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  1. I get that but they have taken it from another Italian newspaper who have physically printed it :s Also .. why is the agreement in EUROS? Gonna lose a fortune on exchange rates ere Gibbo mate. Don't do it! :D
  2. On Gibson, Call me a romantic but I wouldn't sell him for any price. We all know how good he is. Now the top clubs in England know how good he is. IF this any club had any sort of vision for the future, our aim should be to try and challenge these big clubs. How can we do that if they keep signing all the best English talent? It leaves us with the headache of trying to fill home grown quota with lesser talented English players and spending far more on foreign talent to try and make up for it. Makes no sense... well in the long term it doesn't.
  3. I know which one I'd rather have brought on to.... seal the victory :cool: You couldn't bring on the seal after he'd spent the whole night clubbing though... :D In all seriousness though, that FA cup tie went swimmingly
  4. how the hell did that Seal Pup story manage to get itself on ESPN? http://www.espnfc.co.uk/blog/the-toe-poke/65/post/3036456/seal-pup-turns-up-near-middlesbroughs-riverside-stadium-before-fa-cup-tie
  5. Bloody hell, get a grip man. Can't you tell the reason we only make subs in the 85th minute is because Aitor doesn't have the players he feels he needs to change games? I'm pretty convinced that if Aitor had precisely the squad he wanted, he would make subs sooner. And whilst it says we didn't have quite as successful a summer as we'd hoped, I think that partly comes down to the fact that Aitor will have learnt 10 times as much about the Premier League being in it rather than looking on from below. Crying out to bring on Traore when we've seen now he's really not half as consistent or ef
  6. Why? He'd spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. Can pull a goal out of nowhere on his day. Also not scared to shoot from range. We could do with someone like that.
  7. Sturridge to West Ham? I'd have him like
  8. I honesty think we should try Traore up front. Playing off the last man. The would do the defenders on through balls every single time. Failing that, it would cause united to sit deeper giving us a bit more room in midfield.
  9. We owe Burnley a hiding after battering them for 90 minutes last season only for them, to sucker punch us with that equalizer! Leicester falls into that category too - minus the battering.
  10. Can't open the link at work... Hope it's good!
  11. Some people don't have anymore subscriptions they can sack off. What about them? Some people already live pay cheque to pay cheque. What about them? The TV rights money has increased by over 3000%. Why take even MORE money from their fans? As someone else has already said, £2m does not mean as much to the club as £150 for one fan.
  12. I'm 25 and have never been a season ticket holder. Growing up my family could never afford it. When I could finally afford it I went to Uni and a Season ticket would have been useless to me. Having left Uni I was jobless and broke and therefore couldn't afford one. I then had got a job and a had a child with my partner. Every weekend is therefore devoted to my daughter, up until she is old enough to come to games with me. As a result, I had planned to buy my very first season ticket for the 2019/2020 season along with my daughters very first season ticker. As someone who has never
  13. Never seen so many fans on the side of the pitch waiting for the final whistle as I did today Leo should of put the coach who pushed AK on the floor. Odious chunt. Last laugh and all that
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if the bones in MRS Gwen Stuanis hands have turned to dust after how hard i was squeezing through those last eight minutes. She doesn't even like football and she felt anxious too. Guess what. WE ARE BACK WE ARE BACK WE ARE BACK
  15. Remember last year when we beat Brentford at their place. That Brentford player (can't remember his nobody name) came out and said we only score from set pieces. Only for him to have egg on his face at the Fortress El Riverside after we scored three of the most delightful footballing goals in a beautiful 3-0 win. Let these Brighton fans (only the disrespectful ones) take the place of this Brentford player.
  16. Not seen much for AK or the players about Brighton this week. Seeing a lot of soundbites coming from Hughton and his players about us. I like it this way. Remember what happened at against Brentford last year in the play-offs after their playing was spouting off about us? Let's make sure they have egg on their faces.
  17. So so confident about not losing.# So glad we don't need to win. I think we could possible nick it. But so could Brighton
  18. Best defence in the country was put together on a shoe string. THe attacking quartet? not so much. HOWEVER. I cannot tolerate people constantly bashing us in term,s of FFP. We have seen numerous quotes, numerous articles and numerous promises that we are under FFP. Not to mention when the books came out our losses have dropped SHARPLY. Spending millions on players doesn't effect us in the short term due to the way it's speread out over the players initial contracts. Funny how people are alwasy quick to forget or CHOOSE to ignore this little doozy of a fact. That said. Bright
  19. I really rate Knochaert as a player he has been outstanding for Brighton. Just something tells me Leads and Clayton will be well up for this and there's going to be some tasty challenges. I'm not massively positive we will win. However I feel almost certain we will not lose. Taking into Brightons away record i also believe they won't lose either. It's imperative we beat Birmingham so a draw is enough. I think only conceding 7 (SEVEN!!) goals at home and us only losing 1 (ONE!!) league game in two seasons when Ayala and Gibbo have started together are records which are far superior to
  20. Those Ayala/Gibson partnership statistics are Effing incredible. For this reason, I am happy. "The defensive duo’s statistics so far this term are: P 21, W 14, D 7, L 0. Lost zero." "In fact over the last two seasons, when the pair have started together Boro have lost only ONE regular league game, the crazy 4-3 away at Fulham last April." INSANE.
  21. So Burnley, Boro, Brighton. Who's in the best position to go up and who's shoes would you rather be in? I think us and Brighton are in the best position. No matter what result we get next game it's "still" in our own hands. If Burnley lose they "could" be at the mercy of the result of us and Brighton. For this reason, I am happy
  22. We could demolish, Birmingham, QPR could demolish Burnley, then we could happily lose against Brighton and let them have the champions medal :)
  23. Well one thing is for sure, If we beat Brighton last day we are up - Can't see brighton hammering Derby at the moment. No need to panic. Potentially we might not need another point if Burnley get two heavy defeats! How crazy is this league, I'm far more relaxed after that 0-0 draw than I was after the Burnley result.
  24. well not much has changed. Tight at the top and top three haven't dropped any points. Only difference is Hull are effectively out of the race. Too much to ask for them to catch 2 of the three. It's becoming less likely that 88 points will be enough. Taking into consideration the Brighton/Burnley results have already been accounted for, it still takes a minimum of 93pts to secure an auto spot - OR 92 with superior goal difference. Points to note: - IF Burnley beat us, they need to drop 8 points from 4 games to finish on 87 points. - IF Brighton beat us, we need them to drop 6 poi
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