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  1. Think I'm second in terms of the year. Old Codger way out in front in 1962;I was 1973 so says Erimus.
  2. Erimus you are the oracle, the fountain of all knowledge Boro!
  3. Has to be the same team for me, let's remember Huddersfield are no WBA
  4. Up to 5th after a poor start to the PL season, looking much more promising now...........some familiar names at the top again.
  5. Can't remember the year maybe Erimus you can. Was a League Cup game ,a night game against Stoke City, we lost 2-1. Early seventies I think.
  6. I'm 58 years old and have supported Boro for over 50 years. During those years there has been some terrible times and some average times but also some amazing times,during those years the passion was always there,looking forward with great anticipation to every single game. However this season and some of last season the anticipation of the game, the feeling of excitement has completely gone, I live away from the area now but manage some games each season but don't really care about going anymore,it fact I get more enjoyment from Fantasy football, Super 6 and the Predictions League than I do from watching my beloved Boro. II feel extremely sad to feel like this, I haven't in the past and not for one moment did I ever think I would. The club is so poorly managed these day's, some of the decisions made and the PR spin are beyond believe, make sure you take a look at Erimus posts they are fantastic and very nostalgic and sum up the real Boro. Unfortunately Woodgate is a train wreck in the making, he doesn't have the authoriky tactical ability or man management skills to be successful in his current role, it's a shame he's been promoted beyond his capabilities, I hope I'm proved wrong but the way things are going well will be in for a sorRyanair period in the clubs history. Well I've depressed myself even more writing this and hope that soon I will be able to feel the passion and excitement again because this is rubbish both the way I currently feel towads the Boro and the current state of play the club find themselves in due to the gross mis management over the past few seasons and like it or not that comes down to one person and onew person only. Apologies for the rant folks,just so utterly disillusioned with the dross we have to watch and the pathetic state the club are in when it could have all been so very different.
  7. Agree MM, it's a load of nonsense! are we inferior to FMTTM?
  8. There is a mark forum as read button you can click on, that does the job
  9. Thanks DS but I don't really understand why we need to be elected in? isn't this a Fans forum and aren't we a fans forum? surely the 'voice' of the fans are in equal measure, why should we be any inferior to any other organization? MFC work is some very mysterious and disappointing ways
  10. A Watford v Bournemouth H Birmingham v Luton. H Huddersfield v Barnsley. A Hull v Derby. A Middlesbrough v Fulham. (Britt) D Millwall v Stoke. H N.Forest v Reading. H P.N.E. v Blackburn.. H W.B.A v Charlton. A Shrewsbury v Sunderland.
  11. Birmingham v Blackburn. H Millwall v Cardiff. A P.N.E. v Leeds. D Q.P.R. v Reading. H Sheff Wed: v Stoke. H Bristol Cty v Charlton. H Derby v Wigan. H Fulham v Luton. H Huddersfield v Middlesbrough. H (NO Boro Scorer) N.Forest v Hull. H
  12. Chelsea v Newcastle. H Barnsley v Swansea. A Brentford v Millwall. H Charlton v Derby. A Hull v Q.P.R. H Leeds v Birmingham. H Luton v Bristol Cty. D Middlesbrough v W.B.A. A (Britt) Reading v P.N.E. A Stoke v Fulham. A
  13. Erimus you will be able to help me. Can you remember the floodlights failing at Ayresome Park,I think it was against Leicester? When was that? I also seem to remember we won the rearranged game 3-0. Thought you might be able to answer above?
  14. A Club Brugge v PSG A Galatasaray v Real Madrid (Benzema) A Olympiakos v Bayern H Tottenham v Red Star (Kane) H Shakhtar v Dinamo Zagreb H Man City v Atalanta (Sterling) H Atletico Madrid v Leverkusen H Juventus v Locomotiv (Ronaldo) A Genk v Liverpool (Mane) H Inter v Dortmund
  15. 8 point predictions, still mid table mediocrity though...........
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