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  1. im sure its a load of bull, but people will get anxious now I think,lol.i think its too far down the line, its their end saying the deal is done, even Warnock said yesterday small financial details to sort out saying it should be done this coming week.have faith
  2. Its gettin g REALLY boring people going on about mpanzu. Give it a rest please the people involved
  3. not bothered at all to be honest either way with him
  4. If we are guessing. I will go for tuesday😂😂
  5. oh good, never seen that mentioned, where was that stated?
  6. I wonder if the Boro are keeping tight lipped in case we can't get a work permit for him, but they've leaked it on their side?its a weird one isn't it.
  7. this lad has been playing first team football for a while and getting rave reviews, so that'll do for me
  8. all things seem to be pointing in something in it, which is brilliant of course😀😀
  9. thanx John ,much appreciated,,,,any idea which tv station m8,thanx
  10. thanx for the link m8,much appreciated
  11. he suits warlocks style so I'm prepared to give the bloke a chance,wasnt overly fussed on whatmore initially either, so a lesson to be learnt!!!!!give the bloke a chance
  12. to be honest most of what you hear on here and other forums is 99 percent bull, people just wanting people to believe they are in the know
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