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  1. To spare or blushes we could consider a Rhodes emergency loan. Otherwise not fair on the lad
  2. So who was first switched on late. ***nal? Ah fk it it's been a long day. Maybe we will wake up and all will be rosy with the boro again...
  3. Only Tottenham could manage to get the second game with a 0-0 draw. MOTD ladies and gentlemen. No bias at all...
  4. Can't believe we have a game the neet! :D
  5. Fee+ ulloa for Ramirez? Ulloa just wants to be playing. Don't know much about him but seems to be sensible option under the Circs.
  6. @GraemeBailey Don't panic Mr Karanka, don't panic Mr Karanka - we have got you a player... Adlene Guedioura. Oh dear. "PR*CK"
  7. Am i the only one who can't make sense of that post about PP? EDIT: read it again slowly and it now makes sense. Kinda
  8. I will say it again. Jese has not done himself any favours with this move. Now clubs know: - he doesn't like France, he doesn't fancy England. - he is a party animal. - he is not worth his price tag and is scared of a challenge. Coming to us would have shown willingness to learn how to settle, that he isn't scared of a challenge. He has complete let himself down and took the easy way out. Where does he think he's going to end up next season? PSG don't want him and I doubt las Palmas could even afford him on permanent.
  9. For me it's not that he's wrong. It's that he shouldn't be saying some of these things in public. He has to motivate the group of players we have and saying he doesn't know if they are good enough is either a deliberate attempt to motivate or a thoughtless answer that could massively backfire Had AK not come out and said these things, the fans would be on his back and his back alone at the lack of in comings and poor results. Now that he has, people are on his back for being truthful. What is the guy supposed to do? Just take the hit regardless?
  10. How would they know what our atmosphere is like? Edit... Also Sunderland have a good atmosphere. Almost wet myself here hHhahahaha
  11. Players are worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. I still feel if we'd have offered 2m to PSG then they would have rejected all of las palmas offers out of hand. I know we had an offer accepted. But there's a difference between being accepted and blowing las palmas out of the running. The power was always with PSG and boro to an extent but we ***ed it
  12. Graeme Bailley is a troll. Abuses his position to do nothing but slate the manager and backroom activities. And as per the last few posts... exaggerates to try and prove a point...
  13. Out of interest. Has PSG, le'equipe confirmed Jesé?
  14. If we don't get 2 AM's in there's no way Ramirez is leaving. Our management are not stupid. Regardless of some peoples opinion.
  15. I will rest in the knowledge that 1) come summer nobody is going to even think about touching jese after this window- and las palmas cannot afford him. Unlucky jese you short sighted moron. 2) we smash 6 past hull in retaliation they wouldn't sell us snodgrass 3) las palmas hit financial trouble after pushing the boat out for someone they couldn't afford from the beginning. Sore much?
  16. We can out bud las palmas offer easily. If we want him enough. Let's say LP are offering 40% of his wages. We should go in offer 1m loan fee and 60/70%. They're obviously strapped. Is it that we are unwilling to push the boat out in this one? Because it seems to me if like we want him we could have him
  17. Disagree... Really strong when needed. Exactly the reason we brought him in
  18. Traore was finally played the way he should be. Ball through the middles behind their full backs for traore to run into. He caused loads of problems when he came on . They resorted to wiping him/blocking him (unfairly I thought but referee gave nothing)
  19. Didn't hear a thing :s Definitely at least a a few grumbles
  20. Patty b having a great game. Could have been been 1/2 up up . They've had loads of free headers/touches in our box. Could easily be losing. Better team though
  21. Snodgrass to West Ham to be completed today? Suckers! Don't they know he has a muscle injury #Naive :D
  22. They have an amazing squad. Still one of the best teams in the world. It's no embarrassment that they don't want/need him. All the noise coming out is that he is un-settled. wonder what he can do if we can settle him?
  23. Just to stoke the fires more. AK had a "scheduled day off" Monday. Busy jetting about/jet lag?
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