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  1. Gosh catching up with posts is sometimes hard to do and a waste of time to boot! Agree about Stoj would like to keep him here
  2. Will Wing go the other way on a permanent do you think as part of balancing the books?
  3. Thanks for letting me know though I do not recall asking any questions about him😁
  4. You should be and endorsed by the lack of likes!😑
  5. They do and very close to the bus station for a quick getaway!
  6. Thanks guys, so far the running order will be : SZ BS DZ SD SKTI RA DS BU
  7. Only 3 so far, come on surely we do not want SD singing for a third of the season?😏
  8. No, there can only be one of me!
  9. Ok time to think about match day authors and the concensus of opinion was that Smogzilla should kick the season off so he will do the televised away game at Fulham. Now all we need is for others to volunteer. Remember we are now doing Boro V whoever for home games and Whoever V Boro for away games. Thanks again for your support and remember also that sometimes there is not too much time to prepare
  10. Faultless campaign up until the final. This may seem harsh but that's how I viewed the game. Show boating has no place in a shoot out
  11. Yes a bit of bad luck for you guys but you sure did give us a game and a real scare. You do have a team for the people
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