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  1. Downsouth

    Boro V QPR

    Being where you are Kenny makes this a long day especially waiting!
  2. Downsouth

    Boro V QPR

    Indeed and my seldom used phrase is certainly applicable but I will not mention it because Boro never seem to recognise the importance so to me this is just a stroll in the park between two teams who have nothing to fight for. Reverse phsycology being used here!
  3. How indicitive and sad at the same time that we are having to rely on other results and points deductions to hopefully remain in this division. One thing for certain is if we do keep up we will not survive another season like this has been
  4. Downsouth

    Boro V QPR

    Revenge is usually a vey negative aspect in life so with that in mind a win to the Boro, we like Hull need our first home win of 2020!
  5. Totally agree, we simply stopped after the equaliser and somehow the players did not see what we were in that Hull were there for the taking.
  6. That is a very valid point about crowds and probably overlooked by many of us, I beileve that we simply can not afford to go down plain and simple
  7. Also I am not really sure that we will be allright, want to believe it but that is all
  8. Terrible thing to say I know but you have to wonder how close we are to becoming the next Wigan?
  9. The first season in a lower league would be frightening, many will believe we will romp through but reality would be a shock to the system and w many teams would want to cut us down. My lad mentioned that we could bypass Wycombe Wanderers (nearest team to where we live) should we go down and they get promotion, horrible thought!
  10. None whatsoever and we will quickly become "just a team from the lower leagues" Crowd sizes would diminish alarmingly (except final quarter of the season if we are in prime position for promotion) Our identity will erode in the eyes of the footballing world. Nope nothing for me Plus we would have a manager in cutting his teeth once again
  11. To be honest I am just looking for any crumbs of comfort at this time. Relegation could impact our club like no other time and a real concern
  12. Can't really argue with that but what has clearly been shown is the total lack of leadership on the pitch, desperately needed. I will be honest this defeat, one of many, hurt me more so than any others because I really thought we would make a fist of it but as the game went on less than a handfull of players showed any desire. How will this be turned? well Warnock has to find something in the last 6 games which was not shown over the previous 40 games. No i really is not looking promosing and we can not rely on others screwing up as badly as we have done.
  13. QPR are not tearing anyone apart since the restart in fact they could be in trouble had not having better results earlier on.
  14. I do not think we tried well enough and I refer how we are when playing teams who have lost so many games on the row
  15. I really looked forward to this game and seriously did not expect the dross we have witnessed
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