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  1. after reading about the transfer on reddit, it sounded like sunderland fans don't rate him and slowed down the play a lot so happy to get rid of him
  2. Yeah i think I'm there too
  3. I have 2 front row tickets for cattle and cane tomorrow if anyone wants to buy them. I can’t make it now will sell for 30 quid and I paid 40
  4. i used to love the humble bundle but not seen a decent one since the THQ one almost 2 years ago
  5. still concerns me that we don't seem to be strengthening our right wing
  6. I'm at work just tell us man haha
  7. joked about xavi signing when there was that article on how he keeps on eye on boro with karanka being the manager haha, it won't happen but its a funny one
  8. my steam id is andy_mitch1992
  9. rarely post but 96k a week seems excessive. can't see him being on that much
  10. Cant vote on the poll probably my phone playing up. 1. Clayton 2. Ayala (first if he wasn't out injured) 3. Ramirez
  11. We are premier league. Happy Monday's now to celebrate. Buzzing
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