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  1. Would just like to say without Youngy's intervention there would be no predictions league, so a big thank you to him.
  2. Got 14 but the goals scored were pure guesses, got the other ones correct.
  3. A Birmingham v Bristol City H Bournemouth v Barnsley D Cardiff v Watford H Derby v Millwall H Middlesbrough v Stoke H Nottingham v Reading H QPR v Huddersfield H Rotherham v Coventry H Wycombe v Preston A Sheffield Wed v Norwich
  4. H Barnsley v Birmingham H Brentford v Rotherham H Bristol City v QPR A Coventry v Derby H Millwall v Blackburn H Norwich v Luton H Preston v Bournemouth H Reading v Sheffield Wed H Stoke v Wycombe A Swansea v Middlesbrough
  5. H Cardiff v Derby A Coventry v Middlesbrough H Huddersfield v Birmingham H Millwall v Preston H Nottingham v Luton D Reading v Blackburn H Norwich v Brentford H QPR v Barnsley H Bristol City v Bournemouth H Sheffield Wed v Rotherham H Watford v Wycombe A Stoke v Swansea
  6. Good high scoring draw Blanco,good game,good game as someone used to say.
  7. Barnsley v Millwall H Birmingham v QPR A Blackburn v Coventry H Brentford v Stoke H Luton v Sheffield Wed H Middlesbrough v Cardiff H Preston v Huddersfield H Rotherham v Reading A Swansea v Bristol City H Wycombe v Norwich A
  8. A Atalanta v Real Madrid A B Mönchengladbach v Manchester City H Brentford v Sheffield Wed H Swansea v Coventry H Barnsley v Stoke A Blackburn v Watford H Bournemouth v Cardiff H Preston v QPR
  9. H Athletico Madrid v Chelsea A Lazio v Bayern Munich A Birmingham v Norwich H Derby v Huddersfield H Luton v Millwall H Middlesbrough v Bristol City A Rotherham v Nottingham A Wycombe v Reading
  10. Bristol City v Barnsley H Cardiff v Preston H Huddersfield v Swansea A Millwall v Wycombe H Norwich v Rotherham H Nottingham v Blackburn H QPR v Bournemouth A Reading v Middlesbrough A Sheffield Wed v Birmingham H Stoke v Luton H
  11. A FC Porto v Juventus H Sevilla v Dortmund A Coventry v Norwich H Millwall v Birmingham A QPR v Brentford H Swansea v Nottingham H Barnsley v Blackburn H Bournemouth v Rotherham
  12. H Birmingham v Luton H Cardiff v Coventry A Derby v Middlesbrough H Huddersfield v Wycombe H Norwich v Stoke H Reading v Millwall H Rotherham v QPR A Sheff Wed v Swansea D Watford v Bristol City
  13. Well done,thanks for the update, keeps people interested and wanting to predict. Well done
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