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  1. 2 hours ago, Blanco said:

    I get where you are coming from @Bosco's Tuft but we only use the actual name of a poster if we have already met each other. I would hate for anyone to consider themselves as an outsider on here as we generally get on very well together. Maybe if @Downsouthgoes ahead and organises a get together at the Riverside for a game, you would join us and get to know everyone better? We are all here for the same purpose, the love of the Boro UTB 

    I am to blame for that along with most other things but generally only used as a reply or quote message 

  2. 5 hours ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

    I'm glad this topic turned into a positive discussion, that was always my intention, it wasn't to publicly slate @Downsouthor indeed any of the current mods.

    If people think I'm a *** that's fine, it's their opinion. I'm honestly not as argumentative in real life (though my wife would probably disagree with that statement!)

    Love to you all.


    Wish you had said that in your opening post then I would have been able to have a good laugh throughout🙃

  3. @oneboro

    Hey Rob

    Thanks for your well thought out post yesterday but I think there is some other aspects you could turn your eye to as and when you get time, that is when you go to the oneBoro link on the website it is like stepping back in time, somewhat outdated and in need of a refresher.

    Can this be looked into as maybe new visitors could think they are back in the dark ages😉

    Makes an interesting read especially linked names with so few being accurate


  4. 17 minutes ago, Smoggy-in-VA said:

    I think that's a harsh assessment IMHO. Reading "parked the bus". They offered little going forward except lumping it up to Carroll. They seemed content to defend, waste time and try to pinch a goal against the run of play, which they did. I thought it was going to be one of those days when Carroll's goal went in, but we kept plugging away and finally got the breakthrough.

    I think you are right in the sense that we struggled to break them down in the first half.

    I think we should also expect some teething problems...by that I mean that we have a mix of inexperience plus new players. I'm still optimistic and expect positive results, but it might not always be as smooth as we and Wilder want it to be.

    That said, I thought we played some great football at times yesterday. With a little more luck and better decision making in the final third, we might have scored first and had a much more comfortable day. We definitely came out flat in the second half, but we responded well to going a goal down.

    Totally agree with your last point. It was brilliant to see that new resiliance in us 🙂   UTB!

    I know it is in hindsight but those two great passes by Jones into Sporar had it been Watmore instead do you think one of them would have been converted?

  5. 49 minutes ago, boksicdink said:

    You shouldn’t feel terrible and your words aren’t careless - you spoke your feelings and that’s a really big thing to do and DS just cares about everyone on here. You aren’t a stress.

    agree with everything else you said!

    Not quite Chris because we have met up a coupe of times.

    Do you know what I have so much enjoyed meeting so many forum members at arranged forum meet ups and watching until meeting, total strangers sharing a passion and having a damned good laugh together and chat and some becoming friends with each other.

    To have guys like BoroDane and SmogDane and our faithful fantastic guys from the Emerald Isles making an effort to come over to England for a game and having other forum members ensuring they get the chance to meet up in my mind is a great gesture and encouraging.

    We have had so many past meet ups where nearly 30 or so folks have turned up and it has been brilliant.

    One of my real wishes would be enough forum members to commit to going to the The Riverside and book one of the event rooms for a meal and watching of the game together would be terrific, ok a pain for season ticket holders to pay twice for a match I know.

    I miss the sponsoring of players that we used to do and most of all the very fine interviews and videos that Tom and Humpty along with a couple of others were involved with.

    I guess as you get older parts of your past which you enjoyed and were comorfortable with mean a lot more and are genuinly missed, along with so many good people whom I have had the priveledge of meeting and getting to know who are no longer active on the forum.

    oneBoro was a happier place at one time it would be fantastic to recapture some of that.

    Still we are now getting a team that we are all getting behind and one worthy of being able to be proud Boro fans once again

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  6. 1 hour ago, SmogDane said:

    I think I'll put up the Blackburn thread early in the coming week. 

    Tuesday the latest 


    Rather a long wait till the match Sonni and hey who knows there might be further transfer activity prior to the game with other names toconsider.

    Could I suggest that you include links to any Blackburn forum that seems to be popular and so we can guage their views about the game because I believe other fans are beginning to take note about us and it is going to be a very important game to them as well

  7. @SmogDane

    Really good that your run continues but the big test and challenge to your run continuing is now upon you

    Bit of a wait but to remind you Blackburn away on Monday 24th January ko 1945hrs also live on SkyMonday Night Football.

    Getting used to longer interval periods between our games so with mid week matches coming soon going to be busy for MD authors.

    @smogsterking the Inspirati

    I know you know but you are still the next MD author

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  8. 8 hours ago, RonnieBobba said:

    I’ve always thought downsouth comes across really well on the forum and does a decent job. The others do a half decent job the problem is nobody is impartial about anything and all of you let your emotions rule over everything and often get into heated debates and arguments with other posters. I know Rob mentioned the number of posts of the last 6 months I’d hazard a guess this is well down on years gone by. If not I imagine the number of frequent posters is down. The forum has now turned into an argumentative shambles I now view from the sidelines and drop in every month or so to bickering over something or another to something which should bring joy due to the mutual love of the Boro. Current posters and current mods are both part of the problem. UTB. However I am a sucker for nostalgia and miss the days when it was first set up after 606 boards. 

    Thank you for your post, contents noted and understood and to a degree quite accurate.

    Efforts to reduce folks being uncomfortable posting and their opinins being valued and accepted will be made hopefully by the full forum

  9. 8 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    I have been lucky enough to have met Alan on a couple of occasions and would second that he is a terrific bloke. I genuinely didn’t mean to upset him earlier regarding the Payero situation 

    You didn't Joe no worries mate.

    This is fast becoming like this is your life but without Eamon Andrews just some other Irish geezer instead😀

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  10. 35 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    Actually I like him @Downsouth. Here’s how I see it. The forum is like an episode of Only Fools and Horses. When they are all in the Nags Head and Trigger walks in, you just know that there is going to be a piece of comedic genius about to unfold in a really ridiculous way. I see Payero as Trigger. Pure comedy gold. Don’t ban him

    Apologise to you Joe I know what you said was in jest just been a hard day especially earlier on making sure Youngy was ok

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Naisby said:

    It’s time this thread and all similar topics were put to bed.

    These are the Mods we have, who take the stick from a judgement call and have the balls to explain and debate them.

    The hints are there for all to see that the current team and administrators will be happy to walk away and just become posters, frankly if it’s got to that stage then it’s time to silently agree or disagree with them or what we have now will begone and I think we all will be the worse off if it does.

    Thank you Naisby very much. Do you want my job😁

  12. 2 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    I am not against you in any way at all Alan. I thought I would just try and lighten the atmosphere with what has happened over the last few days. I did find Payero amusing but fully accept that not everyone would. You and the entire mod team have my full support 

    Joe these few days have drained me and I am near the end of my tether with it, but this lad with his stupid posts and pictures like a dog walking with a bag and a cow licking it's lips and the way he is rude without going ott and the clear message he was sending to Robin was enough he was going to go or I was.

    We do not need idiots like that on the forum

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  13. 3 minutes ago, Blanco said:

    Actually I like him @Downsouth. Here’s how I see it. The forum is like an episode of Only Fools and Horses. When they are all in the Nags Head and Trigger walks in, you just know that there is going to be a piece of comedic genius about to unfold in a really ridiculous way. I see Payero as Trigger. Pure comedy gold. Don’t ban him

    I know not to your liking Joe but I did not ban him I deleted him instead.

    With what you have mentioned I am going to reassess my position on here because seemingly I am in the wrong everytime thought you would have supported this action but hey guess not

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