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  1. It has to be part of the problem because for the life of me I do not understand why Paddy did what he did. Will he expect a Woodgate roasting somehow I feel he will not! No leadership is the issue
  2. Has our traditional Xmas slump started ……….again! What a big 2 games coming up an possibly season defining
  3. Don't be John because he probably won't
  4. Probably the worst in a long time. Would be interesting to know what the longest run without winning away is as we must be close to that I would have thought
  5. Especially Paddy he knows the importance of the next 2 games
  6. My goodness what the hell is going on another 3 match ban and especially with games against Huddersfield and Stoke to come. Our discipline is awful and sorry Woodgate is not the man to fix this though he has his ready made excuses
  7. Going to blame being down to 10 men for tha
  8. Our first away win will be on hold for another time due to mind blowing stupidity. Johnson has not been forgiven yet and really do not think anyone will warm to Browne for quite some time
  9. Disgraceful what planet does he come from, let's down the team and fans with utter petulance shown towards everyone else
  10. Wonderful totally wonderful from Tav
  11. As is he and his performances are showing that. more and more members are stating the same Brunners!
  12. Yes and then we have the other spectrum in that Adam Clayton is so under rated
  13. Nail on the head comment, would give you a like for that but...…………… will have to do
  14. The little bit of goodwill that was returning so quickly goes away with performances like this especially as it seems we are playing just to lose by only 1 goal!
  15. Forest 4 down at half time my goodness
  16. As games are going so far we are being dragged back into the "danger Will Robinson" area. Luton having just equalised
  17. Along with many others in the past, nothing new buddy!
  18. Jordon Rhodes hattrick and what do we have a Manager who will not change players so that we can get back into the game
  19. Me I love Adam and Saville too! Oh Dimi has saved a penalty!
  20. Welcome to the ra ra appreciation club....not! At least we now have to go for it!
  21. I keep saying this is why we need both Clayton and Saville on and drat a bloody penalty scored against us
  22. This is exactly why we do not need two defensive midfielders on
  23. Hmmmm I feel an American chant coming on!
  24. Jordon Rhodes and Paddy Bamford on the score sheet today and Barnsley beating QPR also and Adam Reach has just laid another goal on for Rhodes. Ex players doing well today
  25. Blackburn and Preston both winning and now Leeds
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