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  1. Morning afer the day before and still bemused and annoyed!
  2. Ok Erimus the Swansea game is yours to do and we play Wednesday so the thread needs to be up late Monday at the latest or there is not time for sufficient pre match comments. Also and not to confuse things put the thread up in the main forum, not the archive section as no-one will see it. Cheers. @OldManGravz you follow Erimus74, thanks!
  3. Well I did not see that result coming, really thought we would press on when we took the lead, but we just seemed to deflate like an old balloon. Certainly I felt, if he is ok that Roberts needed to come on. Onto Sawnsea then!
  4. Tbh thought there would be more interest in this game but lacking in posts so far! Must be because it is easier to moan than applaud, hey only kidding being positive is so much better. Good piece on NW in the Sun today, he comes accross so well and seems as if his wife likes the Boro lads as well. Is this why we did not get certain players into the club because his Mrs was unsure about their character? Oh and Neil if you are reading this tire Huddersfield out by using Watmore and Roberts in the first half again
  5. Well it's game day and finally I am looking forward to watching the Boro again. Yes the games come thick and fast but it is a bonus when you really do look forward to the matches. Such a difference a year makes. 3 away points are due so why not today? UTB!
  6. How good it is to know that Watmore when given game time will be doing his utmost to impress, think he is going to be a very handy player for us
  7. Game Details: Venue: John Smith Stadium (or if your prefer Kirklees Stadium) Huddersfield Date: Saturday 28th November 2020 Kick off: 1500hrs or 3pm f you do not understand the 24 hour clock. Introduction Well welcome everyone to the second DS Match Day thread in less than 4 days but not as impomptu as my last (and may I say decent effort). Boro fresh from a very fine win against Waynes World last night take the show on the road and travel to Huddersfield where I hope we can terrorise "The Terriers" who achieved a goalless draw against Wycombe Wanderers at Adams Park on Tuesday night. What does Warnock do? Well clearly NW does read the oneBoro forum and obviously thought highly of my recommendation of starting Roberts and Watmore from the off, and with a few tweaks along the way managed a very fine team performance up front as he knows he has a bloody good defensive set up. So lads and lassies if you were in SmogDanes favourite persons shoes how would you set up for this game? Huddersfield Town There recent 6 game form has seen them win once, drawn twice and lose 3 games. Their defence is not the best at keeping the opposition out but they can score goals so should we be concerned? View from the Opposition https://downatthemac.proboards.com/ Looks the most likely to have comments about the game The view from Downsouth. (has anyone worked this out so far?) Whilst I woud love to include my very seldom used phrase it has been a while since we last won away and following last nights win it would be great to follow up with another 3 points so whilst not quite there this game is very important for many reasons. The way we are set up and with a team that actually looks like a team and with quite a few options I really believe we can set about Huddersfield and come away with another victory so basically stick to the Derby formula (barring injuries) and go from there. Would be good to see Morsy back in the squad. Over to you folks I hope that you have enjoyed reading the Opening Post and will wish to contribute and become The Manager you all want to be I thank you😑 ps this deserves more than the 3 likes I got for the Derby OP!😄
  8. Looked the better team? We were the better team....................and so say all of us!
  9. Well Managed Neil Warnock. Bitty first half but much better second half. Watmore impressed me and think much more of him to come. And I get to do another m/d thread, must have been the reference to TMIGOTS............so far!!!😑
  10. Just to be clear you will author the next game when Boro lose or draw either today or later on. Example if we win tonight I stay onto author the next game and will continue until we lose or draw
  11. Apart from possibly extending Watmore's contract I see precious little happening in this window
  12. Sadly this is not a red button game only way to watch is to pay the £10.00 to MFC or watch goals as they go in on Sky Sports
  13. Overall I think the interest has waned on us sponsoring a player but I have just heard from MFC that the price has reduced to £600.00+VAT for the rest of the season. I am also aware that we could sponsor Neil Warnock! Keeping you all in the loop
  14. Not archived persay Matt always open for extra discussion. There was a little bit of ill feeling creeping into the thread and that prompted me to move it somewhat.
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