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  1. HH you have reminded me about the Buzz thread that we had on here a few weeks ago and looking at the posts made then there are some interesting reads. Agree entirely with regards to your comments concerning fans turning up and this season must have been a real slap in the face to the Boro powers that be and should be a major concern to them for next season. We have mentioned entertaining football and the like on other threads but its all about winning isn't it? and that must be the gamble taken by Boro next season to get the crowds back etc etc. I was way out on my prediction for crowd size
  2. Well no wonder MFC put this to the vote thay must think the same and then they can at least blame the fans for choosing
  3. Agreed even a team full of superstars fails to entertain at times and I have to say that without Rooney even Man Utd are failing to entertain recently. Results are what matters and the satisfaction of winning a game with an ugly 1-0 result makes my day!! Entertain can go to the pictures/theatre for that!
  4. I echo your statement TP but do you think we need to be shrewd in our transfer dealings or take a gamble on getting the job done quickly and perhaps go that extra yard to secure players who will obviously be on others clubs agendas
  5. Once distance becomes an issue then of course you lose your local clubs identity even if they were have to merge. Look at Darlington fans they really do not seem bothered at all with the current state of affairs and I do not think the League will allow another MK Dons situation so for me clubs merging just will not happen
  6. The terrible shame about the whole situation is now, after reading the EG it does seem as we we really need him to be playing in view of lack of midfield strength and injuries. We have to be strong on Saturday to even compete with WBA and this whole situation will possibly lead to us being unable to beat WBA at the Hawthorns. Also as it is totally clear that Strachan does not believe in Emnes (is he injured or packing his bags by the way?) what other options do we have? can see Miller or Lita being played in midfield if we are not careful!
  7. Tend to agree Linth and with all the talk of Zamora then Fulham may have a restructure next season and GON would certainly suit their style!
  8. Good shout Sarge I think Hoyte has settled down well this season and could be considered for the most improved player of the season
  9. Looking at the match his delivery is getting better and as previously mentioned he will at least shoot for goal on more occassions than Downing. He is becoming a really good player and maybe once again he has been under valued. Cant see him being held on 99 matches!!!!
  10. Perhaps not VB but he may have the excuse of not getting monies in from outgoing players and thinking about those dearly departing how many will command a fee and how many will be going on a free. Just who would pay for the likes of Emnes and Mido?
  11. Yes good to see your posts again SD and like VB I cant really see it either though if we did beat WBA and either Swansea or Leicester lose then like The Monkees song "Im a believer". Our luck is that one will get a draw just to tease us!!!
  12. Yes well done Portsmouth and even if they do get beaten by Chelsea they will at least fight on the day. Being relegated and losing a cup final to the same team as us in the same season, talk about co-incidence. Totally agree with the Crouch disallowed goal but life is full of if only and what if!!!
  13. Would be nice but alas the costs of scouting bringing them over and facilitating the players would be too costly at this time, young South Americans and Boro do not mix too well!!
  14. Wow is this the voice of reason LS? I agree with you but you were praising Alves to the hilt not so long ago:D
  15. Did not mean it in that context and we will miss him for sure but it seems as if he has no future at the club so we have to do the best we can. As stated its a pity we will not be able to say goodbye to him as he has already had his final game!!!
  16. Good shout BL and I am sure that he would do that however the days of South American players being on our books (not counting Arca) are over. Still think we were mugged somewhat over Carlos Marinelli !!!!!
  17. I dont know BL maybe Celtic will want some money available for their new Manager to spend as it is clear that they will need it. One thing is certain though with the finances available to Rangers and Celtic the way things have been going for them this season it is a clear indication that Scottish Football is declining even further now and oh how happy would they both be to even play in the CCC
  18. Second clean sheet and win on the bounce ok not the best match but we are getting harder to beat so no complaints
  19. In agreement and to be fair we have not missed him over the last two games. I dont think we will see GON again and this is not the best way as we the fans will not have the chance to show the man that he was appreciated and recognised as a hard working player for the club. He cant be comfortable with the situation and I put no blame on him whatsoever. It needed to be done but as BL stated a bit unethical to say the least.
  20. Thank goodness for being able to go back into time and to be able to remind and reflect on comments and opinions that were already posted previously on the forum as it allows certain current opinions to be re assessed. To be fair and honest we are not on a bad run are we? We have become a team that is much harder to beat compared to earlier days. Had we had this type of run in the PL I dont think anyone would have complained in fact quite the opposite. The only difference between us and Newcastle and WBA (congratulations by the way) recently has been too many draws because we are now sho
  21. Swansea have Barnsley and Doncaster at home and Sheff United away so seemingly an easier run in all they need is one win if we dont win all remaining matches but hopefully WBA will not be too bothered next week
  22. Confirmed result Dont you hate that P boro equalise and then during match report Leicester take the lead again!!!
  23. Leicester have gone ahead so short lived celebrations but 1 up perhaps aim for Swansea
  24. Talking the talk but not walking the walk at the moment as WGS this is a must win match plenty of time yet!
  25. Seems as if Jones is justifying his place thank goodness and Newcastle 1 up
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