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  1. Three wins and get at least a draw against Burnley and we're up imo.
  2. Well. What a night for the Boro and Brighton. Burnley dropping 2 and Hull dropping three, getting a man sent off and losing by four goals. Absolute howler. So the amount of points needed to *GUARANTEE* promotion is now 93. The highest any third place team can now finish is 92. With our GD, if Burnley lose one more game and we beat Burnley. 90pts would take us up for sure. But realistically, it won't take that many points and we are getting closer to the magical 88 points people speak of. With 7 games and 21 points available, we need another 12 to hit this figure. 4 wins or 3 wins and 3
  3. So after a weekend of games, Brighton could only manage a draw with Burnley, we beat QPR and Hull ran out convincing winners against Bristol City. SO nothing has changed in respect to how many points guarantees promotion. The maximum points any team can achieve is below. At this stage: The most points any third place team can get is 93. 94 guarantees promotion. - Boro – 7 wins guarantees promotion. - Burnley – 6 wins guarantees promotion - Mathematically, even in Brighton win all of their remaining games including against us, they would still need Burnley to beat us. - Hull
  4. There's a few we will finish as champions on there. Its true if we win all 9 we will be champions. The focus was show the minimum points required for promotion and show the difficulty if we were to slip up in any of those games or results went against us. You can say we win all games and we will be promoted. Does anyone seriously bunk we will win all 9?
  5. I know the gazette touched on this but I've worked all 27 possible outcomes from the three big games: Brighton v Burnley Burnley v Boro Boro v Brighton The idea is to remove the scenarios no longer possible and reduce the total points each top 4 team can amass after each game the top 4 plays It's a lot of information to take in but after Burnley play Brighton 18 scenarios will be deleted. I think the variations show just how important the results of these three games are. Scenario 20 needs to be avoided at all costs! Ready for information over load? So... The brackets show
  6. Dysche has everybody believing his lies. He probably believes it himself.
  7. Edited: Based on my (probably incorrect calculations) 87 points with a better goal difference guarantees promotion. Add 1 point in to guarantee promotion without goal difference- 88 points. So for us this means we need 20 : win 7, draw 0, lose 3 Win 6, draw 2, lose 2 Win 5, draw 5, draw 0 For Brighton need 19 (one less game) Win 7, draw 0, lose 2 Win 6 draw 1, lose 1 Win 5, draw 4, lose 0 For Burnley need 13 (one less game) Win 5, draw 0, lose 4 Win 4, draw 1, lose 4 Win 3, draw 4, lose 1 Win 2, draw 7, lose 0 For hull , 21 needed: Win 7, draw 0, lose 3 Win 6, draw 3
  8. So basically, 9 wins out of 10 games? You made that sound so difficult... We just need to wint the right games. Top 4 teams play against each other Boro v Hull Brighton v Burnley Burnley v Boro Boro v Brighton In my opinion, if Burnley beat Brighton and we win all three + our game in hand we're up with a smaller points tally needed. If that DOES happen Burnley will be up and we will be second UNLESS: Hull will have to make up 4 points from their other remaining games and bettering our goal difference. Brighton will have to make up 5 points + goal difference from th
  9. I want nothing more than this to to come true
  10. Just been mentioned in the atletico v psv game for the shootout. Feel like we're benchmark when it comes to penalties now :D
  11. Got my fingers, toes and nipples crossed that we'll still be in the top two by the end of tonight. Could you imagine how ridiculous that would be? :D
  12. The problem is not just the result, they're running rings round us
  13. We seem like we are aiming to give it away at any possible opportunity
  14. When did we start playing hoof- ball? We used to play patient football. That's been lost of late
  15. Thanks, got my daft quid on this . Got good odds on bet365 10/1
  16. If karanka come back in charge and the players can't be ***d because of it, hey all ought to be sacked for unprofessional behaviour, investigated and fined if it becomes obvious and noticeable. They are paid professionals. They cannot just choose who they will be professional for. They are paid by the club , not karanka. They should therefore play for the club, not karanka and play for its fans. It's an absolute disgrace the disrespect given to paying fans "IF" it is true that and players have this attitude.
  17. Sorry. I couldn't for the life of me figure out who BG was and bear grills Kept popping into my head. Obvious now I know
  18. Just read this mornings story on the rest of AKs press conference. He pulled no punches on downing stating "everyone is expecting more" and basically told Bernie to go flock himself. I love it. Absolute brutal manager and full of the truth. I'll miss him greatly if he goes. So refreshing to see a manager take no poo. Edit: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aitor-karanka-downing-slaven-more-11030661
  19. the club obviously will know the full extent of whats been going on/gone on. they are siding with the team and you think they are a joke? :D :D come on apex you cant call the club a joke when you dont have a clue whats happened. i understand why everyone would be a bit upset and confused atm but the club will make the right/best decision for the club. taking sides its silly really, i side with the club if they think AK is done i'm happy with that. its not like he's our fergie is it. hes been here a couple of years and have some success. he successfully turned the club in the right di
  20. Would be nice for some players to come out and say they stand by the manager no matter what and praise the job he is doing/has done. Club have likely issued a warning to players speaking out about it though
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