. When their contracts are up, it has sweet FA (pardon the pun) to do with Sky or BT. The EFL would be the ones that would do best out of this imo. They could easily strike a separate subscription from the EPL deal with their 72 clubs and will make more out of this that they probably get from the current to rights deal. EPL will stamp their feet however they are separate brands.
  17. Recruitment has been poor. Tactics have been poor. Individual performances have been poor. Too many mistakes. Poor PR. Lack of clarity from the top dog has been poor. Would anyone see us as a good prospect right now?
  18. Always defended AK and gave him all the time. There's something different today. The first time where it's probably a majority and even the die hards starting to turn. players have to take some of the heat too. Our key players simply have been poor when it's mattered. What happened to that Everton performance? So sad
  19. Scared to come on here and I've not read back through the thread for fear of what I will see. But, what happened to the Everton performance? I know we have a few players out but 3 centre backs is unnecessary against palace. Even with downing at left back we still didn't need three. Traore and Ramirez should be starting together too. And based on gestedes previous two performance he should have been starting too. Dropped for negredo. Criminal.
  20. *****Interesting (maybe) stat klaxon****** After 25 games, on 22 points, we have the same number of points as we did during our 08/09 relegation season.
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