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  1. Certainly raises the question of a safe family day out watching Boro away from home. As previously mentioned my grandson has already witnessed fighting between Boro fans and it is not a good thing to try and explain why! As far as assaults on women/girls I just hope that there are witnesses brave enough to offer support in the identification of offenders.
  2. Anything from the Manager today or has the press briefing on later today?
  3. I noticed you did not mention mother in laws😁 Joking apart not good reading it has to be said
  4. Clearly a two goal scored minimum is required for Boro.
  5. We need to start winning, good a game as any!
  6. You would think with his talent that him taking free kicks is a waste of time anyway unless in an area where a direct shot on goal might pay off. Surely he needs to be in the area where the ball is hopefully going to go and to be able to capitalise from direct contact with the ball or to pounce on defensive errors. However noticeable that he stopped taking corners in the end Do we know if he is good with headers?
  7. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/12476835/middlesbrough-1-2-preston Sorry that I have put up the "lowlights" of last night's game but there is still a lot to discuss about our showing a lack of a cutting edge. Not an excuse for more name calling though which if continues will be dealt with.
  8. Ok the wheels of fortune continue to turn @Denzel Zanzibarhas acknowledged that he will prepare the Huddersfield MDT. @SmogDane Should Boro not win the home game against Swansea on the 4th December will be yours to do. Perhaps you should sing a lament!😉
  9. DZ that was one passage of play which may have gone against us, it does not however excuse the missed chances and rank poor efending hich we were very culpible of today..............again
  10. Tav needs to start being a team player and contributing the same can be said for Jones, both were poor today again and tthis is now the norm for both
  11. The ref had a good game got no arguements about it not being a penalty
  12. Some really good signs of improvement on the park but no improvement in both boxes
  13. The continuing problem of lack of goals is our downfall get that right and we start winning
  14. Now we need to score again just for a point! Uche show your worh please!
  15. Thought we were going to score then we just screw it up, perhaps Bamba only plays well for Warnock!
  16. Heart in mouth time half chance for PNE shows we need another goal kill the game off
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