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  1. We need a change don't we? Fulham seem content with us keeping the ball
  2. High fast tempo coming up just toget back into the game. As CT mentioned will Fulham rue the missed chances
  3. Not doing himsef any favours is he reckon Fletcher will replace him
  4. Should have done much better there a fast ball across the face of the goal would be better
  5. Would love to see that I would go bonkers about my fave player ra ra go adam!
  6. Totally agree and I think others will now start to worry about us
  7. Love it when someone has a lot of self confidence and can sing thier own tune😁 Welcome Tim to the forum a first for us in terms of an opening post
  8. Much better from Boro we can say the better team won but we have given a good account of ourselves this half
  9. Believe what we are seeing is how we had hoped the first half would have gone had it not been for errors, we are giving Spurs a game now and no shame at all in the second half
  10. I know but it would be nice to get a goal as our play possibly deserves it
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