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  1. Totally agree, just want the lad to explore his options a bit more and to a degree Ikpeazu needs to do the same as he could have had further assists Saturday
  2. Good to see you posting...................at last!
  3. Would imagine he wants to stay as far away from Middlesbrough as possible!
  4. Here is something we have all overlooked and not mentioned, tbh a little surprised especially NB4 did not comment. Peltier DID NOT get booked!😁
  5. For a while I thought I was but as I was the only one signed in and responding to others and adding stuff to the thread my initial lonliness complex went away😉 Also very keen to maintain average posts per MDT, however very pleased with this one as I had thought it would be a much lower count
  6. Little bit of bother bottom end of Sloper Road near the petrol station after the game. Group of about 4-5 Boro fans getting grief of a larger group of city fans, looked like it was about turn nasty. Not sure if anything came of it? This was taken from the Cardiff forum that some of us have had a look at. I hope nothing came of it and the Boro lads were unharmed, somewhat alarming😌
  7. Is there no stopping me? We smashed them 55 all out in 12 overs wow!
  8. I did and we did! Must be a lucky charm or maybe Boro are getting better😁
  9. For our enjoyment, hopefully The Colonel will not mind!
  10. Best place to be Gary, good to know you were able to watch the game, did you go or watch by stream?
  11. Well, well I will be expecting an interesting debate now with CT staging a defence against the comments made by DM. Pages and pages of endless to-ing and froing, retorts, remarks, cross examination should be what we could expect. Like going to Crown Court the truth will be revealed😑
  12. At least my quest to watch quest has been a bit more fruitful of late🙂
  13. Speak for yourself DK I am certainly getting carried away after all this has not happened for a while and also perhaps drinking some CS has helped🤢
  14. TC on behalf of the forum I would like to thank you for your contributions toward our forum, it has been a real pleasure having you and some of your other Cardiff fans on and posting. Would be good to see you pop in from time to time and gve us an unbiased opinion as to how Boro are doing. With regards NW he seems to have adapted somewhat and in my mind he is welcome to carry on in the same vein! Good luck to you and your fellow forum members moving ahead save when you visit The Riverside!👋
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