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  1. A lot of mentions about how tired some of our players are and rightly so but that can not be labled at Rudy Gestede. Apart from one swallow in a summer he simply has not re-invented himself by showing that he can be a footballer. If this form is whilst he is fit what on earth would a tired Rudy be like? Sorry but for me he has not taken the chances given to him to allow him to get back on side
  2. We got lucky last night let's face it! The break will do us the power of good
  3. I think we might escpae with a lucky draw. Strange game and not what we expected Full time
  4. Wow looks like Leo might get sent of thankfully goal for Brum disallowed
  5. Brum not kept a clean sheet in16 games, hope this continues
  6. Time for Liddle? Clayton will not offer anything attack wise
  7. It will not be long for you to sing a song Sonni😑
  8. I hate the weekend when we lose and we are not anywhere near the weekend yet😫
  9. I was advised that Burnley have said Gibson will not be going out on loan, can anyone confirm that please?
  10. Getting the impression that Spence willnot last the full match, goodness we need a defender in asap
  11. Very true it seems the mini revival efforts are slowly being undone
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