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  1. he was a decent wholehearted player,ill give him that,but we basically have brought in someone in his position who is probs a better all round player,good luck to the lad
  2. and weve got marcus browne to come back in when hes fit,was starting to look a decent player before getting crocked,squad is really got a lot stronger!!!!!
  3. same here devkwat,and we have payero,when hes up and running as well,we are looking to have a really good squad
  4. have to say,we are really going for it!!!!!!,very immpressive!!!
  5. think most of the possitivity regarding siliki is coming from the french side,which is possitive,time will tell
  6. didnt realise he was 25 m8,thats suprised me,either way he looks a decent player,will be pleased if we can get him,very pleased
  7. just been watching mcgraths youtube videos and have to admit,he looks a really promising player,at least one for the future,if not now
  8. one thing i must say,we have brought in more QUALITY than i thought we we would have,thats reasuring
  9. no reason brunners to be honest,i,like most people set our sights to high,lol,either way i genuinley feel we have more than enough to make the playoffs
  10. your right brunners. hopefully 2 or 3 more will come in hopefully m8,either way i will be satisfied
  11. im getting the feeling,despite all the early links/optimism,sporar might be it,hopefully not.either way,weve had a decent transfer window,whatever happens
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