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  1. So do you fancy/want to win tomorrow Sunderland V Wycombe? 46k Sunderland supporters against 20k WW supporters Tbh I do not mind though clearly WW winning means a short trip to Adams Park next season
  2. @Foogle thanks for this and I believe this thread deserves healthy discussion from the forum
  3. On viewing so far it seems as if Forest are the one's to beat, got caught a sucker goal against SU when in reality they should have been winning by 4 goals
  4. Delighted to hear from you again Tim, yes been a while. Nicky Bailey good contributor to the forum always passed on VictorBoro's fag packet team predictions, seldom wrong. Though in fairness may have been his wife. Any juicy info😉 Think Bailey finished his real footballing days at Barnet?
  5. Who knows but at last we have found our reason for our failures this season, we could not play Ameobi, who knows what he would have brought to the table! apart from the physio table that is!😑
  6. Found the game good to watch with no team clearly looking the better prospect. Decent result a few obvious decisions not made for either side. The most noticeable difference was the speed of the game and the desire of both teams, something Il ook forward to from Boro next season
  7. Really hope that we get a team we can all get behind next season without any preconceived ideas. One thing for certain we are desperate for success and those players that try will get a whole lot of support from the fans
  8. He has his moments that's for sure😉
  9. Totally agree with you. To be honest this could all well be that his gf is insisting that they return to Argentina because she can't keep pace with life in Middlesbrough or that she has no life. He obviously is home sick
  10. Understand your reasoning and you are correct, however we have often failed in ensuring we do sign up that calibre of player. We all know Twine will move on as MK Dons will need the revenue but it will not be Boro who get his signature.
  11. Agree with this and like you I will keep an eye upon certain results mainly those nearby to where I live and not in the same division, Wycombe and MK Dons are nearly equal distance from where I live and will always like to see them do well as long as Boro are not involved,
  12. Just my own thought but hopefully next season CW would want a quicker more fluid midfield and attack and unless Payero is just simply naff then surely he would suit the style and be part of it Having a hard time believing he is either not wanted and not that good However I accept that he player simply does not want Championship football
  13. Perhaps Connolly reported back to Brighton that Tav was never mean to him and that he sometimes passed the ball to him as well😉
  14. Sorry about that guys but the subject matter changed in the thread more akin to having a new thread or say a Season 21/22 Post Mortem
  15. Firstly many thanks to all who have contributed and posted to this seasons match day threads and for those authors who ensured that we had plenty to talk about, Boro have played 51 games this season and we have had in the region of 28700 posts throughout giving an average of 562 posts per game. This season has been the second best posted since we started doing this and had we had those final 3 games am sure we would have surpassed the 30k total. As far as the MDT authors are concerned and just for the fun of it here is the final table of those who volunteered their services this
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