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  1. We will be when we are top of the league when the Winter window opens🤪
  2. Please see above Mark, Jen (Red Rocket) is our nominated forum rep hopefully you can liaisebetween yourselves to move matters forward. Being so far away makes this difficult for me personaly
  3. Personally I think Djiksteel is going to be very important for us this season. With his injury out of the way (hopefully) I saw a continuing improvement from him in the games he played . I honestly believe that we have a very good player in the making on our books and I hope Warnock brings the best out of him. Going to predict that he will be the highest goal scorer out of defence for us this season giving Spence/Johnson a run. So like Browne we could consider him a fresh signing because of how last season panned out for him
  4. NW will handle Browne far better than JW and if so could be considered as a new signing to an extent. We have what we have let's do the best we can and see what develops
  5. Is this the main or secondary forum? not that I am going to check it out🙂
  6. With the current climate do you feel that the relegated teams have a far better advantage than say previous seasons? Norwich certainly very busy, Watford and Bournemouth seemingly quiet, or will they too have to be cautious about their own spending
  7. Having not won at home in 2020 so far in the league I don't know if a win against Shrewsbury would count? Sense a banana skin here if we are not up to the job
  8. "Project Maddison" has a good ring to it. Am sure NW could sort him out especially if the lad has say a temper? No-one looks cool trying to fight with an OAP🤥
  9. And how many times has a Boro player making his debut had a long term injury during the game. Quite a few spring to mind
  10. Yeah come on guys refrain from match chat let SmogDane get the thread up and we will then be able to discuss to our hearts content the new vibrant and exciting team they call The Boro! Would suggest that as many as possible pm @SmogDane to get him to get the threa up asap. Trouble is will he sing and play his guitar again? Will he give us as much info as possible about Shrewsbury, does he even know where the place is and names of any players? So many questions😉
  11. We are playing Friday and the Friday after that oh and on Sky as the season opener against Watford
  12. Can't argue with that MBP but it will not be cheap of that I am sure, we probably were very limited finacially wise when talking to others due to what it will cost to bring Ben Gibson back Anyway I am more excited by the fact that @SmogDane will soon have a Match day thread up and running
  13. Seems to me that the signing of Gibson is the be all and end all of the window and until done nothing else matters.Once completed (if) then I would suggest other things fall into place. Look I am not anti Gibson's arrival indeed should be a good thing for all but I do wonder on the financial asects being a bar to other avenues
  14. With first posts like that maybe you should return to your bunker😉 Welcome to the forum btw!
  15. You get the impression that there will be many "free agents" not being able to ply their trade this season which could be useful further down the line.
  16. Any one of those woud lighten the mood on here
  17. We would end up with so many different threads which in turn will be derailed and come off tangent. So used to the way this goes and attempts in the past have failed badly. After all at this time there is very little to actually talk about. I agree about reading endless pages of nothing so do like I do simply skip pages until something relevant comes up. This is the only regular thread that does this and the nature of the beast brings out the best and worst, don't worry it will end at some point.
  18. I believe so she did volunteer to do a match day thread!🙂 Give her time and support because let's face it there has been nothing recently to become very active on the forum. Thankfully we have many members who are very capable of just keeping the ball rolling (maybe the players can start doing that) and adding loads of drivel, me included! It is interesting that Mark mentioned additional reps being involved/part of the forum and if that is the case I may very well ask forum members who live in Middlesbrough to consider being forum reps for oneBoro
  19. Sonni have you given any thought on your first match day thread for the Shrewsbury game on Friday?
  20. Now, now that's not the best way of impressing anyone about our inclusion to the forum under discussion. Yes you are all correct this is the group that we should have been a member of by now but sadly is not the case at the moment. Our dear member Red Rocket did a great first introduction to the forum and following that we were asked to apply. Of all of the moderation team there is only Jen and Boro-Unger who could represent us and Jen agreed she would carry the mantle for us and working with Rob (oneBoro) would apply to the forum. Certainly we were not afraid of being rejected and as mentioned we should have been a member by now. However aspect arose for a period of time that Jen could not commit to following up and what with Covid 19 the urgency of participating took a back seat. Jen is very well known and we still hoped that she could be the one to take things forward and so I was pleased to hear from her that she is in a position to become involved and act on our behalf. So I am delighted to read this thread and with Mark's assistance then hopefully when all gets back on track we will have our own full time forum rep.
  21. Welcome MarkI was aware of you and wondered when you wouldsign into the forum. We have made attempts to be part and parcel of the forum in the past and were in an advanced stage. Sadly due to reasons this has not been fulfilled but hopefully we are now in a position to change that. Always welcome to discuss via pm
  22. No we are not there yet wait until the window is over before making sensible posts!🙃
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