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  1. Yes tremendous work, nice to get the updates quickly it will encourage more to take part
  2. Carry on next season Youngy, this is the best it's ever been. Brilliant job.
  3. Moses is on 50K a week.....
  4. Thanks Youngy, please join, it's good fun and adds a bit to the euros, meaningless matches become more interesting.
  5. How do you mark as read? Can't see that option now?
  6. This really is a MUST WIN game,if ever there was one
  7. Congratulations, let's make it a double celebration for you
  8. A Barnsley v Norwich H Blackburn v Birmingham H Bournemouth v Stoke A Bristol City v Brentford H Cardiff v Rotherham H Coventry v Millwall H Derby v Sheffield Wed H Middlesbrough v Wycombe H Nottingham v Preston H QPR v Luton H Reading v Huddersfield H Watford v Swansea
  9. H Birmingham v Cardiff H Brentford v Watford H Huddersfield v Coventry A Luton v Middlesbrough D Millwall v Bristol City H Norwich v Reading D Preston v Barnsley H Rotherham v Blackburn H Sheffield Wed v Nottingham H Stoke v QPR H Swansea v Derby A Wycombe v Bournemouth
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