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  1. Indeed welcome to the forum GTB always love a negative post much better than saying hi to everyone😉 Pretty sure you will find other threads you can moan about as well! And also you chose to bring them up again.................go figure! Joking aside have fun on the forum
  2. Downsouth

    A/O DZ

    Ok early heads up for the QPR game. @Denzel Zanzibar Followed by @Uwe Followed by @boro-unger Followed by @Smogzilla
  3. From what I saw was a decent game of football where the right result was achieved as against last week. The only thing that stopped us from perhaps winning the game was the lack of delivery once again from our set pieces. Two game and we have not been really troubled and against last season PL teams. Some good passages of play in the match and reason for hope of better things to come. Would still be nice to see a midfielder burst forward directly through the middle, Happy enough though!
  4. The same with every other link nowhere! seems that players who have actually signed are not to be found either!
  5. Traditionally very low scoring games between the teams at The Riverside, I do not see that changing. A point at this time I will take because our home form is still very much a concern
  6. I am of the understanding that our new player was going to be announced yesterday but circumstances about NW overtook the unveiling. Can anyone confirm this information as being close to the truth?
  7. I wonder how many concerned players and staff there are at Barnsley now following the news of NW?
  8. And this is the reason I think that all clubs should be involved from round 1 because for sure I would like to see some of the unusually ties
  9. All sillyness aside thanks for taking this on Jen my only concern at this time is that oneBoro do become a fully recognised member of the MSF. Hopefully you or mark will let us all know Also wear a mask and socially distance 😁
  10. Good to see you posting again, did you enjoy your break and was it constructive?😉
  11. Good to see you posting Tom and if only it was that simple
  12. Downsouth

    A/O DZ

    Hey I am all for change (recent format as an example) However because a lot do want a go and do have time to prepare for their turn then in fairness I believe this is the best way. We do still have time to allow others to participate, even I am not on the list yet so can not do the view from downsouth due to others waiting a go. You can call me stuck in the mud should you wish (or anything else for that matter)🤪 Besides it is high time you volunteered!
  13. Downsouth

    A/O DZ

    This is the trouble with mdt we get through authors so quickly I should imagine RA was fairly confident of doing the Bournemouth thread
  14. Downsouth

    A/O DZ

    @AnglianRed Marcus you are up next Bournemouth is yours to do. DZ and Uwe next to follow
  15. I know that this cup run was not high on the agenda and pretty obvious we would not get far but should we be bothered about last nights result? Yes I believe we should. Abject described last night
  16. Well that's decided then £10.00 will be paid due to the team he has put out
  17. This does not present an issue as either team will be out next week
  18. An aspect that until now I have not considered but until fans get back into the grounds it will remain that way to a degree
  19. Ok we all know this seasons flurry with the cup ends next round but a win against Barnsley I dare say will do more good considering we play Bournemouth at home on Saturday as DR mentions momentum
  20. Thanks for the introduction BP (again just got to love a user name that can be shortened) welcome and all that get stuck inand enjoy (if you can) the oneBoro experience!
  21. Did Morsy play in the last round for Wigan?
  22. Well said and I concur totally with you. That one piece of magic is so often needed in a football game
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