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  1. I know this probably doesn't mean much. But has Jese himself said he doesn't want to come? Nothing I have seen has come from the horses mouth and appears to be justified speculation based on history and personality.
  2. Spooked us. really forced us to show our hand
  3. Just thinking logically without knowing anything at all. Wasn't AK at rockliffe on Thursday to do the press conference? Doubt he would have deliberately avoided training if he was already there...
  4. We played well yesterday. We're unlucky we lost concentration on two occasions and Carroll is a beast. That's it. In terms of league position in relation to squad quality, we are right where we should be. AK is doing a good job. Potentially unsatisfactory comments, but a good job none the less. This thread is getting a bit vicious. Take a break for a few hours. Draw a line. We pick ourselves up and go again.
  5. Can i join the 4-2-3-1 club? I think we need to and we need to reset the back 4. We need Fabio RB and chambers in the centre. espinosa belongs on the bench.
  6. Spot on. Actually not spot on at all. You simply can't say that we'd be "lingering in league 1" without Karanka. No one knows. That is absolutely trying to pass some thing off as fact to make a pro Karanka point. NONE of us know where we would have been. We could equally have got an attack minded coach in, and been transformed in to an attack minded / focused side pushing for or promoted to the PL. No one knows. Karanka has done alright for sure. Fair play. But we've now won 4 in 22 now. Are the league's lowest scorers. Are almost certainly the most boring team to watch. If people see fit to moan, then bloody let them. I actually enjoyed the game today, and thought there were some positives, but I think AK was a bit of a div with some of his comments. I get the fact that the overly positive super fans are probably so, in order to counter the overly negative... but the superior lectures all the time, and cry baby *** is *** annoying. Does this not apply to Karanka then? He saw fit to moan and did so. For what it's worth, I don't agree with his comments but I don't fully disagree with his comments. There were moans and groans from the crowd. His comments were fine. People here give it but can't take it it seems. This. This a thousand times this. Superiority complex comes to mind. No body is bigger than the club, not even the fans
  7. Having read the comments I'm not to fussed if i'm honest. Think it roughly translates as "please show me some loyalty". Without him - he is right, we would be lingering in league one. Probably still shouldn't have said it - not that it makes anything he said wrong. I think i am more upset with the local RAG coming out with "AITOR SLAMS FANS". Did he? or did he slightly criticise them for this one match (out for 150+ he has managed)? What's that? Boro fans criticise the team daily yet are criticised once themselves they go home to their message boards crying and sobbing claiming foul and uncalled for. :s Big babies, grow up ya fannies :D
  8. The tried to take a picture of him but he just couldnt get into the right position at the time. Apparently he is so quick speed cameras can't quite catch him
  9. Will Bam Bam start ahead of Neg Neg?
  10. here goes Will - Mr " All I Do is Derail " De-railing everything again. :dodgy:
  11. This is taking the Mick now. The deal has been supposedly done since Monday. On Bojan, are stoke anywhere near sealing replacement?
  12. This Bamford has dragged on worse than the Rhodes thing IMO. The reason this is worse, is because we've known for days that it IS going to happen. Why the DELAY BORO!? Rhodes was a bit more will he won't he.
  13. I can't remember a time where our team has been more valuable. With the potential fees being banded around for Gibbon and the teams being linked with other Traore, Ramirez, Rhodes. Things are Rosy for us right now.
  14. If we are shrewd enough, we will put a buy back clause in Traore's transfer. The big boys do it. We should too.
  15. Getting really impatient with the incomings now.
  16. Reports saying Malaury Martin has joined Hearts. Remember him! HAHAHA
  17. Almost 1 in 2 goal scoring record in CM. Think he would be a good squad player.
  18. This. Thanks, If we can generalize it as unhappy and wants to move for personal reasons that is fine. Without this, we are a fine lien away from being gossips rather than fan forum posters.
  19. That stupid tinpot paper who make you pay to read stuff we have read for days, free, elsewhere. God damnit. :dodgy:
  20. £10m! F-ME. Never understood peoples psuedo hatred of FMTTM. There's many posters on here who have been very wrong too. Rumours are rumours, I'll take any info I can get right now, makes it a little more exciting sniffing out the rats doncha think?
  21. Bamford deal carries very little to no risk at all. AK is well aware of his capabilities, we will be buying him at a snip, young enough to move on should we need to. And if...IF we get relegated, we know what he can do at championship level in AK's system. What are you guys worrying about?
  22. I'm all for selling Gaston IF and ONLY IF we: 1) Get at least £13m for him. 2) we get a decent fee for downing. 3) We get a least £10m for Rhodes 4) we use ALL of the transfer income and saved wages by offloading Nugent, Downing, Ramirez and Rhodes on a player who is PROPER MINT. :D
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