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  1. im thinking id sooner have rudy on than the waste of space assombalonga
  2. woodgates quotes this morn in media expects howson to be here next season and we are really,really close for pears and spence contract extentions,which is really good.
  3. 99 percent of the stuff on here is just rumour,every now and again someone will hit the jackpot😁still hope we can bring a player or 2 in like.
  4. if it was only that easy,lol,heres hoping anyway
  5. time will tell,personally dont think it will,heres hoping tho
  6. Gibbo wont becoming back any time soon. Would like him to tho
  7. time will telly,hopefully youll be proved right m8
  8. Wasnt suggesting you were telling porkies tudders Just dont believe it with the amount of wages he would be on
  9. We wont be getting ben gibson im sure. People shouldnt believe every rumour. Would like it though lol
  10. im quite sure he will be here at the end of the window ,are you?
  11. will be suprised if we managed to get 8 million for him,really,imho like
  12. cant imagine it will be anything of any great note,if it was a scoop by gazette,i think they would have said so straight away
  13. if clarke came in that would be a very good upgrde,quality wise!!!!,if only
  14. was meant in jest regarding fmttm😀,,,,hope we do get him like!!!!!
  15. amazing what difference a week makes,two very tough away games in west brom and preston ,i was hoping for 2 draws,and had to settle for 6 poitns,lol,,really looking forward to the rest of the season,it really starts now,so pleased for woody and the coaching staff,its taken a while but we are deffo going in the right direction now,well done lads
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