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  1. I don't think it's the goal scorer, it's the lack of creativity and pace to create the opportunities (granted Britt has missed one or two) and the whole balance of the squad, shocking decision making and recruitment by many over a long period of time.
  2. This is just plain silly, let's not bother, it's not worth it
  3. Same team for me they deserve another go. Scoring more than Hull Britt will go on a scoring run Lewis Wing is one of the biggest disappointments of a very disappointing season to date.
  4. I thought we had a representative at the meeting?
  5. H Bournemouth v Wolves H Blackburn v Barnsley. H Brentford v Reading. H Bristol Cty v N/Forest. (Weimann) D Derby v P.N.E. D Huddersfield v Birmingham. A Luton v Leeds. H Stoke v Wigan. H Swansea v Millwall. H W.B.A v Sheff Wed
  6. That's a cracking idea. All we lack on this forum is numbers.
  7. Yes he was , I think Jack Charlton said Cummins was going to be the first million pound footballer but that honour went to Francis.
  8. Thought he was going to be a superstar, sadly never quite worked out that way.
  9. A Colchester v Bradford. H Crawley v Morecambe. A Exeter v Cheltenham. H Forest Green v Plymouth. A Grimsby v Newport. H L/Orient v Scunthorpe. (Colclough) D Macclesfield v Mansfield. D Northampton v Crewe. H Port Vale v Carlisle. D Salford v Swindon. .......... D Stevenage v Oldham. A Walsall v Cambridge.
  10. Maccarone

    Steve Gibson

    Just another example of the complete and utter mess we are in. I'm actually going to St James tomorrow as a Bournemouth fans, mate of mine is originally a Bournemouth lad. Looking forward to it more than Boro games, says it all really . Utter shambles of a club.
  11. Billy Ashcroft, now that's going down memory lane, he was the Gestede of his era
  12. Erimus where are you? we need some nostalgia to cheer us old supporters up.
  13. Rudy without doubt is the worst value for money signing we have ever had but looking at some of the other names, boy they were terrible players also but in most cases had short lived times with us, Tiendelli, remember watching him play once, as already mentioned he got slaughtered at full back, was that his only game for us?
  14. Until this season I always let my heart rule my head and always went for a Boro win come what may. This season is totally different and yes no Boro scorer is an easy point just now, sad times indeed.
  15. I don't really understand why we still have archive going back 5 seasons? nobody has looked at some for 5 years, just seems a little strange to keep? I thought we were looking to smarten things up, update things? can't really see why we need to keep these visible? Maybe it's just me?
  16. A Barnsley v Stoke D Birmingham v Fulham A Hull v WBA H Leeds v Blackburn H Millwall v Charlton H PNE v Huddersfield H QPR v Boro (No Boro Scorer) H Reading v Luton H Sheff Wed v Swansea A Wigan v Brentford
  17. Maccarone

    Steve Gibson

    Who are the naughty boys then? Clayton for one?
  18. H West Ham v Newcastle H Blackburn v Sheff Wed H Brentford v Huddersfield H Cardiff v Birmingham D Derby v Middlesbrough (Britt) H Fulham v Hull H Leeds v QPR A Luton v Forest D Reading v Millwall H Sunderland v Southend
  19. Sorry must have missed some things Rob but the Boro Youth's and Reserve sectionot has all the other main Forum thread's as well? I'm looking at in mobile version. Sorry if this has already been mentioned
  20. Keep predicting boys, Jeff's millions maybe yours this weekend
  21. Agree with DZ,we are a mess. Look at the match day threads we are all talking about how many we are going to lose by. How far have we fallen? And how far have we still to fall?
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