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  1. Ah ok thanks guys did seem a bit ott with keeper departures. Has anyone else noticed far more credible information becoming available since the end of the Gibson saga? All eggs in one basket springs to mind
  2. Ok all very confusing but am I correct that Stoj is on hs way out as well? Surely he must be needed as number 2 keeper?
  3. Apologies one and all for "the return" sometimes very difficult to pick him out being able to use multiple ip addresses. This account will be deleted and we will await the new resurrection to follow Which probably did as I stopped a new user name of stickboroupyour**
  4. Downsouth

    A/O DZ

    @RiseAgainst tried to pm you but you do not accept messages, however just a heads up if we do not beat Watford on Friday (where is the mdt @SmogDane) then the home game against Barnsley mdt on the following Tuesday will be yours to do. Cheers DS
  5. Felt and looked like a friendly but a win is a win thankfully we have managed a home win in 2020. Can understand us looking for goalie, Stoj not at his best, far from it!
  6. Downsouth


    You should have quietly accepted the moderation action Barnaby and simply carried on posting on the forum but taking a little care about certain subjects. It was not a vendetta against you at all but as a whole we need to keep thoughts to ourselves at times. Come back whenever you want to however it probably was not the best idea to announce your departure
  7. Can't imagine their bench will be any better tbh! Get the job done with no dramatics
  8. Mentioned this before there will be a pletherer of free agents available soon, they just have to realise times have changed and when they do you can imagine the players making contact with previously interested clubs rather than the other way round
  9. Good for him ethos should be a team game and not selfish individuals. That being said Roberts I believe would improve under the coaching of Warnock and crew
  10. The Gibson name does not always work it seems and I am pleased about that
  11. Well said Brunners and this is exactly what I have been saying for ages it seems. He would have been the first to arrive and it would have been done weeks ago, lack of action clearly showed me that it was not going to happen even if it meant using every tiny bit of financial power to do so. There are far more important areas to strengthen if possible than a gift wrapped Ben Gibson. Don't get me wrong I would have been pleased to see him but not at all cost!
  12. We need NW to be positive and talk up the team, let's face it many of us thought Pulis was great behind the microphone! Action speaks louder than words, we have to wait and see and not long to wait!
  13. All players great and small (we have small players sadly not great though!)🤪
  14. Someone mentoned that due to squad numbers being announced it could appear as if Big Ben would not be around, the club knows already about the state of affairs and although a rumour there could be something in it. I am sick of it anyway but one thing I will say that if Norwich do get Gibson this will allow more freedom for Warnock to get others in because I have always felt the financial aspect surrounding Gibson could have an adverse knock to other targets
  15. Hey all we need to do is learn how to win at home and things could be a lot brighter for all things bright and boroful!
  16. People like to moan an I love reading their moans often the moan is exacly how many of us feel, but you are right and I intend not to moan too much becuase we have not played a game yet. One thing for sure we will not go through what we went through last season, no much worse things to worry about if finances go pear shaped but I live in a happy place with Blanco🙃
  17. But you do really because that is clear to see, the pull of another signing could bandage old wounds
  18. Have to say there have been some terrific and very well considered posts made, just goes to show how much passion we have for this shared subject otherwise know as Middlesbrough Football Club. Very little any of us can do about it save where ever possible to get behind Neil Warnock and those players who represent us in each and every game. We have something to follow and support through good and bad times which is a plus for me at the moment, in fact the uncertainty of it all is quite exciting as long as we folk feel that the team did their best, made a real effort and played as a team then everything else really does not matter at this time. I love the Boro, always have and always will until it is my time to go!
  19. The mood will change after Friday because football will have started. As said before we have what we have, NW to get the best out of them and see where the cookie crumbles
  20. I think we moved to another area in the second half probably tells you the answer!
  21. Yes he certainly does not stop singing as I and @Will can attest to😆
  22. West Brom know they are a yo yo club, they are planning ahead for the 21/22 season
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