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  1. On the topic of Braithwaite... has anyone watched the training video uploaded today, know its only small clips but he looks a couple of levels above anyone else. If only we could facilitate keeping him somehow, as he really has the talent when playing in a good footballing side.
  2. A canny bit I would imagine, he had it just about every contract he’s ever had. If you think how much some of the staff are on working at the club and picture with even a small % of the Traore fee. Its not even just that supposed clause, its his wages. Looking back how effective was he for what we were paying for him. Shocking.
  3. The buzzwords have been really clear from the social media side - so many beyond obvious instagram posts about ‘pass and move’, ‘keeping possession’ and overall sensationalism around this ‘new’ direction the club is going in. You know what is really shocking, the cut Pulis will of took home from player sales could of avoided them redundancies totally. I’ll forever scratch my head in what Gibson was thinking getting conman Pulis in and sanctioning off on his signings, most of which are now inept to the ‘new direction’ e.g Flint. Was it a last desperate gamble at winning the playoffs??
  4. This may of been posted elsewhere but i just got an email through asking why i haven’t renewed yet from the club. Not sure if this is a regular thing or not but is this a sign of the club finally recognising the unhappiness a***st the supporter base?
  5. £6m and £3.5m in the prem are very low amounts really. Also we made hella profit on players sold after we got relegated so I think it's a little bit churlish to isolate these two transfers and try to throw them back in the face. Gestede without the injuries would probably have been worth the money tbh.. can't predict injuries. McNair remains a prospect in fairness to him, and could yet prove to be a good deal - if we sold him today, we'd probably get our £5m back. Retrospectively now we are pushing the cut the budget lines and that we need to reduce the outgoings - they are truly awful, awful business. Gestede is truly a poor footballer and the wage packages we offer are beyond belief, as a fan that follows the team closely its heartbreaking to see how we’ve spent so much money on dross. Fletcher - wage and price inflated and lacks slightest bit of value. McNair - looks petrified when ever he plays, came from Man U product line But can’t get a game at RB over playing a CB there. How many times can we say ‘oh he’s just adjusting’ Britt - £15million - Forrest must of been laughing all the way to the bank. Saville - long way to go for him, but we said the same about Howson and he’s been awfully underwhelming. Flint - so poor with the ball at his feet and its painful to see him slow moves from the back because of his inability to play out and be composed on the ball. This is very critical i’ll admit but in the current situation its hard not to be - but as a season ticket holder i’m concerned about current proceedings, we’ve simply been awful in the recruitment department and we are really starting to suffer from these short comings. Does our current targets fill you with confidence going forward?
  6. Its really crazy that we paid around £6 million for Gestede plus the wages he’s been on for the past two years. We also paid £3.5 million for Guedioura. £5 million for McNair. Really doesn't install much faith thinking back to all this business we’ve done. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse than having Pulis in a DOF type role.
  7. Exactly this, hard to see any different reason. Obviously he takes flak for our recruitment team being totally inept but I've seen nearly every game this season and he's useless - afraid, doesn't offer anything positive, and lacks any drive to do better. IMO anyway. Some might call this harsh or pre-emptively judging, but the large moan when he comes on signifies that people that watch football each weekend know he ain't up to much. People mention Jonny H, who's form has picked up in some key games, but he still goes missing every 2 games. So if Saville ends up like him and we've coughed up 7m in Jan for him I'd be pressing the panic button and trying anyway we can to get out of that deal.
  8. I got to the Nottingham at home game really early and I found it weird Wing was in training kit doing sprints the length of the pitch over and over with just a coach not sure who it was. It looked like fitness tests found it abit weird it was going on pre match.
  9. Should probably clear up what i meant - not to say he's a diver, he's obviously a strong forward but he just seems to end up on the deck alot. Which whenever we do get second balls doesn't really help contribute to the next phase of play or even winning the ball back if he loses the aerial battle.
  10. It isn't moaning. This is a match thread and we're commenting on the game, a game in which Hugill has massively underperformed and thrown himself to the ground at every given chance.
  11. Have to agree, Hugill is so poor. Makes me think how West Ham even thought about buying him but then Moyes works in mysterious ways.
  12. So obvious they are targeting Friend here, Fry has been immense thankfully on that side
  13. This exactly. Most forget he was given chances last season and looked absolutely rubbish to put it nicely. Admittedly I went to Hartlepool and he looked bright but keeping in mind the level of the opposition I'll reserve any judgement. Best case scenario we sell him back to Monk at B'ham
  14. I'm not awfully worried as I am certain Pulis will get it right. We need to improve in certain areas but I'm also sure Pulis knows that and will address them one way or another. The loan window is still a month long so plenty of time. Guess we'll see, lets hope all this talk of us biding our team whilst transfer fees drop is correct. Don't have the most faith in our recruitment team after recent acquisitions.
  15. Bit of a stinker having that username I know right. I'll keep it, fond memories of the playoff final season. Good player, be interesting when we play Leeds the end of August.
