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  1. Was trying to delete posts but too many came up on the subject so thought "sod it" RS no need for that comment buddy and I know and Uwe knows you are much better than that. The timing was far too late which throws the thread backwards. Banning is a last resort and calling for it causes tension. Please consider this moving on and if a member feels a ban is appropriate send a pm to any of the moderatam explaining why the thought process is valid
  2. And he does not even give likes to his other personas but gets them ha ha!
  3. With all the speculation and conjecture and divided opinions prevalent at this time can I ask others if they feel that both Friend and Clayton will be more involved than the last few weeks of Pulis's reign under Woodgate? Friend and Clayton tbh I would not miss either of them but part of me feels Clayton could become more proactive under Woodgate. George I feel has had his day and can not see us getting too much out of him.
  4. Was just about to say how funny it is to read the forum though at times spoilt by name calling. Will you know better than that buddy
  5. Firstly welcome to the forum and this has to be the longest and most informative first post ever. Will look out for future contributions.
  6. Due to the game being played when it is and simply not the best ground to arrange a pre game meet up and drink to all of you who are going to the game perhaps best we simply meet up at the ground and have a catch up and drink there. Who is deffo going to the game? Also and though this is our nearest ground could I ask a member who is a ST holder to pm me as I want to ensure that I get two tickets for the game. They maybe available on general sale but really want to ensure that Daniel and I can get to the game. Many thanks
  7. To be honest there is very little you can do at this time apart from wait until nearer the time when tickets will be available. It should not be difficult as you can get tickets in the neutral section from FFC. Suggest you just log into the forum nearer the time and better info and advise should be there for you.
  8. That's the part that worries me in that people actually do refer to it being the Chairman's money.
  9. I know that I am not contributing a lot to the forum of late but it does not mean that I am turning a blind eye to overstepping the mark comments, which frankly are in poor taste, so can we tone down the direct attacks aimed at certain members please. FWIW I have no problems with some of the stranger posts we read on here as I do not put any stock into them, folks can fantasise as much as they want to within reason and I do not think that they are put out intentionally to wind others up. Thinking processes vary as we all are individuals and so we can take what others state with a pinch of salt should we want to and certainly in response to direct posts. There is no harm being done but you can choose to ignore certain persons should you wish and without the need to get too personal with your own opinions about them. Going back to the contents of the thread, to me it really does seem that all that has gone on before has finally caught up with us and we are not in a good place if top 6 is the target for Woodgate and Co. All we can hope for is that we can hold our own and a visible downward spiral does not take place. I am not happy that we are not shifting various players out at the moment but also I have to admit that probably there would not be too many interested parties for their services. Anyway the season is soon upon us so let's just see what happens, sure there will be plenty of moaning to come ha!
  10. The annual cry for match day thread authors is once again upon us and so we look towards old and new volunteers for the up-coming season. The last game of the 2018/19 season was a win and so I hope, singing or not, that Smog Dane will do the honours of the Luton Town away game. Usual format in that the thread title will always be Boro v Whoever with an (A) if it is an away game. Author continues preparing the threads until Boro either lose or draw. The standards of some of the threads were superb last season and a first for audio threads from Boro Unger, I wonder if Woodgate will have the same accent as Tony Pulis did? that's if BU volunteers. So unless he pulls out and declines the first game we will open with Smog Dane and the order will be s to whomever volunteers to author the next game. As always I will remind the next up to prepare the next m/d thread and bare in mind that games do come thick and fast with midweek and cup competitions. Thanks to all in advance and I do hope some new members will give it a go.
  11. Glad he see's that and well done for admitting that he really did have a poor season. I remember when he got his one and only goal so early in the season I though great he is going to contribute so much, but little did we know and it was a shame to see the effect it had on Brunnners!
  12. Some good observations being made but in general the whole kitten caboodle need to improve. Only when Wing and Tavernier were playing was there any feelings about us being attack minded from midfield. I am pleased that we no longer have to hope that Besic will have a decent game and that the likes of Howson decides to step up in their overall game
  13. Early bird or no early bird the walk in prices are absurd and it would be interesting to know the percentage of those who do get to a match are not local to Boro anymore. The associated costs can make the trip very expensive. Make the trip attractive so the costs are not ott especially if bringing passengers
  14. Teams getting promotion of late always seem to have that one "flair" player someone a little bit special and we have not had that in a while, Adama to a degree yes but not consistently, and I would also like to think we would consider and trying to get just that type.
  15. We would be extremely lucky to get £5m combined to be fair. Who do you consider are the "plodders", did they not have a top 30 hit sometime in the sixties? Oh yes I remember "plodding along, singing a song" had quite a catchy tune if I am right
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