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  1. would not pay more than a million for him
  2. Think we are waiting until all the decent ones are gone tjen we gonna get whos left😂😂😂😂
  3. id narrow that down to didjksteel and crooks,we will see soon enough
  4. sporor is not doing much,below par,balogun on 2nd half if no improvement
  5. think ive managed to do it southernsmoggie,thankyou,utb!!!
  6. im in mexico,can i buy the game from the mfc website today?i have a vpn,but it shouldnt need to be on really should it if im out of the country,thanx guys
  7. straight swap?????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dream on
  8. people dont know the REAL financial details,and i cant understand why anyone would be concerned to be honest,gibbo has proven he wont overstretch himself these days,if he didnt go for these so called better players,theyd say he was lacking in ambition,onwards and upwards,utb!!!!!
  9. first of all i dont believe for a second we will be paying anywhere near 40k a week ,more a fool who would believe that!!!!!!,,some people seem to think its coming out of their personel money,he really is trying to give wilder as much chance as possible ,i for one are glad thats the case.onwards and upwards boro
  10. he does seem a very energetic type of playerthat probs would suit our team but he hasnt been fully fit or swanning off to international games are not helping his cause.dont think we will have the option to send him back either
  11. i really think this is all made up info regarding mcgree,time will tell i suppose,but im not expecting him anytime soon🤣🤣
  12. lookin g forward to see who comes in and goes out,either way,im full of optimism for remaining part of the season
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