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  1. Good post basically how I feel about things. One thing for sure looking at most other teams in the division we certainly are on par with most of them. Game by game is all we can really judge our progression on, just wish we could score more goals but this has been the issue with Boro for such a long time
  2. With BearSmog on this a call to their office will put your mind at ease. Have a terrific time whilst you are here and enjoy yourself. There are a few overseas forum members like you (thinking Borodane and SmogDane) when watching Boro live for the first time at least got a positive result in a way, Palace away win for BD and a home draw against Swansea for SD.
  3. Very informative op thanks for that. Went to Cardiff last time we played them, easy parking, great away enclosure, friendly staff and stewards. Believe we can get our first elusive away win.
  4. Due to Family Boro being away and not available to do the Cardiff thread I have asked Erimus74 to do the honours a thread which will be full of information and probably a very good read. 7 games in and I think we are as good and as bad as every other team in this division. Green shoots of recovery being mentioned a lot now good to see
  5. Yes I admit I am a fan of DA and looking forward to the big screen version though I understand that the finished article would have been better for the tv screen. Anyone seen it or going to see it?
  6. Reading have made a decent start to the season so please, please hold on and get the ball in their half
  7. Reading keeper applauding the 2 world class saves by Randolph. We make it so difficult for ourselves at times
  8. Let's hope that this gives us the will to take the game to Reading and get a legit goal
  9. He does seem to be the natural successor to take over the Captains armband
  10. For those actually watching the game could you please update for any play of interest Stoke and Preston both winning at home
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