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  1. Have to disagree with you there TC24 I thought we were totally naff and completely without guile and effort in the above mentioned games. Appreciate the fatigue comments but Spurs are in the same boat as far as available players and it is about time we were the "giant killers"
  2. If, which seems more likely each day, Randolph stays would forum members be disappointed? Will it have a knock on effect towards further incomings do you feel? My concern about Ben Gibson is the lack of football and whether or not we really need him back at the club?
  3. Boro Back on the Beeb! The BBC in it's wisdom finally decided that Middlesbrough Football Club were worthy of a live spot to grace the Nations population to give them the chance to view the mighty Boro for themselves! When? Tuesday the 14th January 2020 Where? The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, White Heart Lane, Tottenham What time? Kick off 2005 but no doubt a half hour build up before the game or simply just following East Enders? Why? Because Spurs could not beat the Boro last week and wanted to put on a show for their home supporters but the game will be decided. The Rewards An away trip to Southampton in the 4th round of the magical cup, Spurs might like this because they do not like Southampton (what a contridiction in terms) and for Boro another chance to achieve a "giant killing" if they achieve the first one initially. The Priorities A major cup shock or saving the best for the game at Fulham 3 days later? The Squad and Team Who would you be playing against Spurs and keeping one eye on the Fulham Game? Is Britt being held back for possible use during next week? Indeed can we see any surprising squad inclusions do you feel? Do we make a real fight of it and give Spurs a real shocker? Last time out For Boro a slightly deflating draw against Derby but for Spurs another loss in the league albeit against Liverpool. One point out of 18 is not good form and the loss of Harry Kane is a real concern for Jose. Injuries Do we have any new injury concerns and are any of the long term injured players making a surprise come back? A view from Downsouth What a terrific chance we have for both players and supporters to visit and watch a match at probably one of the best grounds in the United Kingdom so I think we will watch our team play to their very best and make a real fight of it. Yes Spurs have issues but they will not want to go out to a lower league team and Jose will not want another blemish on his record so a fast paced and attack intent game should be played out. The lucky neutrals who decide to finally watch The Boro will see a really good game. Yes we have a concern about the Friday game but treat this as a one off (as it is anyway) and just enjoy the experience. Persoanlly I think this years "dream" will be over but you never know as Spurs players have shown that they too can miss open goals!
  4. I think the game falls into the "if only" catagory on reflection because no doubt had we have won many coud not argue about it not being deserved. Learn from it and be a bit more ruthless next time when the team is on top
  5. Seems as if the substitutions had an adverse effect in slowing the game and time down
  6. How come Fletcher has not scored as he had any decent chances?
  7. Wonderful penalty described by Sky Spots and well done Roberts oh and Paddy of course
  8. Test of character now feelthere will be a winner though predicted the draw initially
  9. Lucky but still counts and just as Charlton are losing
  10. They have to so that they can get back into the game but hopefully we can be a bit more clinical when a chance comes our way
  11. Will he last the full90 minutes John do you feel?
  12. Very evenly matched teams with very similar form. Would agree though a second goal might just kill the game off
  13. Will happily take that if it ends up being the final score, doubt it though more of the same second half please
  14. So glad we are still making chances a few weeks ago we did not make chances
  15. We are no longer a team that simply tries to hold onto a one goal lead, they will looking to score again
  16. PNE equalise beginning to play serious catch up with those above us QPR for example
  17. Good play from Roberts and a 25 yard shot from Wing
  18. Encouraging start, going to have to rely on you guys as my grandson is here and I can'there skysports
  19. Well game day and have to admit the thought of driving up to Middlesbrough twice in 6 days has crossed my mind! For those who are slightly supersticious my closest friend has been in England for a period and our 4 game winning run and draw against Spurs coincided with his arrival and stay. He left these shores last night to go back to Australia and so coincidence and such springs to mind about the game today, really hoping for a win because he will not be back soon!
  20. Maybe Erimus can send you a pm whenever he submits new information­čśŐ
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