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  1. Thanks guys helpful information. No interest in Clayton?
  2. So what's going on then........ITK's please can you give some clarity to the rumours? Potential 'ins' Potential 'outs' Much appreciated, eleven days to go, any surprises for us boys? High earner's leaving? Clayton, Gestede, Shotton? Lots of questions but who knows the answers?
  3. Shotton is this summer I believe, same as Gestede
  4. Do you think Shotton will be moved on SDS?
  5. One thing is for certain we need Pears,Tav, Roberts and Coulson back in the team, we need that pace and energy these players bring.
  6. Absolutely awful first half from us I'm afraid. Goalkeeper is unfortunately not up to the required standard.
  7. I have absolutely nothing against Randolph, he is an outstanding keeper but we are on the verge of building in my opinion something special. We have a togetherness and collective spirit, I don't believe he should walk straightback into the team.
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