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  1. Agree with you and hey really think we will see better returns from both Britt and Fletcher this season. Just need more contributions from elsewhere
  2. A well considered post Z3. I console myself in that most other clubs will be in the same boat as us and that we at least have a team to speak of and that we will be playing football once again
  3. Same thought at the same time John
  4. Am quite pleased that we play two of the relegated teams straight away in the hope that they may take sometime to settle into a lower league.
  5. How really annoying that both our first two away games are so easy for me to get to, Watford especially just up the road and I have not missed QPR away for some years now. So hope that fans will be allowed to attend
  6. Trekkers sent me a message Tom to say that if ever you need support Thank you Dave for a truly warm and beautiful message to Tom and Bekka, I know that this will reopen old wounds for you both and maybe Tom can find some solice within the contents of your supporting post, again thanks
  7. Tom is aware that this tragic event is here on the forum. Little girl Theo sadly dying in childbirth and the same set of circumstances with Trekkers and his wife.
  8. It is with very much sadness that I advise everyone on the forum that Tom and his wife Bekka have lost their first baby. With all the toing and froing that we discuss on the transfer thread we often forget that there are far more important concerns in life and sadly Tom is experiencing the very worst. On behalf of everyone Tom our thoughts, and those that want prayers are with you both and your immediate families. We have had this before when Trekkers and his wife went through the same situation and I know the pain he went through. Much love to you both
  9. Good post MBP Covid 19 has not finished with damaging football clubs yet and having to simply hope that fans will return anythime soon can not be good for any club. All have to cut their cloth accordingly it is the duty of the powers that be to keep a club going no matter the cost and sadly many on the periferery of clubs will suffer and will join the likes of M&S, Debenham workers. Perhaps the winter transfer season will be the most active and hopefully most football fans will still have a club to support
  10. Spot on and not there fault if it does not pan out
  11. I know you weren't but for most of us which includes myself are probably fed up to the back teeth with it all now and simply want to see some decent posts and comments hopefully with substance. I mean how long can you flog a dead horse hoping for some reaction?
  12. Sigh!.......................oh good point perhaps the witch hunt could be renamed warlock hunt! Only kidding it would be great to see the little digs (get it) finally over until the next one comes along
  13. Chris I really do fear that everything seems to be revolving around Ben Gibson. I want this aspect to be over pdq, honestly if he was coming here you would have thought it would be done and dusted. Far too much financial implecations involved and far too many areas we need sorting out
  14. Although I know this post is sent in jest it is an apt time to simply ask that the "witch hunt" is finally over. To be honest I really do not give a tinkers cuss (bet some of you have never heard that expression) about what content is posted on here as long as it adds to the ethos of the thread itself. We all know that only two out of a possible 50 plus links will happen. Treat everything with a pinch of salt and wait until MFC announce a signing with a cheesy grin from Mr Bausor!
  15. Nope would not think so the reason being is that he sees the Boro as his swansong last chance to show everyone that he knows what to do despite being the oldest manager in the world! His last hurrah! Could you imagine what could happen if we got near to the top of the division Or simply he does not get on well with his Misses and can not abide the thought of a normal marriage!
  16. Does it really matter at this stage of proceedings all good stuff and all that. We could be close to signing A Trialist soon
  17. I do so apologise for not being able to add fuel to the fire, unless I made things up! I really need for my lad to meet up with Steve Gibson again in London so he can hear from the horses mouth. For those who remember the last time he did it certainly proved well worthwhile both interms of arrivals and departures😄 Until then I have to rely on speculation so thanks guys one and all even if it goes nowhere. There are a couple of players out there that we are not aware of MFC interest in (you heard it here first) God I will say anything to get my 1100th like!
  18. Ah but do they now regret letting Victor Orta go?😄
  19. My thoughts exactly and have already alluded to that previously. We will see this term just what Warnock will bring to the club, starting with our first home win of 2020 against Shrewsbury!
  20. Not Clayton so much but Ayala returning would be no suprise either!
  21. Perhaps that is why because they want security for longer than maybe we are offering and Gestede is a perfect example of getting your fingers burnt. I do not believe we can not attract players but it seems our priorities might be wrong
  22. And that could be the problem, this fixation of getting Ben Gibson back to MFC. The associated costs to this as I have always stated could be the detrement of being able to secure those who really could be useful for us. I hope I am wrong but we all know how things have panned out for the last few seasons recruitment wise. Maybe we should expect some further departures
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