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  1. Hi everyone and I hope all are doing as well as can be under the circumstances? Still no sign of this nightmare abating for a while yet. Plenty of examples of people still not understanding the social distancing rules or maybe defying the advise or instruction. Plenty of conspiracy theories going around and certainly G5 towers being damaged because of it. Where will it end I wonder as I would not be surprised to see further examples of social unrest down the line. Are any of you feeling the brunt of the reality of COVID 19 or know of friends, family that are going through it, if so hopes of a pull through are sent to you? So much time on our hands now, use it well and take good care of yourselves.
  2. Spurs, Newcastle, Norwich and Bournemouth have indicated that they will pay 100% of players wages whilst asking non playing staff to apply for other funding towards their wages. Football fans I believe will not forget this moving ahead. The comedian Eddie Large (if you remember him) has died of COVID 19 he had heart problems for a long period I understand
  3. Will he ever make up for his crass decision against Hull
  4. It's worth remembering that the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 onwards claimed 50 million lives or thereabouts world wide. No efforts to impose social distancing nor self isolation. Yes it was a different time and knowledge of it was simply not known by Mr and Mrs Public. Let us hope that what we are al undergoing really does make a difference in final figures
  5. Think we all knew that as far as Boro were concerned that we are not financially as strong as many were led to believe, this situation will expose totally just how bad things are for many clubs including our own. With so many small to medium businesses in danger due to not getting the promised grants thus causing financial grief to their staff many will not be able to afford football anyway. Simply can not see how all football clubs will survive
  6. At this moment I would love to see Gestede up front in fact Lee Dong Gook!
  7. My understanding is that children can stay with both parents (if separated) as with my eldest son's situation however he is with me so always a concern for me though
  8. No you would not enjoy the limited freedom you have whilst you can. I work from home do my daily walk and occasional top up shop but would love to take the car out for any kind of drive.
  9. Have to admit that the latest news from Italy is becoming frightening for all those concerned. People running out of money threats to organise raids on supermarkets, threats to kill, children with no food. Ok maybe there might be some going over the top here but with our stiff upper lips in this country will we see open threats of disorder?
  10. One group of people who are never welcome anywhere will need special attention and that is the actions of travellers, where will they be allowed to stay because as I see it all of the government orders have to apply to them also. Whilst local authorities may act quickly to remove them someone will need to make a choice of allowing them to settle (and all issues which will follow) or simply move them on causing further interaction across the country.
  11. Saying and doing might be a very hard thing to do, we do not know if the Police are at full force and cuts in overall man power over the years will leave it impossible for said action. There will be shows of strength and action from time to time concentrating on certain areas and enforcement but that again will be a drain on recourses unless the Army assist. Plus each and every officer is at risk of being exposed more regularly and transmitting to their own families leading to more isolation and reduction of active available man power. You may see the odd "panda" car driving around interacting with MOP but they will deal more with drivers rather than chasing a group of youngsters over a field. Sadly parents will not "police" their own family nor will they be able to trust that their off spring will follow the limits of going outside. We will probably see more drones than police officers
  12. Well if there was a time for all politicians to get it right then this is it! Touching over 100 deaths in 24 hours is just the beginning and how long will it be before we get back to even double figures?
  13. Thank you for sharing and hope that you and your family recover from all of this, please let us know the test results. This might encourage others in the same situation, I think many of us will get it without knowing unless they do speed up testing. Well done on the NHS situation I guess they will wait for a while taking you on
  14. Morning to everybody, yes it is 6 in the morning but a good time to slowly wake up and then go for a walk before we are not allowed to! How is everyone coping with this continual groundhog day, the never ending Sunday? Which aspects are you having most difficulty with and your family? Has anyone volunteered for the NHS (big well done and thanks for that if you have)? Mentioned I was going to improve my Spanish has anyone decided to take up or really get deeper into a hobby they already have? Would be nice to know how the forum members are coping.
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