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  1. Can see us having Spence with us at the start of the season beng available to play for Boro hard choices to be made with the lad as I do not think he will want to play for us. As for Ben Gibson too much outlay to get him here, monies more useful obtaining others services, in my opinion
  2. No Korean!(you need to have read a specific post to understand that)
  3. To be honest it is time the plug was pulled, next thing we will hear is that DC are willing to ground share just to continue the shambles this farce really is
  4. There was not enough interest gained but agree possibly due to timing. However I recall a new member signing up just to say she would like to go but never posted again...............go figure guess one of Juninho 10's many guises. Will defo consider asking again Joe
  5. Am sorry you feel this way but hey a holiday in Korea suits me fine😁
  6. Hey Jen good to hear from you and hopefully you are on top of your recent issues however as you know it is probably better to be "mad" to be a forum member😁
  7. Just gone through the last 24 pages, gosh that was hard! For the sake of some members sanity we need news about strikers and as far as the keeper are concerned beggars can't be choosers. As long as there is improvement.
  8. I have already deleted the 24 account🙂
  9. Now brace yourselves for some really disappointing news but I have it on good authority, sadly can not reveal the source, but we are not looking at nor will we be signing any "Croatians" this transfer window. I bring this up because previous seasons we have always reverted to mentioning "Croatians" therefore I wanted to put this to bed once and for all. Terribly sorry about this guys
  10. Forest yes but reservations about Brentford, think Bourrnemouth may be the other one
  11. Why simply why? Anyway your other user name is also banned. I do not like doing this if you really wanted to contribute and get along with people
  12. Thankfully we know what we will get from DZ and underneath it all he is a good forum member. Gave the latest Juninho enough rope to hang himself which he has therefore no more number 23. Pity really as he seems to want to be a forum member but simply can not relate nor conduct himself properly with other members
  13. Tongue in cheek comment, Our other member from Wales is a fine fellow
  14. We need RAF to return to the forum and give us all an update
  15. Simple question the more the Spence situation drags on should we expect him to return to Boro for pre season training?
  16. Who? I have no memory of us having a player called Connolly
  17. So just how much longer will this charade be allowed to continue? Surely there is a time limit?
  18. We have to sound out MK Dons about him we really do
  19. Yeah we could sign the lot for cover purposes
  20. That's why I am sure it will not happen, but it could😉
  21. Sure it will not happen but we could end up with a player not wanting to play for us having to report back for training the way things are going, certainly this is going to impact our recruitment plans if proved to be the case.
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