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  1. Have a feeling that there will be quite a few departures at the end of the season and possibly some surprising names at that!
  2. Don't forget it is on the RB on Sky
  3. Glover isn't a donkey he is an ass! along with a few others mind🤪
  4. Have not voted as yet and have made my thoughts clear about him but I am willing to give him another season or as others have said at least till the January window, but he has to bring his best game to the table and we need to see a real improvement in style and tactics
  5. @marvin willthe thread be up soon as many of us are waiting fr the next thrilling installment of Boro and their tales of woe!
  6. More coaches than players I like it😉
  7. I think I would be willing to see a return of Steve MacLaren and allow him the chance to become the next England Manager when good old Gareth hangs up his boots for another return to the Boro🙃
  8. Sadly for me I have to put Carrick in the same mould as Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard (to a degree) great ambassadors for the world of football who could talk the talk but sadly could not walk the walk...............................so far!!!!!
  9. As supporters we all know that we get behind the club through thick and thin because they are our club and none of us can walk away completely can we? Trouble is we are going through a period of both thick and thin combined which is difficult to deal with and we do not know where and in which direction the pendelum is swinging. Some members may have seen this right from the start of the season (results clearly showed) but many of us me included did not forsee just where we are right now and because we thought that there would be some visible improvement to our overall game plan for t
  10. He seldom has anything worthy of note to listen to anyway
  11. How does the saying go? Oh yes at least Sunderland lost as well ha ha!😑
  12. Beginning to sound like a stuck gramaphone player Sorry boys but here are the low lights and I bet @BoroAbroad wished it was not the case https://www.skysports.com/football/stoke-vs-mboro/report/485119
  13. I think Carrick would walk voluntary if he felt that this was the case
  14. 1446 viewing another Boro nightmare performance figures getting very high
  15. I need to believe my statement otherwise we are doomed I tell ya doomed!
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