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  1. Most strange signing in our history
  2. Looks good Youngy, almost Sky Sports like....
  3. Great news, at last some balance to the team
  4. So is the Wolves lad happening Digger?
  5. Say ten new players needed, anyone brave enough to put ten names down and see how many actually happen?
  6. Put it in the main forum Youngy, might get more attention
  7. I'm in, thanks for running it again, great job
  8. I'm in with you running it so professionally Youngy
  9. No bottle, no desire, no fight, simply an awful performance, we deserve better lack of bottle in big games
  10. Just like to thank Youngy for the tremendous work on the Predictions League this season, it's being so much fun and so well put together. I for one hope Youngy you continue next season, it adds alot to this Forum, things wouldn't be the same without it. Great work buddy, thanks again, great IT skills, very professionally done, first class job. THANK YOU
  11. H QPR v Sheffield United H Barnsley v Preston D Blackburn v Bournemouth H Blackpool v Derby H Bristol City v Hull H Cardiff v Birmingham H Coventry v Huddersfield H Middlesbrough v Stoke H Millwall v Peterborough H Nottingham Forest v Swansea D Reading v West Brom H Fulham v Luton
  12. H Huddersfield v Barnsley H Luton v Blackpool D Birmingham v Millwall H Bournemouth v Fulham H Derby v Bristol City H Hull v Reading A Peterborough v Nottingham Forest H Sheffield United v Cardiff H Stoke v QPR A Swansea v Middlesbrough H West Brom v Coventry H Preston v Blackburn
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