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  1. I have said it once and I will say it again, too much emphasis is going into getting Gibson back to the club and whatever monies available for new incomings (or most of it) will be tied up in securing the attempt. We are probably offering derisory payment terms in the eyes of players and if so word will get around and that will put off others from even wanting to talk to Boro. I am so sick of waiting on Gibson because it is causing issues at this time and it is clear to see as long as your thoughts are similar to mine on the subject In my opinion we need to strengthen our midfield with either "flair"type players and a decent winger more than securiing BG we can look at other defenders who will not be as costly as the BG saga
  2. Will always be grateful to him allowing a couple of interviews for the forum and the way he pushed other interviews by Tom and Humpty onto the public domain.
  3. Talking about Leo does anyone think that he just might join up with the Brummy boys?
  4. As they say let's judge this like game by game or season by season!
  5. Good point which raises a question can Boro be the right set up for possible incoming players? Honest opinion please. I believe so, forget about the outer edges of the club, but certainly coaching could very well produce a more consistent Boro this term
  6. Good to see you posting again, been a while🙂
  7. Now that's the type of rumour I like to here even if it does not pan out. Maybe as things seem to be getting busier there will be more activity with some substance
  8. Was hoping for something a little more humble to be honest...............................goodbye! Thor's account has been deleted fyi Not standing for stupidity and mickey taking
  9. To be honest I am as bothered about Roberts as much as I am with Gibson. If they return then fine especially Roberts as he can improve, if not then so be it!
  10. I tell you what Thor I am a very patient person and always give members the benefit of the doubt so at this time I am prepared to accept your statements. However it does concern me that your posts and comments are causing a reaction and for some calling you by a previous user name from fmttm as a wum of mass destruction. Should it not be the case then hey please do continue on the forum, your input is appreciated if sent with the best of intentions but if not then your continuance on the forum will be short lived I can assure you. Would rather keep the majority happy than the individual so if you declare anything then please offer details and from where the information came from, we can all make our minds up from there!
  11. 3 games stand out for me Liverpool at home when Gareth Southgate scored the winner. Our first midweek match (travelling always an issue) we attended against Newcastle when Geremi scored the winner And a home game against Charlton when there was a public announcement that I should return to my car which had been broken into and the stereo removed. Added hours onto the journey home as I had to get the window sorted out. We ended up winning but I missed the one of the goals whilst talking to the Police
  12. I am sure there is someone capable of making a penny look very pretty at the club. Few ribbons and bows and with a touch of glitter should do the trick! Sorted!
  13. The female fans might be swooning over George though! and maybe some of the men as well However would be no surprise if Ayala joins and who knows maybe Shotton as well
  14. I think Snowy might not agree with you DZ
  15. I just fear that the club will stay the property of the Gibson family in one way or another, it is not beyond the realms of possibility
  16. Their will be life after Gibson, my only concern is that his daughter will be known by her married name😐
  17. Downsouth


    We are all Super Heros now!🤖
  18. My goodness that was hard to read and still non the wiser! I can say that Jonathan Taylor had a user name on here at one point
  19. Thanks for this and I recall mentioning a couple of A Trialist previously, did not realise that they are brothers!
  20. I know that at the moment we are all unsure just what the Boro squad will be come start of the season, yes we are all hoping for some decent signings to come and boost the current squad. But as individuals what are your hopes and aspirations for the new season? For me, personally a much better performing home team and a noticeable improvement throughout and nowhere near flirting with relegation. Also the team to show that they can win games when it really matters, not too much to ask for!
  21. Sorry I have nothing to add to this thrill a page topic!
  22. Same here sadly just hope that we can subscribe to live games
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