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  1. Downsouth


    Thanks Joe for that because I have been thinking he just might be suited as an option for a few weeks now, let Johnson have more game time and consider Bola up top. Am I mad?
  2. Like me simply resign yourself we are not going to get into top 6 by hook or crook or the hairs on my chiny chin chin,it is a lot less bothersome. We ain't getting into the RB so we have next season to look forward to!
  3. Downsouth


    Good point and maybe use Bola as a striker due to his shooting ability, in fact has he ever played as a forward during his carrer?
  4. Downsouth


    Not too long to wait but the saddest part is whether or not Warnock will use him without him trying to sell himself
  5. @GrimsbyBoro you were correct in your assumption so the Coventry game is yours to do. @Downsouth although I know that you know I thought I had better remind myself that you are after GB
  6. Downsouth


    Quite right, Britt did not take the opportunity and very clear that he will be off at the end of the season
  7. Fair result in the end so can't complain about the score after all we did not test their keeper and seemed clueless tactics wise to do something different against their defence. Poor defending by Boro for the Cardiff goal has to be a man on the post surely? Looking at Cardiff today had we been switched on we caould have beaten them they too lost the plot to an extent whilst others around and about us kept up their own form. @GrimsbyBoro over to you for the red button game on Tuesday
  8. I think you need to consider using a different Avatar😏 Although I am sure @SmogDane will appreciate it and ask for a link or two!
  9. Thanks for your input an a name long forgotten unless @Erimus74 can add to that? Actually am surprised he has not done some blasts from the past on this game
  10. Thanks to all the Cardiff fans posting on here, at one time it always seemed Boro did well when we had opposition contribution but with our very limited attacking options today then I am not sure we will recapture previous form! It should be a tight game but we are losing at home by 3 goals or so of late and Cardiff are seemingly a step up from recent opposition and no disrespect intended to those teams who have done so. sadly most of it self inflicted especially defence wise. Can see, if we do get on the score sheet that Morsy or Saville maybe the ones to score. Honestly would have prefered the game being played at Cardiff. Prediction a low scoring draw (and I am mostly wrong)
  11. Need to have Johnson on the pitch from kick off and if there is a choice between Britt and Akpom I would prefer to have the better footballer sadly that player is not available either😉
  12. Yes thanks for your input however I think we will be getting back to you after the game with a resounding "we told you so"🙂
  13. All over what a total farce by England, worst performance ever! Far too much jobs for the boys and mates and too much rotation. Less than 2 days England no clue at all Sibley needs dropping and Bairstow
  14. Losing by a cricket score comes to mind. India will win in the next 15 mins!
  15. All out for the lowest score made in India, 48 runs to win and we are only in the fifth session. Too many batsmen are like headless chickens and well Bairstow has let himself down badly
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