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  1. Nathan Dyer out for the rest of the season. Do Swansea use him regularly? Paul Clement fancies him doesn't he? must be a blow
  2. Don't understand people's beef with the run in. Everybody plays everybody twice
  3. Quality from both teams has been terrible in this second half. How was the first? Same except for the goals?
  4. I'd prefer a draw 2 pts shared is less than 3 points not shared
  5. Ramirez was in the team for our last win against Swansea. I think if him and traore start then we will get something . Everton could be open to countering and with more quality we can pull it off. Optimistic
  6. Guzan would almost certainly get the nod if fit anyway. VV all day for me though.
  7. Maybe we have the highest shots on target in the league but our forwards go under the radar? Haha
  8. Did they even show the negredo chance? No wonder pundits come out and say they worry about us scoring goals. Obviously if they don't show our attempts they won't know we're trying...
  9. I love stats me. My stats say we have the same form as the first half of the season and your stats have us bottom of the league . We will lose against everton. But let's not panic
  10. I believe you are allowed to do so. But im trying to counter negativity with positivity and providing justifications to be positive. I appreciate we are negative. But what's the point is being open if we're going to be worse off? I'm not trying to poke fun. We do all support the same team, I hope.
  11. Do you mean like against Swansea, hull and Sunderland? Our three main relegation rivals which we took three points off? You know what I see your point now... Edit : PS if it's too early for me to be on my statistical high horse it's too early for your opinionated statement to say "we will see where we end up at the end of season" which I'm assuming you believe is relegation?
  12. Swansea fight... Got to etihad and get nothing. We go to etihad and get a point. We are too defensive. AK doesn't know what he is doing we are in free fall he's punched a granny in the chuff KARANKA OUT. Fans. Bloody fans.
  13. Not sure where else this is a appropriate.but early indication shows we will be safe. Of the teams we have played twice these season. We have Leicester - Draw - Draw Watford - Loss - Draw West Ham - Draw - Loss West Brom - Draw - Draw Tottenham - Loss - Loss So far we got 3 points against these teams in the first half. And we got 3 points against them in the second half. We are still on course to stay up if the trend continues. Copy job from my own post on that "other" but wanted a more "balanced" opinion.
  14. No excuses for missing those. No wonder we are leagues lowest scorers
  15. One sided game. One sided commentary. One sided referring. Cannot believe there's no yellow for bringing traore down. We've had very little protection from Spurs' "hounding"
  16. Maybe Aitor should ask the stadium announcer if he can get instructions to Adama when he's on the opposite wing... "Would the owner of a black Mercedes, registration plate 'TR4 ORE' please make his way to a defensive position" I think Traore was knackered in the latter stages of the West brom game, which could be why he looked a bit less effective on the right. 0-0 is my prediction for today I know that was meant as a joke, but fo' real, is that allowed?
  17. My vision of rampant is throwing as many people pushing forward therefore scoring many many goals, like a constant onslaught... leaving room to counter. I now realize you now just mean "Too Good" which is fair enough. My bad.
  18. I like rampant. rampant means gaping holes! If we are strong defensively we have a great chance. All heart though. 2 goals in this at the most. get your money on under 2.5 goals.
  19. Or this result boosts our confidence and drops theirs...
  20. We can pick off Spurs using traore as they push high. Daft but we have a better chance against them than brom. Style of play is suited to the better teams IMO. Sounds daft when you really think about it haha
  21. Ponce usually gave justification or says I've been told etc. The insider just states what he knows and doesn't dress it up. PP is too much of a showman for that surely?
  22. The insider is either AV or one of the other gazette cronies. I'm convinced of this due to the bluntness of how information is posted by him. Wouldn't look too much into it. However if you choose to, it referred to statements. I assume it is therefore AK himself unless it refers to none public statements. Doubtful
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