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  1. Just on a side note, going back to the appointment of Woodgate, all the talk about the 'interview' process, the ex Fulham Manager etc., if we are as 'skint' as we seem to be was this actual fact or fiction? Why would we even go down that route in the knowledge we couldn't deliver the transfer budget necessary? was it simply a PR exercise to appease the fans?
  2. C'mon Boro, can Woodgate get his first win and calm the nerves?
  3. A Crewe v Aston Villa. H Leeds v Stoke. H N.Forest v Derby. H P.N.E v Hull. A Rochdale v Carlisle. A Oxford v Millwall. H Watford v Coventry. H Fulham v Southampton. A Newport Cty v West Ham A Crawley Twn v Norwich
  4. Great predictions SD, unlucky, thought I had you though.
  5. I was nervous before the season started and nothing seen so far has changed my opinion. Woodgate is naive, possibly not brave enough to stick to his philosophy. Where is the leadership on the pitch? We are awful.
  6. H Barnsley v Luton. A Blackburn v Cardiff. D Charlton v Brentford. H Fulham v N.Forest. H Huddersfield v Reading. H Hull v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbrough v Millwall. (Assombalonga) D Preston NE Sheff:Wed D QPR v Wigan. D Stoke v Leeds
  7. Barnsley v Charlton. D Blackburn v Middlesbrough. A (BRITT.) Brentford v Hull. H Bristol Cty v QPR. H Luton v WBA. A Millwall v Sheff Wed:. A N.Forest v Birmingham. D Stoke v Derby. D Swansea v Preston NE. H Wigan v Leeds. A
  8. Think the table is screwed up a little? points seem out of order?
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