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  1. Get well soon Neil, wasn't Bausor in the stand next to him?
  2. Fry has lost his confidence, injury and transfer unrest taking it's toll on him?
  3. Many changes to the Bournemouth team but still a good Championship side. I have no idea if we can beat them, I doubt it based upon the two game's played so far.
  4. It's all gone ever so quiet, have we exhausted our list already? Friday showed how we need creativity and pace although we have for years to be fair.
  5. Do you know of anyone else close or we are speaking with Digger?
  6. Anything else happening Rico? More incoming anytime soon?
  7. So who do we still have and actively working on? Morsy, Woodrow, Robert's? Anyone else? Assuming Sanogo and Bettinelli are done. RAF, Lurker?
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