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  1. I know that this is not technically the be all end all game but do any of you feel that this could be the season defining game? I certainly do becuase whatever the result could impact not only us but others as well. This is such an important game, in fact massive without appearing to be and well worthy of a seldom used phrase of mine.
  2. Near where I live BU, does that help? Poor Trekkers he will be gutted about the result he would prefer telling people where Oxford is located (Oxford/Wycombe is a local derby)
  3. What ever the score this will be the season defining game simpy have to win becuase the lad and I want to take Teddy to Wycombe next season! Good grief if that is not enough incentive I do not know what else it could be!
  4. Can't quite agree with you but certainly having strength and desire to win the final two will be severely hampered. Would have gone to this game our track record is pretty good at The Mad Stad and would have finally met Brunners! After the BC showing who knows what to expect but I think we will see a better performance ending in a draw (possibly the last thing we need)
  5. Some excellent points about Karanka but things went wrong for whatever reasons and many on here were relieved when he finally went. Coming back from where we were to where we are now is totally different and going back to the game yesterday once again we showed we were a team of individuas and not really a team. We did dominate during the first half and had we scored perhaps there would have been a better outcome but until Roberts decides to include others then we should not be surprised at our results. Trouble is we no longer have time to mess about anymore, and another thing is that draws may not be enough, as a team who have drawn so many this season we need to get max points.
  6. Well a typical Boro performance for all to see, we do not like doing ourselves favours. Roberts needs a kick somewhere!
  7. Have to agree looked at the small print on my supposed time machine and noticed it stated it was a dream machine!
  8. Yes a very sad loss, always remember away games especially that Big Jack would collect the training tops from the players. He had a very good and pacy team at one time
  9. Have to disagree because the advantage was that we stayed above Huddersfield and the more teams below us imo the better. The bonus of winning today will be huge as it will put us 6 points above Luton with 3 games to go, the quicker teams below us are confirmed as relegated the better. Of all the days to finally win at home in 2020 can not be understated importance wise, this has to be the day and will be otherwise I am dismantaling my time machine and sending it back asking for my money!
  10. Was probably the best result for us Huddersfield seemed to be quietly going away from relegation issues, yes massive game one that I am prepared to be arrested for as I try and get into the ground to shout out my support. So if you hear "CT who are ya" then you know I have made it! And if BC think they can stop the rot by playing Boro, as a lot of other teams seem to do so, then they have another think coming.
  11. That's good allows more time and proper planning imo despite who may or not be manager next season. The two guys already mentioned this would not be Warnock targets I would imagine maybe Woodgates?
  12. I take it that the window has been extended for a period due to all that has gione on before?
  13. The desperately elusive first home win of 2020 on Saturday will change your "if" to "will"😉
  14. Sadly having a chance and doing something about it are poles apart, we do not seem to learn from past mistakes and there is a real chance that once again many of us will state "WTF" on a new appointment. If we stay up then I would be ok with Warnock getting a full season even if it means losing the chance to get a younger dynamic and hungry Manager in whever they might be
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