  16. OK Bamford's supposed wages that are now freed up makes it slightly easier to swallow, he might not be premier league standard but best quality forward we had at the club. No genuine fan on here can honestly say they aren't event remotely worried about whats about to come from this season. I find it stunning we haven't addressed our obviously weak left side, Downing and Friend there last season got overrun so much it was laughable. Anyone that needs a reminder about our ineptitude last season please re-watch the Villa playoff games.
  17. Ojo for £10 million would be daylight robbery.... For Liverpool. With our situation I'd be inclined to be giving the young players ago that are on the fringes, would have liked to see Chapman get more game time in pre season but TP obviously doesn't see him as a valid option. Another season of watching Downing all season frightens me, might be seen as a negative comment by the rose tinted on here but lets be honest, he's been shockingly sub par in 75% of his return since signing from West Ham. Local scapegoat and all that might be valid but he genuinely doesn't provide us any edge over the opposition. Hugill is someone I would love to see here if we are sticking to a season of Pulis, however like many are saying I think this very much depends on the likes of Martin Braithwaite leaving the club. Would love Bryan too, think we need more players with attacking intent judged on how we've been setting up in pre season. I renewed my season ticket as last season towards the end showed some hope, until we got to the playoffs at least, really enjoyed the matches where Traore single handledly dragged us up the table. However any opposition manager eyeing us up before the season begins soon could easily identify weaknesses, the weakness of the left side both towards the end of last season and also in the run up to this season is quite alarming. We must address this to have chance of being part of the top two come May IMO. Pre season results and performances haven't offered any reassurances on this very obvious issue either.
  18. for anyone wanting to see it https://twitter.com/TheVillaHome/status/907678315607191552
  19. Anyone else find this completely bonkers, no doubting he was awful for us the few minutes he did play but we paid near £3 MILLION for him and he's been around the champ/prem his whole career! Strangest recruitment i've ever seen
  20. I agree and I'd rather he was here than Rhodes assuming he has gotten over the injury fully. Try and remember though that the Premier League teams that wanted him only wanted him so far. They weren't willing to pay what we were for a reason. He's heavy on gym work sometimes pulling double sessions after Forest training sessions and the theory at the start of last season was he was overtraining himself with strength & conditioning work causing fatigue on matchdays they changed his schedule at the start of this year and his minutes/workrate went up otherwise he was struggling to adjust after his knee was 'healed'. He needs our fitness coaches to watch him like a hawk we can't leave him be after training because I really think he'd overtrain himself again not because he's a moron but he has a determination to be one of the best strikers around and he wants as big of an edge physically as possible. But the difference in him December 2016-April/May 2017 was unbelievable to me he had much more energy the changes definitely fixed his fitness issues he'd had after he came back from the knee problem. His knee should be a concern to everyone the fact it occurred after shooting a ball means you can't rule out a reoccurrence completely you just have to hope it doesn't happen. This definitely is a very valid point, sure our fitness coaches will have a good plan for him. I'm excited to see how Beattie can improve him even further too. Wouldn't ignore the impact he's going to have this season as a coach.
  21. We haven't got anyone like Ojo and we didn't the year we got promoted, if anything its what we were missing. We have traore but i'm fairly sure he'll be off in a last minute premier league panic buy deal. As for Ojo, yes he's young and unproven, but he offers something we don't have and something very useful in Championship matches. Whether that be from the bench the first couple to give him confidence or starting games against dodgy fullbacks. He has the ability to breeze past people with the ball and get it higher up the pitch rather than our two CDM's tapping it to eachother before an eventual pass to a late arriving fullback to overlap. Lets see what he's like in these friendlies first.
  22. Agreed, as a defender Barragan is fine, its going forward that is his issue. We need to remember he played behind Traore and Stuani, neither of which really helped him out. Traore left him exposed at times and although Stuani does the defending, he's limited going forward so Barragan always had to push up with him. I think he would have performed better with someone more competent going back and forward, like Adomah. He has spent the vast majority of his career playing top flight football for a reason. Keep him off throw ins though. I do doubt Barrgans ability but its not even about that for me, its seeing him saunter back on so many occasions where the opposition went on to score (Utd at home been the worst case, Payet goal at West Ham) don't want a player like him around the club and thats not even starting on his throw ins. Get rid.
  23. Yeh i'd agree with this, i think its so important we pick up a dynamic midfielder that can play centrally and keep posession but also has the footballing brain to keep composed and be a threat in attacking positions. Where do you find a player like that for the Championship though that's the problem. Off the top of my head it sounds like you are describing someone like Cairney from Fulham. They've just turned down 20m for him, how much would be have to pay for a player like that? 30m? I'm not disagreeing with you by the way just thinking how difficult it is to find a goal scoring midfielder at our level. Yeh you have definitely have a point, i think Newcastle signing Ritchie last year was really key for them, i guess we'd have to look to Europe for someone like that, we had it the year we went up with Ramirez who was key for us but we all know how ended up. A name off the top of my head is Josh Morris from S***horpe, think he got +15 goals and assists from left midfield in League One last year but can also play centrally. Couple champ clubs looked at him in January.
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